It was her Second Death Anniversary.. And as decided a small puja was done in Raizada Mansion which was her home. Though it was not her paternal home- and how could it be? She was an orphan. All her life she has lived in orphanage till the day she met him- the love of her life- ASR aka Arnav Singh Raizada who not only give his heart to her but also a sweet and loving family. There wasn’t even a single day when her name wasn’t taken in this house… She was the heart of this Family who accepted her with open heart not even once questioning her about her family. Neither they let her realize that she don’t have any family. Infact they never let her feel alone because they knew that their chotey’s son beat for her as she was the love of his life. And so they both get married with the family’s blessings. But life is not as beautiful as it seems. It has thorns in its path which makes one bleed. In the same way their happiness was also short lived, as she died two years back on the same day of their marriage leaving him alone in this world to suffer. 

She left him deserted of her love and her love left him deserted of the life.

This is a Story of their Deserted Love…



He is the CEO of AR Fashion House and the younger son of Mr. & Mrs. Raizada. He is known as ASR in the business world. He loves his family to the core and is married to Muskaan, but an accident has changed his life totally.



She was the wife of ASR. A sweet , chirpy & bubbly girl. Though she was an orphan but knew the value of family. She died in an accident on her marriage day.



She is the elder daughter of Raizada family and ASR’s elder sister. Happily married to Shyam Manohar Jha.



Anjali’s husband and a loving & caring husband. A lawyer by profession.


Parents of Anjali & Arnav.


A beautiful girl with a dark past.


Rest of the characters will come in light as the story progresses.


“Is everything done Anjali bitiya?” asked Priya.

“Yes mom… don’t panic… everything is done… and panditji too will be arriving soon,” said Anjali assuring her mother.

“Good dear. I know with you here I will not have any tension about all this,” she said smilingly while patting her daughter’s shoulder.

“Yes you don’t have to worry about all these things because there is a bigger problem to worry upon,” said Raj coming downstairs while adjusting his spectacles.

“What are you talking about Raj? I believe everything is perfect here,” said Priya worrying if she has forget anything.

“Yes everything is perfect but not everyone,” he said sighing while the two ladies frowned thinking that what is he talking about and guessing that they didn’t get his point he continues further  “I am talking about the one and only person here who is not ready to believe the truth.”

“Dad are you talking about chotey?” asked Anjali now guessing what his father wants to say.

“Of course  my dear, other than him about whom will I talk like this?”

“Dad you know about his condition and that’s the thing which is worrying him,” he said with moist eyes.

“But we can’t do anything to help him too,” said Priya with choked voice.

“We can… but you guys are not ready for it,” he said.

“Raj we have talked about it many times and I am firm on my decision. Moreover already we have many things to worry, so now you don’t start again with all this.” Said Priya with finality in her voice and raj knew that there is no way he can win now so he himself steps down and asked “So what about Arnav? Where will he be at the time of puja?”

“Don’t worry dad I have arranged everything for him,” said Shyam coming there from the front gate.

“What have you done this time to keep him away?” asked Anjali curiously as she knew her husband very well. If he had decided something, than the plan will be full proof for sure. And how can she forget that last year too it was his plan to keep him away then they were successful in it.

“Well keep it a secret my beautiful darling,” saying this he winked while she shied away and Raj clears his throat and said “Daamadji atleast see that your in-laws are standing there too.”

“Hmph… you are saying as if you had never done this infront of your in-laws. I still remembered how you never leave a chance to make me embarrassed infront of my parents. Always doing romantic stuffs infront of them,” said Priya at which all of them giggles while Anjali’s eyes turn moist seing her family laughing happily. But still one person is missing in all this- her chotey, without him all this looks fake.

At the same time Panditji enters and puja starts. All the people sitting there have just one wish in their heart and mind. That Muskaan’s soul rest in peace and Arnav too comes out of his state and becomes normal like he was used to. But they all knew that it was not as easy as it seems to be. But there is a saying that nothing is impossible in this world. Maybe in a similar way a new chapter of his life is going to start now.


Here in his room Arnav is filling colours in the painting of his wife which he has made with his own hands. After filling it he stands up and looks towards the painting smilingly and said “Muski I know you can’t leave me like that. I don’t know why my family members are lying to me when they know that what you means to me. Thank god that jiju locked me inside so that no one can disturbs me today while I draw your paintings and talk with your photos. Otherwise you know how mom and di always tries to make me understand that you will not come. But you don’t worry I have a firm belief that you will come for sure because you too can’t live without your Arnie just like me. But it’s too long Muski… I have been waiting from two long years and now I can’t wait anymore. Come fast baby your Arnie is dying for you. And yes dare you look at any man other than me- you know naa how possessive your Arnie is for you?” and a tear trickle down his cheek.

At the same time someone open the door of his room and enters inside. Arnav turns to see who it is and saw his di standing there with aarti plate in her hands which makes him confuse so he asked her “Di what’s with you and this aarti plate. Let the god too have some rest naa… Always disturbing the god. You know what I really think that god too will be thinking that he will never try to maje another person like you who has so much belief in them that they never let them live in peace.”

“Hawww… Chotey here I am praying for your well being and you are making fun of me;” she said pouting her face showing that she is hurt by his words. But he knew his sister better so he said “Oh! Come on di don’t be so dramatic now. I knew you better. But what I don’t get is the fact that why were you praying for me? I am totally fit and fine so there is no need for it.”

At this Anjali furrow her eyebrow and said “Hello mister… We do not pray for our need… But we do pray for our heart contement.And what if you are physically fit but I do know that mentally you are not.”

“What do you mean by it di?” he asked.

“Ughh…. I was just saying that as you I too wish for Muskaan’s return so … Yes that’s the reason I was praying for your happiness…”

“See here it comes… You are praying for my happiness…..”

“Okay baba… I was praying for you.. Now stop all this and took the aarti;” she said forwarding the aarti plate in front of him. While he took the aarti and prassad and then Anjali left from there telling him to continue whatever he was doing and no one will disturb him. As soon as she left after closing the door Arnav turns towards the portrait and then said “See Muski how much Everyone loves you and are missing you. Please come fast my love. We all are waiting for you. It has become too long now;” and saying this a tear trickle down his eyes which he soon wiped off knowing well that his Muski don’t like tears in his eyes.

Here as soon as Anjali came out from his brother’s room and closed the door she started crying when someone patted her shoulder and upon seeing that it’s none other than her husband Shyam she hugs him tightly while crying. On the other hand Shyam was trying to console her. He took the aarti plate and placed it on the corner table and then wiping her tears he took her to their room not before telling Ramu- their servant to put the plate back in the temple.

After entering their room he makes her sit on the bed and said “Anjali calm down baby. It’s not good for you to take stress in this condition. It will not only affect you but also our baby. Please dear…”

“I know Shyam but what to do? I can not see my chotey in this condition. It is like he has forget to live. All the time he is just busy in his own build up world not even caring for his own family. Always busy in painting Muskaan on the canvas as if other than her there is no one in his life,” she said sobbing.

“I know Anjali it’s not easy but you have to understood that it’s only because he loves her alot. And that’s the only reason of his present persona. Try to understand this from his perceptive too.”

“I understand Shyam; but it’s just that in loving Muskaan he has forget all other relations bound to him. I have seen mom crying for her son. I have seen restless eyes of dad seeing him immersed in himself. I am not saying that loving Muskaan was wrong. No it was not… But in our love forgetting other relations is totally wrong.I don’t know Shyam whether I will be able to see my old brother back or not; because it seems that he is living only for Muskaan; but we know the bitter truth that she will never come back,” and saying this she again started crying thinking of her brother’s fate while Shyam was trying to console her. But both were unaware of an innocent pair of eyes who was seeing them from the time they entered the room which was none other than their daughter Pari. After seeing her mumma crying so hard she ran away from their towards the temple area and as soon as she reached their she too started crying.

“You are very bad god. Mumma used to say that god always helps good people but you are not helping my maamu. You know naa how much my mamu loves my maami then why you snatched her away. You are not real god. I hate you for making my mamu like this; for snatching my maami from me; for making my mumma cry and for making my happy family sad. You are not good like my chota bheem as mumma used to say. You are like that devil. I do not trust you. Now I am katti with you;” she said imitating the hand actions and then added “But if you want me to be like before and start talking to you then…. Hmmm… Yes make everything all right like before and not to forget bring my maami back otherwise will never talk to you again,” and saying this she rushed out from their unaware that her prayers are being heard by god.

It is said that if you pray to god with pure heart then he will always show you the right path which will lead you to your destiny. And everyone knows that no one can have more pure heart than a child who prays to god selflessly. Now only the coming days will tell what is in store for them.


Anjali was sleeping in her room when Priya entered with a glass of milk in her hand. She place the glass on the side table and after taking a seat near her started caressing her face, when a lone tear drop from her eyes and fall on her face. As soon as Anjali feel some wetness on her face she open her eyes and saw her mother sitting in front of her while trying to hide the tears that were flowing from her eyes. She sat on the bed and then stops her mother from wiping those tears.

“Mom let them flow, it will make your heart light.”

“But will it bring my chotey back to his life? Will it bring back the happiness of our home? No Anjali… no… It will not…  But know what it is only making me think – Is devimaiya really there? Because if she is, then why can’t she do something? Or is it that she can’t see how every minute, every second, every moment our chotey is suffering.”

“Mom you can’t distrust devimaiya… She is the supreme power. Believe in her mom she must have something store for him.”

“I don’t know dear that what has devimaiya thought about him. But I am losing my hope of seeing him as he was before two years. I just don’t know what to do. Neither I have any ray of hope in this darkness with which I can make my heart calm that yes one day our old Arnav wil be back to us.”

“I know mom that currently we don’t have any hope, but mom just think that devimaiya is testing us.”

“But how long dear? It’s been two years now. Hadn’t she got her answers till now.”

“Mom let her test us, because I had a firm belief in her. And don’t you heard to be patient because- Patience bears sweat fruit.”

“Yes dear, I think you are right. Moreover we don’t have any other option. Ofo! See I forget that I  came here to give you milk. Now drink this milk,” she said handling him the glass of milk.”

“Ewww…. Mom please noo…”

“What no? You have to drink this. It’s good for you and baby both, chalo now drink.”

At this Anjali started making faces when she heard her daughter saying “Mommy don’t make such faces as if naani is giving you the juice of bitter gourd. It is only milk so drink. Moreover it is good for the baby so you have to drink.” And then she took the glass from her naani and herself make her mother drink it who was having tears in her eyes seeing her baby girl acting just like her chotey. She know that if her chotey was normal like before then he too will also say the same. But soon her chain of thought broke down when she saw her own daughter wiping her tears.

“Don’t cry mommy…. Now devimaiya will soon sort out everything as I had scolded her for hurting my mamu,” saying this she gestured her mother to come close and when she does so pari continued “And now when I had finally showed my tantrums to devimaiya naa… then she have to make mamu all right because no one other than mamu can bear it,” saying this she wiked and giggled which automatically brought a smile on not only her mother’s face but also on her naani’s face too.


A girl who was wearing a burqa, which was also covering her whole face letting only the eyes visible to another person was running on the streets of Delhi while two guys were following her. She was running as fast as she can but the guys were also not much far from her and for a fact she knew that if she didn’t hide somewhere then they will surely catch her. At the same ime she saw a car which is not locked properly. So she enters inside the backside of the car and bends down so that those guys were not able to see her. At the same time Shyam came towards his car  with his hands full of toys and some bags, opens the door to put it inside when those guys came there huffing and puffing and started asking him questions due to which without looking inside the car he drop the things on the seat of car and closed the door, at which the girl sitting inside took sigh of relief.

“Yes, how may I help you?” asked Shyam.

“Actually we were searching for a girl, she was wearing a black colour burqa. Have you seen her?”

“No I haven’t seen any girl weraring a burqa.”

“Ohh… okay”

“Why are you searching for her?”

“Oh! Don’t ask she ran away after snatching my wife’s purse,” saying this they left from their while he too sits inside the car and drove away towards Raizada Mansion not knowing that the same girl is sitting in the backside of his car, cursing him for not giving her enough time to ran away from his car.

Soon the car enters in the premises of Raizada Mansion and Shyam came out of Car and ask Ramu to bring all the items from the car and himself left inside to meet his sweet wife. But as soon as Ramu open the back door he was taken aback seeing a girl sitting inside the car clad in black burqa.

“Who are you?” he asked scared while the girl was amused seeing him scared because according to her it should be she, who would get scared on getting caught, and thinking this her smile widens and she thought to take advantage of the situation and ran away. So she took out the knife which she always kept with herself and point it at him making him more scared and said “Move backward…”

“No…Nooo” he said stammering in fear.

“See either move backward or I will hurt you with this,” she said showing him the knife. At which he immediately move backward and taking advantage of the situation she immediately ran away, but couldn’t reach far because Ramu started shouting to catch the girl and soon the guards came in front of her making her halt in her track. She look back and then again in front and then without giving even a minute’s time she ran backward because she knows that she can’t run towards the main door of mansion. But soon she bumped into Shyam who along with other family members came outside hearing the chaos. She jerked him back and ran insidethe mansion not caring where she is going. As soon as she steps inside Arnav felt his heart beating fastened than usual, as if his Muskaan is back. He was dazed and on his own accord his feet took him towards the main hall.

Here, it didn’t took Shyam long to figured out that who is this girl. He understands that this is the same girl those guys were searching for so he asked the guards to catch her at any cost. Soon a running marathon started in the hall as she was running here and there while guards were trying to catch her. But she was running avoiding all the guards. While they were trying to catch her. Shyam catches hold of her but she pushes him aside and made a dash towards outside. But this time one of the guards caught her. She tried to get free of his hold but all in vain.

At the same time Arnav came out of his room and as soon as he look towards her he whispers “Muskaan” while all the other members looked at him because this is the first time in these two years that he had come outside of his room.


At the same time Arnav came out of his room and as soon as he look towards her, he whispers “Muskaan” while all the other members looked at him because this is the first time in these two years that he had come outside of his room. But it was as if he was in his own world and kept looking at the girl standing in front of him veiling her full face except her hazel eyes in a daze not even hearing the voice of his family members who are happy to see him out of his room after so long.  As he started moving towards her, she started stepping back, but she couldn’t move further as the bodyguards caught hold of her so that she didn’t run away this time.

“Leave her,” said Arnav angrily when he saw them holding her hands roughly. He couldn’t even bare the sight of anyone eyeing her and here they have the audacity to touch his Muski- he thought.

Hearing him say that the girl confusedly look towards him not understanding that why is he allowing them to leave her, when he knew that she has just few minutes back showed the knife to one of them and literally scared the hell out of him. Moreover she couldn’t comprehend that why is he advancing like this towards her. Is he helping her? But Why or had they find about her? This is the only question which is bugging her mind currently.

He was moving towards her as if he is her predator which makes the girl a little scared too, but one look at his eyes and no one can say that he can harm her and that is what make the girl captivated at her place. She so badly wanted to run from there but it’s like her legs got freeze. At the same time Arnav came and stand in front of her making her look directly in his eyes, and then a small smile appeared on his face, which none of the person standing there can believe except the girl, because every other person standing their knew that after that fateful day of two years back he hasn’t even smirk at someone or something, smiling is a very far off thing.

And then Arnav forward his hand to take off the veil, at which she steps back making the guards to hold her again, but one glare from him and all of them back off while she was stunned at the authority and impact of this person who is standing in front of her which finally leads her to the conclusion that he is the boss of this mansion and everyone follow his order. While she was thinking all this Arnav take off her veil making her eyes wide open, while every person present their gasped. And at the same moment she heard him say “Muski” making her look towards him who was looking at her with teary eyes. And then he hugs her with such an intensity that she stumbled backward. This hug was just unexpectable for her, neither she understand that why did the person standing in front of her hug her like this, unaware that the same person is basking in the happiness of their union after two years. But this happiness didn’t last long when he got a sudden push from her making her jerk back, and he looked at her with hurt visible in his eyes.

“Muski…” he said with a hurtful but love filled voice wanting to know the reason of her pushing him.

“What?” she asked confused.

“Why you pushed me?” he asked while trying to cup her face, at which she jerk his hands away from her face.

“You are asking me this as if I did some sin by pushing you away from me. Huhh… Mister huggy… It’s you who hug me. Haven’t your mother taught you- how to behave a stranger? And that too if the stranger is a girl,” she said in a mock sarcastic tone.

“Muski what are you talking about? Stranger and me?”

“Ofcourse stranger and you,” she said pointing towards him sharply and continued “Moreover I don’t think other than you anyone hugged me like this…”

But before she could even continue speaking Arnav angrily exclaimed “And no one has the right to even touch you other than me, forget hugging you.”

“What?” she asked shocked at which he merely nodded. Now this shocks her. She can’t believe the audacity of this man who is standing in front of her. Firstly, he just hugged her for no reason and now he has the courage to even ask her the reason of her reaction. And as if it was not enough that he just told her that no other person can touch him. She was confused at first and was trying to contemplate his actions, but the moment he said the last line anger started building up inside her.

“Who are you to dictate me?” she asked angrily which makes her twitch his eyebrows in confusion not understanding the reason of her anger and this question.

“Muski what kind of question is this?” he asked her calmly trying to hold her shoulders while she steps backward making him angry.

“Why are you avoiding me?” he asked and then himself added “Okay, I know you must be angry on me and that’s why you are behaving like this naa….”

“STOP IT. JUST STOP IT,” she screamed making him look at her with wide eyes but not caring about him she jerk him back and then said “First tell me that why are you calling me Muski again and again. And by which right you tried to hug me or dictate me that who has the right over me. Listen Mister,” she said pointing her index finger at him “Don’t try to act smart. I am not helpless girl, whom you can use for your satisfaction or needs. Don’t underestimate me because I can show you the hell of your life so just stay away from me. Understand, you better understand,” saying this she was about to turn away when she felt a pull and the very next moment she was in his arms.

“Why are you doing all this? You are Muskaan- My Muski. How can you behave like you don’t know me? Oh! Got it… I know you are angry on me for not getting you back and that’s why you are behaving like this. But trust me Muski I have tried hard to find you,” he said earnestly trying to make her believe on his words.


“Please Muski…”

“Bloody hell with it. Don’t you understand once I cleared it?”

“Muski don’t do it please,” he said trying to cup her face but she once again jerk him back and turn to leave from the mansion.

Upon seeing the girl leaving back and her chotey going hysterical Anjali come out of the shock and whispers to her husband “Shyam, what’s all this happening?”

“Anjali please don’t stress.”

“But Muskaan- Chotey and all…”

“Anjali, calm down baby. Let me talk to him,” saying this he was moving towards him but before he could reach to him, he saw Arnav collapsing on the floor.

She could hear his faint voice calling for her or his Muski. She don’t know who this Muskaan is and moreover why is this man calling her Muskaan, when he don’t know even a single thing about her when she heard a loud thud and the instance she look back she saw him laid on the floor unconscious.


She could hear his faint voice calling for her or his Muski. She don’t know who this Muskaan is and moreover why is this man calling her Muskaan, when he don’t know even a single thing about her but that’s when she heard a loud thud  which halt her to move forward and she turn down slowly to look back. But the instance she look back she saw him laid on the floor unconscious. It was her golden chance to flee off from there but she just couldn’t bring herself to do the same. She stood there rooted on the spot while seeing how his family members were getting tensed seeing him in that state. They were screaming for him to wake up and not to make them scared but he was not responding. One of the man was on call asking doctor to reach Raizada Mansion as soon as possible. Seeing him in this condition her heart went out for him and automatically tears formed in her eyes. And she started to move forward as if she was in daze while they were taking him inside but her stance broke when someone rushed past her. Not someone actually a child- a cute little girl.

“Mommy… Mommy what happened to Mamu?” she asked in her sweet little voice which was full of concern to the younger lady among the two.

“Nothing happened to your Mamu Pari. He will be allright very soon,” said Anjali trying to sound confident.

“But then why is he lying here closing his eyes? And see mommy mamu is neither hugging me nor is he talking to me,” she once again asked innocently.

“Pari your mamu is little tired, so he is just sleeping for some time,” said Priya knowing well that the little girl will not stop asking questions if she didn’t get any response.

“Lying is also injurious to health naani,” said Pari sadly looking down. At this all of them look towards her trying to decipher what she mean by this statement. But they don’t have to wait long as her next statement force all of them to widen their eyes.

“I know something bad happened with mamu and you don’t want me to know about the same but don’t worry I will ask devimaiya to make mamu allright.” Saying this she hurried left from there towards the temple in the mansion.

“I can’t believe she understood all this,” said Anjali still in a state of shock not able to digest that her little daughter understand the critical situation.

“She has grown up before her age Anjali and that’s what I had always feared. And this is the only reason that I have asked you time and time again to go away from here and only thought about your family- daamadji, Pari and the little one in your womb,” she said with a sad smile adorning her lips.

“And what about you mom? Aren’t you our family too?” asked Shyam angrily.

“I am not saying like this dear.”

“Then what were you saying mom? Just tell me one thing that if something like that happened with my family then would you guys leave me in the midst to suffer alone?”

“Never dear, I have never treated you as my son-in-law. In fact I had always find my son in you especially from the time chotey is like this, you had always fulfilled each and every responsibility which was meant for him to do,” she said with moist eyes.

“Then why do you think that now I will back off from my duty especially when I knew that at this time you need both Anjali and me with you. Mom I have never this family to be someone else because for me this family is mine. You are my mother, Dad is my father and Arnav is like my brother. And if you have not forgotten then let me remind you that I have become the brig brother of Muskaan. Though there was no blood relation between us but we both were connected with our hearts. And thus, I have two relationships with this house and thus you can’t snatch my right to stand with my family when they need me utmost.”

Hearing him say all this tears brimmed in Priya’s eyes and she hugged him while thanking her god to send such a good son-in-law for them. While the other two persons standing there were also weeping slowly. But this time they were not alone. One more pair of eyes were witnessing all the happenings which are taking place. Yes, the same girl was standing just outside the room hiding herself while watching everything with her moist eyes. Though she herself was unaware that what was happening with her? She was not able to comprehend that why was she not able to run away when she finally got a chance? Why tears were trickling down her eyes? Why was she feeling hurt seeing him in this condition? Why? So many questions were there but with no answers. She was confused with her own behavior and thus decided to go away from there as all this is just confusing her more and more. And soon she move away from there, just when she was passing from the main hall she saw the same cute little girl was standing in front of devimaiya’s idol and pointing towards her as if trying to scare her, and so she move in the same direction to hear what was she trying to do? As soon as she move little close she heard the girl scaring devimaiya with her little anger which brought a smile to her face.

“You are really bad devimaiya. Just a day before I told you that I will not talk to you as you are not hearing me and making maamu all right and here you did another mischief by worsening the health of my maamu. Can’t you see that my whole family is worried for my maamu? Don’t you know how much my maamu loves me? It is always said in every holy book that child are the face of god  and whatever a child said with a pure heart comes true and that’s why I asked you to always kept my maamu happy but what you did? You make my maamu suffered in pain. You make the whole family live in sorrow. And now also you are not stopping. You know what devimaiya now I think that all those holy books are written by some mad person as I don’t find it to be true. I am warning you devimaiya that if you will not make everything all right naa then for sure I will….hmm…. yes… I will let everybody know that these holy books are written by a mad person so stop reading it and if that happened then whom will you teach? Think…think… Just like if we all children left studying then what will a teacher do? Simple, teacher will become jobless and in a similar way if people will stop reading these holy books then you too will become jobless. Now start thinking that whether you want to be jobless or not? And if not then make my maamu fit and fine.”

The girl who was witnessing this whole scene was amazed at the cute little girl. Yes her name really suits her Pari- a fairy who always wishes for happiness and joy and can go to any extreme for it. Though she is a little girl but yet her determination to make her family happy is what amazes her. She was just looking at Pari but her stance broke when she saw a doctor coming inside and rushing towards the same room where he was lying unconscious and she too went behind him giving a last look to Pari.

As soon as the doctor went inside everyone took a sigh of relief and then the doctor did his checkup.

“What happened to him?” asked a worried Raj.

“Mr. Raizada I hope you know his condition. He is already on medication and I had already warned you that in no case he should be stressed as it can cause him his life. But I think that you guys have taken me lightly,” he said angrily and a bit frustrated.

“No Doctor It’s not like that. You know that we always take good care of him not letting him to take any kind of stress,” said Priya.

“Then what’s this? I can see that he is under great stress which had lead him to this stage.”

“Doctor we had tried our best but today something unexpected transpired in our life about which we don’t have any kind of knowledge and that only leads to this,” said Anjali with choked voice remembering all the incident which took place some time ago.

At this Doctor calmed a little and then said “See, Mrs. Jha I totally understand your point and I knew that how protective you all are for Mr. Raizada, but I too can’t help you enough. You know he needs a proper treatment but you are not admitting him in the hospital. I understand that whenever you try to bring him at hospital he do something horrible with himself which makes you to back off. I remembered that last time when you guys were trying to make him understand that he needs a proper treatment he adamantly refused and later when you guys still not give up then he had attempted suicide which had finally make a full stop to all this. And that’s the reason I agreed for your wish to let me continue his treatment in your mansion only. But, you too knew that there is no improvement or a very little improvement. But I think today that improvement had also went in vain. You have to be more cautious now. A little of stress can be harmful to him. So please don’t give any kind of stress to him. As of now I have given him sedatives due to which he is sleeping but make sure that he will not be stressed.”

“Thanks doctor, and we will keep it in our mind,” said Shyam at which the doctor nodded and left from there while Anjali look towards the door and saw that girl hiding and listening to everything. She move forward and came in front of her making her step back in fear. Without saying a single word Anjali held the hand of the girl and took her from there while she was getting confused by her sudden reaction and not understanding where this lady is taking her? Anjali took her to a room which is fully dark except a little light which was coming from the window. She was confused as to why she had brought her here and was going to ask her the same when she saw the same man in whose car she had reached till here entering inside and locking the door. Now she was scared. She don’t know what had she done that she has been subjected to all this. Once again she was going to ask all this when she was stopped by Anjali’s voice.

“Who are you?”

This single statement of her (Anjali) brought a smile on her face and she said “So, you do believe that I am not the girl- Muskaan which that mad man was referring me from so long?”

Hearing her brother being called as a mad man blood boiled in her viens and she uttered the next words angrily “How dare you call my brother a mad man?”

“So what should I call him? He don’t know me, never meet me and is trying to make me Muskaan. God know who this Muskaan is?” she said angrily.

 “He is not mad. Do you get it?” Anjali said jerking her back while Shyam tried to calm her down.

“Anjali please don’t be so hyper it’s not good for your and our baby’s health.”

“Then what to do Shyam? Don’t you heard that what she is calling my chotey? She… She is calling him mad,” said Anjali while sobbing hard on his chest.

“I understand your pain Anjali but please calm down… If not for you then for our little one.” He said and Anjali nodded at him while the girl felt bad for behaving like that and apologized to both.

“See I am sorry, I know that I should not have said all that but I was just frustrated with all the happenings till now and as a result I spoke so much without thinking. I am sorry if it hurts you though it was unintentional.”

“Muskaan….” said Anjali hearing her innocent and true apology in the same way Muskaan used to apologize.

“See I am not…” But she was cut off by Shyam who completed her sentence by saying “Muskaan” at which she look towards him and blink ger eyes. While Shyam took a deep sigh and then said “I know…. And somewhere we all believe that you can’t be Muskaan.”

“But if you guys know it already then why that person was calling me again and again as Muskaan?” she asked not understanding all this. But it was just for few moment as the next action and words of Shyam make her understand everything.

Understanding the confusion of her mind Shyam move forward and switch on the lights of the room and then pointed her to look at her back and as soon as she looks backward she gasped in surprise seeing her photo hanging on the wall. Not only their but the whole room was filled with her photos. But how? This was the question which was bugging her mind because according to her she has never met this family ever in her life. And she was just going to ask them the same but she got her answers even before she can ask them.

“She was Muskaan- Arnav’s wife and love of his life. And the person you met downstairs is Arnav.”


“Yes was, as she is no more. The day they got married, the same day she died in an accident and Arnav was not able to accept it which leads to his current situation.”

“Oh! But how can you be so sure that I am not Muskaan?” she asked.

“How can you be Muskaan when I know that I, myself have lit fire to her pyre. Yes, it was true that for a moment I too thought that you are our Muskaan, but then I remembered giving fire to her body and that time I knew you can’t be our Muskaan,” he said sadly.

Now everything was falling in its place. Why was that man calling her Muskaan? Why was he behaving so possessively towards her? Why was he trying to make her understand? Everything- every damn thing was getting clear to her except her own behavior, her tears, her own sadness seeing him in pain. But before she can ponder over all these her stance broke due to their next statement.

“But Shyam can’t it be that she is our Muskaan only, see there is no difference among Muskaan and her. How can it be possible and most importantly you see chotey recognized her as Muskaan,” said Anjali.

At this Shyam too got confused and stared at her at which she took a deep sigh and decided to intervene before they reached to any conclusion.

“See I have said it earlier too and I am saying it once again that I am not your Muskaan. My name is Khushi and I don’t have any relation either with you guys or any of your family member. And there is a very big difference between your Muskaan and me,” saying this she turn back and the moment she turn towards them they were left shocked seeing the change in her.

They can’t believe that the same girl is wearing spectacles, but that’s not what shocked them. The shock they received was after seeing the color of her eyes. The eyes which were till now black in color were now hazel. Yes she has hazel eyes while they remembered their Muskaan who has pure black color eyes.

“You…. Your eyes… They… They are hazel…” said Anjali in shock while Shyam too nodded in agreement.

“Yes, and that’s why I said that there is a huge difference in her and me,” she said pointing towards Muskaan’s photo and continued “I hope now you will not have any confusion and you will let me go.”

But before she could move away, once again Anjali stop her and said “See I really don’t know who you are? But I think god has send you to help us. Please help us out, please….”

“What? What do you want from me now?” she asked agitated.

“Nothing much… Just help us to bring back our old brother in him. Doctor has already told us that any kind of stress or shock can be fatal for him. Till now we were managing him somehow and now seeing you he has started believing that you are Muskaan and if you will go away from here then maybe this time he will not be able to bear this and will….” she couldn’t even complete her sentence thinking the dire consequences of this.

“See I understand your problem… But you have to understand that I too can’t do this. Please find some other way,” said Khushi.

At this Anjali sat on the floor with a thud and started crying badly while Shyam was trying to calm her but to no avail. At last he look towards Khushi and said “I know it’s not easy for you but we are asking you because we too don’t have any other option. From last two years, after that fateful accident we are trying our best, but no result. Now you have become our last hope Khushi. I will not force you, I am just begging you for your help as this one decision of yours can make or destroy my whole family,” saying this he went away from their while taking Anjali with him.

But here Only his words are buzzing in her ears- Marriage… Two years back…. Accident… Muskaan died… All these things were just making her tensed and then she remembered his condition- his vulnerability, the love he held in his eyes for Muskaan. Everything was just making her dizzy and she sat on the bed looking around the room while a tear slipped from her eye.


Here as soon as Arnav gain consciousness he started searching for his Muskaan, no one has any idea that how will they calm him down and make him understand that she is not his Muskaan. It’s not that no one tried it, when Priya- Arnav’s mother tried to make him understand that Muskaan is no more and the girl he is referring as Muskaan is someone else, he got hyper and started throwing things here and their making Pari scared who hides behind her mother and later on Anjali took her away from their knowing well that it will not be good for her.

“I am saying naa that she is my Muski. Why don’t you guys understand- that my heart beats only for her. I don’t need to look at her face as my heart can recognize her. Yiu don’t know but it is very simple for me to recognize her kyuki jab ham dono ek dusre ke pass aate hai to hamari dhadkane ek ho jaati hai (beacause when we come close to each other our heartbeats become one)” he said emotionally.

“Okay chotey we will talk about it later but first have your medicine and take some rest,” said Priya forwarding the medicine and glass of water towards him which he immediately throw away making her stumble backward in fear seeing so much anger in him.

“ARNAV!!!!!” roared Raj who wasn’t able to see his own son treating her mother like this, though unintentionally. “Is this a way to behave with your mother?” he asked. At which he nodded a no and looking down mumbled sorry at which Priya immediately forgave him and once again ask to take the medicine.

“No mom, I will not took the medicine till Muskaan will give it to me,” he said stubbornly while all of them tried to make him understand but to no avail. At the same time a sweet voice reached to his ear making him to look at the direction and a small smile formed on his lips.

“Won’t you take it even when I am here,” asked Khushi at which Arnav stand up from his place and with two big steps reached near her and took her in his embrace.

“Muski… Oh! My Muski… Where were you till now? I so missed you…” he said while kissing her forehead not knowing that the girl in his arm was feeling uncomfortable with this proximity.

PRECAP- Jaao nahi deti…



Arnav stand up from his place and with two big steps reached near her and took her in his embrace.

“Muski… Oh! My Muski… Where were you till now? I so missed you…” he said while kissing her forehead not knowing that the girl in his arm was feeling uncomfortable with this proximity but inspite of her being uncomfortable she didn’t said a word to him.

After sometime they both parted from the hug while Khushi make him sit on the bed; then she took his medicines and gestured him to take them which he willingly did. After taking all his medicines Khushi asked him to sleep which he instantly denied afraid of losing his life once again.

“No Muski; I will not sleep.”

“Arnav you need proper rest and a sound sleep otherwise your health will deteriorate.”

But Arnav was continuously nodding his head in no. So with no other option she said the only thing which will make him obliged to her “Arnav not for even your Muski?” she asked. But got another shock when this time too he nodded in a no. So helplessly she look towards other family members who themselves were looking down as if they are used to all this so she turn back to him.

“But Why?” she asked Arnav knowing well that none of the family member will help her.

Hearing her question Arnav look towards her and said “Because if I close my eyes then you will leave me like you did on that day.”

Upon hearing his heart out hot tears gushed out of Khushi’s eyes which she soon wiped away. She can feel his love in these simple words he just spoke. They are not mere few words but it felt like he was telling her that how much he missed his wife- his Muskaan. She was not aware when her heart started thumping loudly while her eyes got moist once again. It’s like it was her who was feeling the pain not him. And at that moment she just wanted to ran away from their but she knew she couldn’t as he needs her and…….

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her raging heartbeats and then looking in his eyes and gathering as much courage as she coul she said  “I am not going anywhere Arnav. Believe me;”

“You always said this but then on our marriage day too you left me naa…. What if once again you left me. No; I can not take the chance.”

“Oh! That means you don’t love your Muskaan because love comes with trust but if you don’t trust Muskaan that means you don’t love her too….” she used her last tactic and it worked.

“No; I love you Muski. Love you loads;” he said with droopy eyes as the medicines have finally started showing it’s effect. So finally on Khushi’s insistence he lay down on the bed not leaving her hand and in few minutes he goes in deep slumber due to the effect of medicines.

Khushi tried to take out her hand out from his grip but it took her several attempts to loosen his grip and freeing her hand after which she look towards the family who was standing their with overwhelming emotions.

“Muskaan;” said Priya at which Khushi first look towards her and then towards the person who knew about her while Shyam assured her from his eyes and then told both Raj and Priya about her truth at which they get sad but then soon composed herself.

“Thanks dear; even after not having any relation you are helping us that means a lot to us;” said Priya.

“I want to talk to you all something important. Can we talk in the hall?” she asked at which everyone nodded and all of them left downstairs after glancing at Arnav one last time.


As soon as they reach downstairs Raj and Priya thanks her again and again for helping them at which Khushi just looked at them and then said “Shyamji has also helped me today though he was unaware of it but still I am indebted to him and that’s the reason I helped you guys.”

Though she said it but deep in her heart she knew this is not the sole reason for which she got ready to help him; but it’s not required for them to know now.

“Thanks dear. Now I know that chotey will be okay as you will act as his Muskaan;” said Raj.

“I will not act as Muskaan in front of him; and that’s my final decision;” she said it instantly looking at all the family members present their.

While all of them gaped at her not understanding why she took this decision so suddenly. Just few minutes before they were happy that devimaiya has send her to help them make Arnav well again. But now her one sentence has once again washed away all their hopes.

“But Why? Just now you got ready to act as Muskaan;” said Raj.

“I never agreed to it. I just helped you guys because I can see that he really needs to take the medicine that time.”

“But Why Khushi?” asked Shyam “Why are you not ready to help us?” he asked.

“I will help you but not as Muskaan;” she said.

“Be clear Khushi dear;” said Priya not understanding what she meant by her statement.

“It’s simple aunty; I will help you and your Arnav but I can’t act as his Muskaan.”

“But she considers you as his Muski. Then what will we tell him that why are you not behaving like her;” asked Shyam.

“That’s what I want you guys to understand that how hard I may try I can never become Muskaan. Moreover for sure one or other day he will ask me that Why I left him or where was I all these days for which none of us had any answers I guess.”

At which everyone look here and there not knowing how to abswer her as they knew that whatever she said is true.

“So what do you want and what are you going to do?” asked Shyam breaking the silence.

“Not me but you all will do it;” she said at which every single person present their got confuse and understanding the same Khushi said “You just have to tell him that I- means Muskaan lost her memory in that accident and is living now as Khushi.”


“So what do you want and what are you going to do?” asked Shyam breaking the silence.

“Not me but you all will do it,” she said at which every single person present their got confuse and understanding the same Khushi said “You just have to tell him that I- means Muskaan lost her memory in that accident and is living now as Khushi.”

Hearing her say that all of them gave it a thought and realize that it is the only way by which not only they can keep her in their house but also Arnav too will behave cordial and will stop asking questions. So, they give her a go ahead.

“Khushi dear I think you should rest now as you too are tired and I will send tea in your room itself.”

At which Khushi nodded and left towards her room to take a much needed rest while all the other people took a sigh and thanked devimaiya for sending this angel in their life to rescue Arnav from his deserted state.

While all other people were sighing and thanking devimaiya there was one soul who was getting restless. Yes, Shyam Jha- the son-in-law of the very same house was now getting restless and the reason of it was this same girl who had just after telling her decision left back to her room. And after a lot of contemplation that whether he should talk to her or not, he decided that it is best if he first talk with her and hence after conveying to Anjali that he has some important talks with Khushi, he move towards his room and after knocking the door and getting a positive response he entered inside to see her sitting on the couch and looking towards him with raised eyebrows as if waiting to know the reason that now what had lead him to enter in her room.

“Ugh! Khushi I need to talk to you. If you are free then can we?” he asked at which she nodded positively signaling him to go ahead.

“Khushi I wanted to know who you are.”

“I have already told you that I am Khushi and not yours Muskaan.”

“Yes, I know that very well but what I want to know is the fact that why you were running and hiding from those people and why were they searching for you? They were saying that you are a thief. Is it true?”

His words had open up the deep buried wounds in her heart. The wounds which were inflicted upon her by her own people which ultimately give rise to her dreadful past- the past which no one is aware of other than her or the persons responsible for it. How can she tell them what had transpired in her past which had leads her to this condition? How can she tell them the dreadful past from which she herself is running from last two years and moreover what is the guarantee that they will believe her? What if after hearing about her they too shunned her from their lives. No- she can’t take the risk when she is getting a secured shelter above her head and thus, the decision was taken that she will never tell them about her past. No, never- because she knew that if they ever come to know about it then they will just hate her not even once trying to understand her.

“No, it is better that they will remain unaware about it. It will be best for me and for them too,” she thought to herself and took a deep sigh determined to not let them know the truth.

“There is nothing you should know about it,” she said clearly letting him know that she has no intention to disclose anything about herself.

Taking it as a cue and knowing well that he can’t just pressurize her to answer him, he used another tactic after all he is also a well-known layer.

“I agree that it has nothing to do with me or my whole family but still you are going to live here from now on so as a son-in-law of this house it is my duty to protect them and for that I must know that you are not any potential threat for my family and especially Arnav.”

‘Oh! If he thinks that she is naive and just by his manipulative words she will come under his spell and blurt out everything then he is so wrong. Yesteryears have made her what she is today or if precisely say then in the last two years she had seen so much that now no one can manipulate or take advantage of her,’ She thought to herself and smiles inwardly.

“I understand your concern for your family but that doesn’t give you any right to intrude in my personal life,” she said a bit rudely making him frown slightly and then added with a softer tone “Don’t worry much and be assured that I will not pose as a threat to your family but yes it’s better if you keep yourself at a distance from my personal life.”

Hearing her say that he took a sigh of relief and then nodding in affirmative he left downstairs while she just look outside the window not knowing where her life is leading her?

Here downstairs Anjali was sitting on the couch anxiously waiting for her husband to come back so that she can know that why he went to meet Khushi now. And as soon as she saw him descending downstair she hurriedly move towards and as soon as she reached near him he placed his hand on her abdomen and said “Easy dear… easy…”

“How can I Shyam when everything in our house is just upside down,” she said and then added “But what talk you have with her?”

“Do you doubt me?” he asked popping one of his eyebrow at which Anjali just hit his chest and said “Never ever even in my dreams. I was just curious as to what you want to talk with her that you couldn’t do here in the presence of everyone?”

“Oh! Nothing much Anjali I just wanted to know about her past and in what circumstances she landed herself in my car.”

“So you got to know?”

“Ugh! No,” he said looking here and there at which Anjali giggled making him look towards her with narrow eyes.

“What? Why are you giggling?”

“Oh! Nothing my dear hubby I was just thinking that there is someone out there from whom the great lawyer Shyam Manohar Jha could also not gather any information.

“Oh! So you are mocking my defeat. I will not leave you,” he said and started tickling her making her laugh aloud and soon engulfed her in the hug happy that at last his love, his life laughed aloud without any burden because he can see the twinkle in her eyes which was missing from last two years and he knew the reason of it too. Happy on getting his old Anjali back he thank devimaiya for sending Khushi as an angel for them and life savior for Arnav.

After parting from the hug he slowly caressed her face and then said “Anjali you go back to your room as Pari needs you.”

“And you?”

“I will be coming shortly after having a talk with Arnav.”

“But he is sleeping isn’t it?”

“Yes he is.”


“Anjali I also have to talk with one of my client and by the time I will done it I think he will be up.”

“Oh! Okay Shyam,” saying this she left towards her room while Shyam move towards his study room.


Here Khushi was sitting on the bed with close eyes remembering the whole day events. Never in her life had she thought that her life would take such a drastic turn once again. But then when her life did move on the way she wanted. Two years back also nothing has happened as per her will and today too things are not as per her will. But then she knew what she is here for. She just has to make Arnav accept the fact that his Muskaan is no more and for that she need some time because she knew it will not be easy but then she is determined to do this and afterwards she will left from here forever like she never come here. But is it so easy? Will he accept the reality? And how will he react when he will get to know that he has been tricked in all this is what she feared the most. But then she knew she don’t have any other option so here she is preparing herself for the worst to come in the near future.


Here as soon as Arnav’s sleep broke he sat up straight and looks here and there but upon not finding his love with him he got panic and was going out of the bed when he saw Shyam entering the room and blinking his eyes as if to assure him. But still Arnav couldn’t calm his heart which is beating at a very fast speed due to the fear that she has once again left him deserted of her love so he asked “Jeeju where is Muski?”

As if understanding his plight Shyam place a comforting hand on his shoulder and then said in an assuring tone “Don’t panic Arnav your Muskaan is resting in the guestroom.”

“Guestroom… Why? She must be here with her husband and in her room not in that guestroom Jeeju,” he asked frowning and not understanding why is his Muski still maintaining distance from him.

“Arnav I will answer your question but before that you have to hear me out because it’s about her and you need to know it…”

Upon hearing that it is somewhat  related to Muskaan Arnav started listening him with rapt attention while Shyam started telling him how after that accident his Muskaan lose her memory and was living as Khushi who knew nothing about her past life. With each passing word Arnav’s expression was changing and Shyam could see it. He don’t knew how will he take all this but he knew that he will gather himself and overcome his grief, fear and all the insecurities for her because that much he love his Muskaan.

“You mean to say that she doesn’t know me…. Don’t remember me… our beautiful moments… our marriage… nothing,” he asked while a tear slid down his eye seeing Shyam nodding in yes and closed his eyes for a minute or two but then when he again open his eyes they were determined as if he has taken a resolution and he will stand by it no matter what.

“So what if she doesn’t remember me? But I do and that’s enough for us. And I am sure she will soon remember me and our beautiful past. My love will make her remember everything. Right jeeju?” he asked at which Shyam nodded and saw Arnav moving towards the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To meet the love of my life…”

“But she is resting Arnav.”

“She has rested enough in the yesteryears but now it’s time to be in action,” saying this he left from there but not before winking towards him at which he sighed and murmur “Only if you know that she is not your Muskaan but a mere look alike of her Khushi.”

As soon as Arnav reached the guestroom he saw his lady love looking outside the window engrossed in her own thoughts. At first he thought to knock the door as he don’t know whether she will like his presence or not but then suddenly another thought crept in his mind that he need not treat her as some stranger because she is not the one. In fact he will treat her as his because she is his just his and no one can snatch her from him not even she herself. And maybe his love will bring back her lost memories. And thinking it he moves towards her.

Here Khushi was looking out of the window lost in her own thoughts when suddenly someone placed a hand on her shoulder jerking her back to the real world and upon looking at the intruder she saw Arnav standing there and staring at her face intently. Not able to gaze in his chocolaty eyes anymore she lowered her lashes while he keeps on staring at her letting the silence between them to talk. After a few good minutes Arnav cleared his throat to gain her attention and then spoke “Muski just now jeeju told me that how after that fateful accident you lost your memory and till now was living as Khushi oblivion to the fact that you have a family here and a husband who is eagerly waiting for you to return back to him.” Then he cupped her face and continued “You know I always believed that my Muski can never leave his Arnie, no matter what? And thus I have a firm belief that one day or other you will come back to me because you just can’t leave me alone in my life as you knew very well that the moment you will leave me for forever the very same moment I will stop breathing. And so wherever you are in one or other way you have to come back to me. And see in front of my belief devimaiya too has to bend and give me back my life, my soulmate.”

Upon hearing his words Khushi’s heart pained as if feeling the pain which he has went through in these two years and this really confused her as to why she was feeling his pain. She was indulged in her own world trying to find the answers of her own behavior when she felt his lips and sucks in a sharp breath and then felt him moving back making her eyes wide open and met with his which shows satisfaction but at the same time fear and insecurity.

Arnav was baring out his heart in front of her when he saw tears sliding out of her eyes and seeing her teary eyed pain him so without knowing what he is doing his face move towards her and he suck them all from his lips not wanting those damn tears to touch what is his. Yes, it is only his right to touch her, kiss her and do all the wild things which he had dreamt of till today so how can he let those tears touch her. But as soon as he heard her taking a sharp breath he came back to his senses and realized that what he has done. Though he was not ashamed of it because if get a chance he will do much more than this but then he knew that it was not easy for her as for her she is just a stranger and that made him insecure thinking ‘what if she took him wrong and left him for forever. No he will not let it happened.’ And thus he clarified his stance.

“I am sorry. I know you don’t remember me and our past and I shouldn’t have behave like that but seeing your teary eyes I just couldn’t control myself. I promised that it will not be repeated until you are ready for it, but please don’t left me,” he said and waited for her reply and upon getting a nod from her he left from there leaving one confused soul behind.


As soon as Arnav left Khushi slumped on the bed putting her right hand on the left side of her chest where her heart was beating erratically. She closed her eyes and thought “Why? Why he has such an effect on me? He has just kiss my eyelids and drank away my tears that too thinking me as his Muskaan but to me it seems the eternal moment. Why I got so lost in him? As if, it is what I have ever wished for. Why me heart starts beating fast whenever he is closed to me. What’s happening with me? Oh god please don’t put me in such a condition from where neither I can move forward nor backward.”

She was thinking all this when someone hug her and as soon as she open her eyes she saw the same sweet little girl hugging her whom she had seen fighting with devimaiya for Arnav.

“Maami you came back,” she asked innocently battling her lashes which immediately brought a smile on her face and she nodded in yes patting her cheeks.

And she gives a wide smile go Khushi on it but soon then around and said in a fake angry voice “But I am angry on you maami.”

Hearing it Khushi pulled her in her lap and said “And why so?”

“Because you took a long time to come back maami. You don’t know how maamu has been while all this time. He never use to play with me like earlier time nor he use to laugh. He will always be busy in his paintings.”

Hearing her say that unknowingly her heart twisted in pain but shrugging it off she asked “Paintings! Arnav knew how to paint?”

“Ofo maami you are saying as if you don’t know about it. Have you forget that once just for .e you asked many to stay in Mansion and make my painting,” said Pari with twinkling eyes while Khushi sighed thinking ‘How can she knew all this when she is not their Muskaan but Khushi who just resembles her face and nothing else. But then there is no use to make this little girl understand all this- first because she is too small to be indulge in all this and second because she don’t want snatch the beautiful smile from her innocent face.’

“Maami what are you wondering?” she asked jerking her back from her revere.

“Ugh! Nothing baby.”

“Oho! Don’t baby me maami. Have you forget that Pari Jha Raizada doesn’t like someone babysitting her,” she said in her childish style making Khushi giggles but then she asked “Jha and Raizada both?”

“Why not? Afterall I am daughter of Shyam Jha and Anjali Raizada so it makes me Pari Jha Raizada. Right,” she said in attitude while Khushi just nodded her head in affirmative and pinched her cheeks.

“Ouch! Don’t pinch my cheeks maami because it hurts.”

“Okay I will not,” she said raising her hands above her head gesturing of her surrender while Pari starts pulling towards the door.

“Pari what are you doing baby? Why are you pulling me?” asked Khushi confusedly.

“Maami come with me, I will show you all of your paintings which maamu made during these two years… Come… Come…” and she starts dragging her while Khushi murmured to herself “Not mine Pari. They are of your Muskaan maami,” but nevertheless followed her to see all those paintings. But as soon as they reached near door they saw Anjali coming towards them.

“Pari, What are you doing here? I am searching you in the whole Mansion and you are here chitchatting,” she said frowning slightly.

“So what can I do Mommy? You knew that Maami has come back after so long and I have so many things to share with her,” she said innocently at which Anjali look towards Khushi sadly while she gives a very uncomfortable smile.

“Mommy by the way why were you searching me?” she asked jerking them back from their thoughts.

“Baby it’s dinner time so all of us are waiting for you,” she said.

“And Maami?” she asked.

“Of course for your maami too. Chalo now let’s go.”

“Ugh! No mommy”


“Voh mommy I was going to take maami to maamu’s study room to show her paintings made by maamu,” she said giving a wide smile to her mother who look rather dumbstruck.

“Okay mommy so after that we will join you,” saying this Pari was going out of there when Anjali stops her and said “Not now baby. See everyone is waiting for you and your maami on dinner. And you know that it’s not good to make anyone wait. So first have your dinner and then do whatever you want. Okay,” she asked at which Pari nodded and left from there followed by the other two ladies.

As soon as trio reached downstairs they saw all of them already sitting on dining table and they also took their seat while Arnav asked Khushi to sit beside him saying that it’s her rightful place while she hesitantly sat there.

“Wow! Mom today you made all of my favorite dishes. Anything special?” asked Arnav to him mother Priya.

“What to do son, you are dining with us after like an eternity so thought to make all of your favorite dishes,” said Priya choking.

I am sorry mom, I know I have hurt you a lot but I promise you that from now on it will not be repeated as I have my Muski with me,” he assured his mother while squeezing Khushi’s hand.

“By the way mom you have make all of my favorite dishes except one,” he said rolling his eyes once over all the dishes.

“Which one Chotey?” asked Priya.

“Ofo! Mom my favorite kheer,” he exclaimed.

“Oh! But that you doesn’t eat until and unless it was made by Muskaan.”

“Yes Mom, but you forget that now my Muskaan is back so now I will have my Muski special Kheer,” he said and then turning towards Khushi he asked “Right Muski?” at which she gave him a nervous and uncomfortable smile.

“But Chotey…”

“No di its final that today Muski will be making kheer for me,” saying this he turn towards Khushi and continue “Muski, Kaka will tell you where are all the required ingredients. Now come on go… go… go” saying this he pushed her to go and she left for kitchen with Kaka in tow.

“Chotey I think I should also go in kitchen to see whether Khu… I mean Muskaan needs something or not,” saying this Anjali was going to get up from her seat when Arnav stopped her.

“No di… you stay here…”

“But Chotey she doesn’t know about your taste.”

“Di she is my Muskaan and she can never done any mistake regarding my taste.”

“Chotey you have forget that she has lost her memory…”

“So what di? Only her mind has forget me but her heart still remembers me.”


“No more arguments di…” he concluded and then giving an assuring smile to her starts waiting for her to join them while all other members look towards each other in sheer helplessness.

Here Khushi was making the kheer after getting the required ingredients from Ramu kaka and side-by-side cursing Arnav.

“He is such a laad governor…. Can’t he for once hear his family and act upon it. But no… Ab big NO… Why will he? Huh! See devimaiya now he is ordering me as if I am his wife… Ugh! I mean yes he thinks me as his late wife Muskaan but still he knew that I have lost my memory so he should not do all this but no about whom I am saying. From the time I have come in this Mansion I have only seen him ordering and making things run as per his wish… laad governor…”

While on the other hand Arnav was waiting for Muskaan to come out of the kitchen so that he can have the tasty kheer made by only her.

Yes he don’t use to have kheer until and unless it was made by his Muskaan and she too knew it, and that’s the reason every week a day she used to make kheer, just for him and he used to cherish it to core, thinking all this a small smile crept on his face when someone nudged her and upon looking towards the person who disturbed him while he was fondly cherishing the old but beautiful memories, he saw his niece winking at him with mischievous eyes and later on, asked him to bend down and when he did so she whispered in his ear “Mamu I know you are very eager to have Maami’s handmade Kheer and that’s the only reason that you are not having anything else so that you have your full with the kheer. After all with my maami’s return Kuch meetha to banta hai naa… so what if it is not my favorite Dairy Milk but your favorite- Maami’s handmade kheer,” saying this she winked while Arnav just shook his head thinking ‘She is a notorious devil in disguise of a sweet and innocent looking child’ and that’s when he saw her coming out of the kitchen with a tray containing bowls full of kheer in her hand.

One-by-one she served everyone and then waited to see everyone’s reaction but none ate it except Arnav who took the spoon full of kheer in his mouth. But as soon as he took the spoon in his mouth, his eyes widen in shock and he kept looking at her making her scared.

“What? Is it not good? See I don’t know how I used to make this for you as I have not made it from a long time. So if you don’t like then don’t shout at me please… and yes I will make it again for you,” she was blabbering what comes in her mind in nervousness when she once again felt his lips but this time on her cheeks and her eyes widen on its own accord.

Arnav just have first spoon of kheer made by her and then look towards her but before he could even utter a single word she starts blabbering which makes her look so cute and not able to resist himself he pecked her cheek and upon feeling her all silent he move back only to realize that once again he has kissed her without her permission that too in front of all. But he didn’t regret it. Why would he? After all she is his wife. So what if she forget him, he is sure he will make her remember everything. But as of now he has to ease out this awkward situation he realized so he said “Don’t worry Muski because it’s exactly how I like it,” he said winking at her and starts eating his dinner while Khushi’s eyes were about to popped out of her sockets with all the recent happenings. But Arnav brought her back from the revere asking her to have her dinner while all other people too silently ate not able to know how to react on it but not to forget Pari’s giggles who was only shut by her mamu’s famous glares.


“Don’t worry Muski because it’s exactly how I like it,” he said winking at her and starts eating his dinner while Khushi’s eyes were about to popped out of her sockets with all the recent happenings. But Arnav brought her back from the revere asking her to have her dinner while all other people too silently ate not able to know how to react on it but not to forget Pari’s giggles who was only shut by her mamu’s famous glares.

After having his dinner Arnav silently left from there towards his room. Though he wanted to say something to his wife but seeing her lost and nervous after his peck he just resisted himself.

“Khushi please don’t mind Arnav behaving like this with you. Actually he has always been behaving like this with Muskaan, never left a chance to romance with her even if it means embarrassing her in front of us. And as of now he thinks of you as his Muski, so it is just that….” Before Anjali could even complete her sentence Khushi cut her in the middle “You don’t have to give clarifications to me as I know that he sees his dead wife in me. Well I have finished and I would like to take some rest now,” saying this she too left towards her room while all of them stared at her retreating figure.

As soon as Khushi enters in her room she slumped down on the bed reminiscing all the things that have been happening with her off lately after she has entered in this Raizada Mansion. Him thinking of her as his wife Muskaan, showing his right over her, time and again kissing her. All these things were just flashing in front of her eyes and then the way he kissed her downstairs, all this was just making her restless. More than his she is not able to understand her own behaviour towards him.

‘What is happening with me? Why I felt some emotions stirring deep inside my heart whenever he is around me? Why I don’t repulse to his touch? Why I felt pain seeing him sad? Why tears brimmed in my eyes when Pari told me about his miseries? Why?’ These were the thoughts which were running in Khushi’s mind but neither her mind nor her heart was able to give answer to any of these questions which is making her all the more troublous. She closed her eyes and few tears trickle down her face while she murmurs “Why you are not with me today Nikhil? Why? I am missing you so much that I even can’t explain it to anyone,” saying this she just hide her face in the pillow sobbing.

I don’t know you, still I know you…

I don’t love you, still I feel for you…

I don’t believe in  relation, still I like to be with you…

(-By me)

Here Arnav was sitting in his room smiling while holding Muskaan’s photo and caressing it very lovingly.

“Why god has make you forget your Arnav Muski? You used to believe in devimaiya so much then why has she played such a dirty game with us- with our love Muski? I am happy Muski that you are back to me, but…. But still I am not happy kyuki pass hokar bhi tum mujhse door ho… (because being so close to me also you are far away from me…) Why these distance between us Muski when our hearts are already knitted with each other, when the strings of our hearts are connected with each other in such a way that we can feel each other’s presence with our closed eyes too. Why your devimaiya is so harsh on our love? Why Muski? Why? Wasn’t these two years of long separation was enough to make us feel alone and lonely that now after getting you also I am being deprived of your love. Has this DESERTED LOVE becomes my destiny now?” he asked to himself, to the almighty and to everyone who are becoming hurdle in between him and his love while tears brimmed in his eyes unaware that there is one more pair of eyes who is watching him breaking down once again.

“No chotey, I will not let you break down this time. I will not let devimaiya snatch your happiness. I will do everything in my will to ensure your happiness. I, Anjali Jha Raizada promised myself today that come what may but you will get each and every happiness you deserve in your life.”

Yes, the lady was none other than Arnav’s di- Anjali who was passing by his room when she saw him caressing Muskaan’s photo and asking down all those questions which she has been asking from devimaiya from last two years and thinking this she left from there towards her room to have a serious talk with her husband.


Khushi was still sobbing in her room when someone knocks on the door, she immediately wipes her tears, wash her face and then open the door to see Pari standing there with a cute smile on her face which immediately brought a sweet smile on her face too.

“Maami what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Nothing Pari, I was just going to sleep.”

“No… No, you can’t” she shrieked holding her one hand as of trying to hold her to move towards the bed which shocked her.

“Pari baby what happened?”

At this Pari look towards her maami with a cute frown and then face palming said “Ofo maami you are buddhu… How can you forget that I have plomish (promise) you to let you see all youl (your) sketches and paintings which maamu have made in the past two years?”


“So come with me…”

“No….” shrieked Khushi.

“Why maami?”

“Your maamu will be there doll.”

“So what? It’s his room,” she said popping her eyebrow. “And now you come with me,” saying this she started dragging her towards Arnav’s room.


Anjali enters in her room and saw her husband sitting on the recliner deep in thought so she cleared her throat to let him know about her presence.

Hearing the voice Shyam jerks back to reality and upon looking towards he saw Anjali standing there with a serious face making him frown.

“What happened Anjali? You are looking quite serious,” he asked.

At which she nodded in affirmative and said “Shyam I want to talk to you something important.”

“Yes Anjali tell me.”

“Ugh! Actually…. Shyam wo…”

“What happened dear? Is everything fine?” he asked in concern moving towards her but her next statement froze him on the spot.

“Shyam, actually I am thinking that why not we get them married,” proposed Anjali.

“About whom are you talking?” he asked.

“Of course Chotey and Khushi,” she said slightly annoyed that her husband is not understanding it while Shyam’s eyes widen hearing it.

“What are you saying Anjali?” he asked with shock written all over his face.

“What is wrong in it jeeju? I too think that it is right. Moreover we both are already married so this marriage is just for namesake,” said Arnav while entering in their room.

“What? Now you too….”

“So what’s wrong in it jeeju?”

“Arnav you are not getting it.”

“Jeeju I am getting everything, it’s very simple. She doesn’t remember anything and that is why she is fearing being close to me. But once we get bonded by the sacred vows then everything will be after a lot of thinking I have decided that we should get married.”

“No, you can’t,” said Shyam.

“But why jeeju?”

“Because it is not the right time Arnav…”

“I don’t know about the right time jeeju because now I can’t bear these distances. It’s killing me,” saying this he left from there while Shyam just sighed knowing he have to talk with him when he is in a cool mind and not when he is emotionally stressed but for now he have to deal with his pregnant wife.


Khushi along with Pari enters in his room with thudded heart but upon seeing the room empty she took a sigh of relief.

“Where is mamu?” mumbled Pari in confusion upon not finding his lovely mamu in the room but taking this as a cue Khushi divert her attention and ask her to show those paintings at which she immediately took her to the adjoining study room which was just filled with portraits.

As soon as Khushi enters in the study room she got paralysed seeing her paintings in the whole room, no… not her but Muskaan- she mentally corrected herself. Very slowly she move towards those paintings while her eyes on its own got filled with tears. She caressed those paintings while tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You know mami when you are not here naa then mamu used to talk to all these paintings and never let anyone enters here because they used to say that you will not come back,” said Pari innocently making her realise the depth of pain inflicted upon the person who just wants to live with his wife, who loves his wife like there is no tomorrow and has asked nothing more from this cruel world. A world where people try to snatch other’s happiness to fulfil their own. And at the same time her own mind mocks her ‘Doesn’t she doing the same? Doesn’t she playing with his feelings and making a mockery of his pure, innocent and unconditional love towards Muskaan. And which cruel world she is talking about? The world which becomes cruel due to people like her? Her?’ and as soon as she remembered her deed more tears rolled down her cheeks making her guilty for the past, for his present and future. Not able to take any more she turn back to run away from the room when she collided with something like hard rock and closed her eyes to feel the pain but when nothing like that happen she slowly opens her eyes and looks up to be hold captivated by the chocolate honey orbs.


Khushi turn back to run away from the room when she collided with something like hard rock and closed her eyes to feel the pain but when nothing like that happen she slowly opens her eyes and looks up to be hold captivated by the chocolate honey orbs.

Both of them continue to stare at each other eyes until they heard someone clearing their thought making them come out of their stance and after standing properly creating a proper difference between them they look towards the source of disturbance to see Pari standing there crossing her arms below her chest while adorning a beautiful yet mischievous smile on her face making Arnav roll her eyes and cursing her inwardly for ruining such a perfect moment while Khushi just looks down not knowing how to react on this unwanted situation.

“Pari baby, what are you doing here- in this room?” asked Arnav breaking the silence.

“Maamu, you didn’t asked the same question to maami?” countered Pari smirking to herself while Khushi just wanted to run away from there as she knew that the elder one just finds ways to come close to her while the younger one is like a chote packet mei bada dhamaka (a big bomb in a small packet). But her reverie broke by Arnav’s next sentence.

“Why would I ask her Pari? And if you have forgotten then let me remind you that as much as this room belongs to me, it belongs to her too.”

“Ugh! Yes Maamu. How can I ever forget it? But then you too should never forget that it’s my maamu and maami’s room too. But, if you don’t want me to come here then I promise that I will never come in this room,” saying this sadly she was moving towards the door when she was picked up in the air by none other than her maamu making her squeal in excitement.

“Awee…. My baby gets sad. No way, you can come here whenever you want to come.”

“Really maamu?”

“Of course my baccha,” saying this he kissed her chubby cheeks while she giggles and then whispered in his ears “Maamu, put me down so that I can leave you alone with my maami.”

At this he put her down smilingly while Pari left from there but not before winking at him.

Arnav turn towards Khushi  who to tried to leave from there, but get halted in her steps realising the strong grip around her wrist and turn to look at him with questioning eyes, only to get a smile in return leading her to curse that Pari inwardly for making her land in such a situation.

“Why are you holding my hand?” she asked innocently making his smile widen.

“So as to not let you leave me again,” replied Arnav huskily.

“Umm…. But I am not leaving,’ she said at which he raised his eyebrow as if asking ‘Really?’

“Voh… Yes, I am not leaving you, but just going to my room.”

At this Arnav jerk her towards himself and in reflex she put her hands on his manly chest while heart started beating erratically sensing his closeness near her. While Arnav tucked her hair strand behind the ear and then whispered in a husky voice making goose bumps erupt on her skin “It is your room only Muski, so why do you need to go to any other room?.”

“Hmm…” said Khushi still lost in her own world and feeling those sensations which his closeness has brought.

While Arnav smirked seeing his effect on her and resting his hand on her waist leaned towards her lips and softly yet sensually said “Muski, I am saying you that this room also belongs to you, so why do you need to go to any other room?”

Khushi was lost in her own web of emotions, feeling him so close to her, was just making her heart go dhak dhak, and now his warm breath which was falling on her moist lips was not helping her in anyway. Her heart was beating so fast while her lips just wanted to feel his and suck them. But, before her thoughts can move forward, reality came crashing to her making her eyes moist once again.

“What? What happened Muski? Why are you crying?” asked a worried Arnav seeing tears rolling down her cheeks. But upon not getting any reply from her, he realised that his closeness is the reason behind her tears. As soon as the realisation dawn upon him he closed his eyes and ran a frustrated hands through his hairs cursing himself inwardly and realising why his jeeju was not agreeing to his demand of marrying her once again. Opening his eyes he cupped her face, wiped her tears and hold her hands brought her near those paintings and then looking straight in her eyes he said “I know Muski that you don’t remember me, neither our love nor our marriage. And I don’t blame you for it. Because I know it’s not your fault. My Muski can never see me sad, let alone broken. She can do anything in her will to make me happy. I know in the last two years you have been living with a fake identity of Khushi. And may be now it is not easy for you to accept that the identity with which you are living from last two years was nothing but just an illusion. While somewhere your whole family was waiting for you, your Arnav was waiting for you. But Muski now when you know the truth, I just want you to accept it with open arms. It’s true that I want you to be here with me- in my room and in my arms, but at the same time I know now that you are not ready for this. So, I will not force you for all this, but then I expect you to start considering me your husband and get comfortable around me as I have waited for you enough and now seeing you in front of me I am not able to resist the temptation of gathering you in my arms.”

All this while Khushi kept looking in his eyes and absorbing the depth of love he holds in his heart for his dead wife- Muskaan while tears continues to drench her already wet face.

“Have you seen all these paintings of yours?” he asked pointing at all his handmade paintings during these two years. At this she nodded her head in yes while wiping her tears.

“You know Muski, everyone used to say me that you will never come back, but I have this firm belief that you will and hence I started making these paintings and started talking to them,” he said coming behind her back, placing his hands on her waist while putting his chin on her shoulder.

“Ar… Arnav….”

“Shh…. Just feel it Muski and try to remember your Arnav’s touch,” said Arnav while nuzzling his nose in her hair making her stiffen.

After few minutes when he realised her rigid posture he back off and taking it as her chance Khushi ran away from the room while Arnav just took a deep sigh of irritation.


“Anjali, what is wrong with you? How can you say something like this? You know how much sensitive Arnav is for anything which concerns Muskaan and you… I don’t know how I will make him understand, that whatever he is thinking is just not right.”

“What wrong I have said Shyam?” asked Anjali annoyed with Shyam’s behaviour.

“You are still asking me the same? After creating such a mess. Anjali for god sake how can you just barge in and decide about someone else life?”

“He is my brother Shyam and let me remind you that he too agreed with me.”

“Okay I agree he is your brother and thus you can take decision on his behalf, but you have no right to take decision on the behalf of Khushi. Here, that girl is trying to help us and you are hell bent on force her to leave before even Arnav can accept that Muskaan is no more. Have you ever thought about its consequences? If by any chance Khushi left him before making him realise the truth then Arnav’s health can worsen then before.”

“But… Voh…”


“Shyam I still have a doubt that she is our Muskaan,” said Anjali what is bugging her mind from so long.

“And Why so?” asked Shyam.

“Can’t you see Shyam that she had made the kheer exactly Arnav used to like?”

“So what? It may be a coincident Anjali.”

“So many coincident Shyam? First her face resembles Arnav, then Arnav feels her as his Muskaan and now she made the kheer just like the way he likes. Okay for an instance I agree that they can be coincident but then how Arnav can feels her presence. We all knows that Arnav can find his Muskaan from thousands of girls with closed eyes too. And if she is Khushi and not Muskaan the why the hell Arnav called her as his Muskaan.”

“I too don’t know Anjali, and this is the reason I want to know about her, but then also we can’t force her for anything because as of now she is our last hope for Arnav. And about the Kheer incident I think you should talk to her once regarding the same and also we have to find out that if she is our Muskaan then why she is faking herself as Khushi.”

“You are right Shyam, we all know that Muskaan used to love Arnav a lot and if by any chance she is our Muskaan then it means there is something big behind her this step.”



Khushi was pacing in her room up and down cursing that mighty Raizada who is not leaving a chance to flirt with her making her all the more irritated. She remembered how he pour out his heart in front of her and she really felt bad that time that devimaiya has given him so much pain. It was like his pain was giving her pain. But then his closeness was something she was scared of. She has been noticing how his closeness is affecting her, though the reason behind the same is still unfathomable to her but she knew that she has to stop him from coming close to her because it is not what she is here for.

“This Arnav Singh Raizada has become such a laad governor… no… shameless laad governor. Hey devimaya! Where have you stuck me? I thought that I will help him in his condition and make him believe that his wife Muskaan is no more, but here he is all set to make me believe that I am his wife Muskaan. Khushi think fast otherwise that day is not far when he will really make you mad,” she said to herself and then starts thinking what to do when suddenly she jumps in excitement shouting “Idea!!!!”


  1. Just read
    So far it is an interesting concept. Waiting anxiously for the story to unfold. I wonder if Khushi is lying or if Arnav is delusional.

  2. Interesting Concept this story has. So first of all congratulations for that 🙂

    Now coming to the updates… Have started reading them and gone through the first 9 chapters. But what was intriguing for me was the mysterious storyline. Both Arnav and Khushi have a past. Whereas we still have an idea of Arnav's past, that he was married to Muskaan(who looks like Khushi), we still don't know what is Khushi's past?? What is she hiding from all?
    And are Khushi and Muskaan somehow related? That's what I would like to know.

    Please PM me for the nest few chapters as well.

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂


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