Arshi FF- CROSS CONNECTION (Part11-17)


PART- 11


Arnav along with Khushi enters inside his room and moves forward but later realised that Khushi is not beside him, so he turn back and saw her standing on the door step hesitating to enter inside. Understanding her hesitation he said “Khushi come on enter the room. It’s not the first time that you are stepping inside my room. Be comfortable here till then I will get change.” Saying this he took his clothes from cupboard and enters bathroom to get freshen-up. While Khushi has tears in her hazel eyes. She was looking around the room. Yes, it’s not the first time that she has entered inside his room. This room has contains good memories of her life. She still remembers how she us

e to come here in his room when he was away from here and then used to scatter all of his things just to irritate him because he was a perfectionist- cut that- he is a perfectionist. And that’s the sole reason she was so hell bent to irritate him, because she use to get the scolding from her mother regarding the same. She still remembered how one day she was so damn irritated that she just tore away his maths assignment and upon learning the same Arnav get so much angry that he didn’t talk to her for almost a week.  Although when mom and dad learn about the same he was the only one who stood up for her and took the whole blame on himself regardless of the fact that it will earn him the scolding of her share. Thinking of the cute bond they used to share a smile automatically reached her lips. But soon it was replaced by the tears in her eyes and the trembling of her lips to avoid letting out her cry remembering that they had made fun of the very same friendship. Soon her legs took her towards the bed and she sat on it with a thud.



Here Sakshi was standing near the window with Arnav photo in her hand while tears were continuously descending from her eyes, but she was not trying to wipe them today because she knew that it’s of no use- that today her tears will not stop at any cost. But she can’t blame anyone because it was her decision to get them married for next six months just to show all of them that only she is the right person to be called as Arnav’s wife. But now, just seeing Khushi wearing the nuptial thread of Arnav’s name, applying the vermillion of his name, telling him as her husband is just not digestible to her. But now she can’t do anything, moreover no one is even trying to understand her. While thinking all this she just slumped on the floor crying bitterly. At the same time Priya enters her room and saw Shakshi sitting on the floor and crying bitterly which makes her heart screamed in pain. She can understand what her daughter is feeling, though she can’t measure the depth of her pain but still she can understand her to some extent. Slowly she move towards her daughter and kept her hand on her shoulder, which makes Sakshi to lift her face and upon seeing her mother standing in front of her she loses the last thread of control too seeing that she is not alone, that someone is there for her, to wipe her tears, to console her and so she just hugged her mother’s waist and started crying bitterly. While Priya start caressing her head and after some time she said “Don’t cry Sakshi… I know you are hurt because of the betrayal you got from two most important persons of your life.”


At this Sakshi look towards her mother in confusion not understanding what she is saying and to whom she is referring as betrayers.


“I understand that you are hurt as the love of your life got married to your own elder sister after making you dream about him. But what shocked me more is the fact that our Khushi too married him and that like that, when she very well knows that you are in love with him. Moreover she had not only betrayed you but also Dhruv. I am not able to digest the fact that both Arnav and Khushi did something like this. They have made a wretched knot in all other relations just to get married with each other. And if they are willing to get married then what’s the need of geeting married while eloping? They could have married when Maaji had asked them to. Today I really felt ashamed to even call Khushi as my own daughter.”


Hearing her mother say such cruel words for her sister and her love she was just breaking down more and more. She wanted to scream and tell her mother that it is not them but her who is behind all this fiasco. But she didn’t as she got a bit selfish. Currently no one is trying to understand her grief and pain, no one is lending her shoulder to cry her heart out. And now when her mother has put her hand over her head to console her she don’t want to lose it too, so she stayed quite knowing well that this time too she is wrong not the other way like her mother is thinking.




Khushi was sitting on the bed in Arnav’s room which was now her room too; though it is hers only for coming six months. After which once again the storm will come and changes everything. She doesn’t know why her devimaiya is taking their exam. An exam where they have only tears to give and collect; where no happiness is permitted to enter; where everyone is getting hurt for one or other reason. She closed her eyes and tear trickle down her cheeks and soon all the events starts flashing before her eyes making her cry even more harder.




Khushi reached outside the temple where Arnav had asked her to come, confused on her own that why had he asked her to come at devimaiya’s temple. But when she reached there she saw Arnav along with Dhruv already present there and waiting for her.

“Arnav why had you called me here?” she asked confused.



“Be patient khushi,” he said like an enthusiastic child at which she got more confused and look towards Dhruv who just shrugged his shoulder indicating that he too is unaware of anything making her scrunch her brows and then looking towards Arnav she asked “Now stop talking like this and come to the point Arnav. Why have you called us here?”



“Ofo! You guys will never let me be happy.”



“Oh! bro please… here we are dying in tension due to that idiot…”



“Dhruv….” said Khushi showing her big eyes to him making him shut.



“Oops sorry yaar, I just forget that you can’t bear someone saying her anything whether she is right or wrong.”



Hearing this Khushi was going to argue back when Arnav intervened in between asking them to stop their fight and listen to them.



“Listen guys… I have a plan by which our problem can be solved,” said Arnav.



“What is it?” said both Dhruv and Khushi in unison.



“Elope and get married.”



“WHAT?” shouted both in unison giving him the best murderous glare anyone could give.



“Are you out of your mind Arnav. Here I am not even wants to marry you and you are saying that I get married to you after eloping from house.”



“Bro what is it? You know that I love her, then how can you say something like this?” he asked hugging Khushi possessively while Arnav just want to bang his head in the wall.



“At least first hear me out guys before making your own assumptions.”



“Okay… Tell us what you were saying?” asked Khushi.



“See Sakshi want me and Khushi to marry,” he said at which duo nodded their head in affirmative, while he continues “And we all know her, if she has decided something then no one can change her decision. Although we all had tried our best, but fail miserably in it. So now the last option is my marriage with Khushi, which neither me wants and nor her. So as a last resort I had come to a conclusion that marriage will surely take place- but not mine, instead you and Khushi will marry each other (he said pointing towards Dhruv and Khushi) and along with god I too will be a witnessed to it. And then in front of family me and Khushi will behave as a married couple for the next six months and make them believe that we both are not compatible with each other. And after six months we will get married to our love..oops… I mean I will get married to Sakshi as you guys are already married.”



Hearing him says all that both of them became statue. Shock was an understatement for both Khushi and Dhruv.


PART- 12


Flashback continues-


“See Sakshi want me and Khushi to marry,” he said at which duo nodded their head in affirmative, while he continues “And we all know her, if she has decided something then no one can change her decision. Although we all had tried our best, but fail miserably in it. So now the last option is my marriage with Khushi, which neither me wants and nor her. So as a last resort I had come to a conclusion that marriage will surely take place- but not mine, instead you and Khushi will marry each other (he said pointing towards Dhruv and Khushi) and along with god I too will be a witnessed to it. And then in front of family me and Khushi will behave as a married couple for the next six months and make them believe that we both are not compatible with each other. And after six months we will get married to our love..oops… I mean I will get married to Sakshi as you guys are already married.”



Hearing him says all that both of them became statue. Shock was an understatement for both Khushi and Dhruv. Both of them were shocked to even imagine the implication of his words. Never ever in their wildest dream they both of them had thought about it.



“Bro you know what you are saying?” asked Dhruv apprehensive that he really heard that coming from his bro.






“But bro…”



“I know that it’s not right Dhruv. But do you think that I will ask you for this if we have any other option- No Dhruv; never- I will never ever go for it. But you have to understand that currently we don’t have any choice other than this. And this is the last way out of all this mess which Sakshi has created.”



“I agree to you bro but still it’s not right. I mean I don’t feel right about this.”



“So me marrying Khushi is right?” he asked a bit angrily at which Dhruv nodded in negative. “Then this is the last option and we had to opt it anyhow. I know our parents will be a bit angry after knowing the truth but I think they will understand once they knew the reason behind all this.”



“Okay bro as you wish. I will marry Khushi but what will you tell family members that why we get married in a hurry?”



“We will not tell them about anything.”



“What???? You are joking bro; right?”



“No; I am not.”



“But Why bro? After marriage we can tell everyone about the same and once this marriage is done then Sakshi has no other way then to get herself married to you.”



“And you think it will happened. Dhruv I think you knew her and her stubbornness; and then also you think that she will agree. No- never Dhruv. In fact if she got to know about your and Khushi’s marriage then none of us knew what she will do. You knew she is just like that. She wants every damn thing according to her wish and by any chance it didn’t happened her way then she will turn the whole world upside down.”



“But bro after my marriage with Khushi she can’t do much with this marriage fiasco.”



“Yes she can’t do much with this but still we don’t know what she will do. You remember in school times once she want to be the fairy; but that part was given to Khushi to enact in the drama then what she did to stop Khushi from becoming fairy.”



“Yes bro; How can I forget that she literally tear her dress to stop her from becoming fairy.”



“Hmm… And that’s why I am saying not to go against her or else god only knows what will happened?”



“Then what’s your plan?” asked Dhruv.



“Simple; in reality you will get married to Khushi but in front of elders me and Khushi will act as a couple for next six months and show them that we are not compatible with each other and then after Sakshi will be satisfied we will reveal the truth.”



“But bro it will not go down well with others.”



“I know but soon they will understand why we did? What we did?”



“Hmmm… You are right and I am in for it bro;” he said with a small smile etched on his face which soon wiped of hearing Khushi’s reply.



“But I don’t agree with you guys;” said Khushi looking towards them with narrowed eyes.



“But Why yaar?” asked Dhruv not able to understand that why is she rejecting such a brilliant idea.



“Because I can’t play with the feelings of so many people just for this stupid plan of yours.”



“I know its stupid yaar but we don’t have any other option;” said Arnav earnestly in order to convince him.



“Whatever? I am not gonna make a mockery out of such a pious relation.”



Hearing her say that Dhruv move towards her and cupping her face asked “Khushi just tell me that don’t you want to marry me?”



“I do Dhruv… I really do.”


“Then what’s wrong in this? We both are getting married yaar.”



“Everything is wrong Dhruv- every single thing. Is marriage just some play for you guys?” she asked with a mocking tone.



“No Khushi- never. How can you even think like that;” said Arnav not understanding that why is Khushi reacting like this.



“You guys are making me think like that;” she said with hurt visible in her voice.



“But what had we said that you are reacting like this?” asked Dhruv not understanding even a single thing.



“Now that also I have to mention. Okay; then hear- Marriage is a sacred relation which bound two people together for the entire life with each other.”



“Yes Khushi I know and that’s the reason I want you and Dhruv to get married;” he said looking confused not understanding that where he went wrong in all this; that now she is denying to marry Dhruv.



“But a marriage can’t be completed properly till we got elder’s blessings.”



“But it is not possible Khushi; at least not now;” said Dhruv.



“I know and that’s why I agreed to you but then marrying you and pretending to be Arnav’s wife is not my morals. So no I just can’t do this;” she said flatly.



“Khushi please understand that we are not doing all this as per our choice; instead we are doing this because it’s the need of time.”



“I don’t know anything. I just know that I can’t marry Dhruv and then at the same time pretend to be married to you Arnav. And it’s my final decision.”



“But Khushi…” before Dhruv can even try to convince her Arnav cut him off in middle and said “Then we have only one last way to sort this out.”



“And what’s that?” asked an impatient Dhruv.



“Ugh! It’s that we will remove the real marriage and will stuck with the fake marriage part. Though I was happy with the former idea but as we can see that Khushi is not at all ready to abide it. So we will go with the later one.”



Though Khushi was still reluctant to follow this fake marriage drama too, because somewhere she also knew that all this will only give hurt and pain to all family members. But this time Arnav and Dhruv convinced her after a lot of hard work and big speech. And so finally it was decided that Khushi and Arnav will act as married couple who never leave a chance to fight and taunt each other. So that they can make everyone realize that both of them are not made for each other. Though Khushi didn’t like all this but she knew that she don’t have any better option than this so finally she relented for the same.



“But what about the contract guys?” asked Dhruv still apprehensive about the idea.


“Which contract are you talking about Dhruv?” asked Arnav.



“Six month contract marriage bro.”



“OMG! How can I forget such a trivial issue? This is the reason why we have to fake so much,” said Arnav thinking deeply.



“So what we will do now?” asked Dhruv looking towards Arnav, wishing that this time too he will come up with some brilliant idea.



“There is nothing to be worried,” said Khushi,



“What?” both asked in unison.



“That we will sign this contract marriage.”



“Khushi have you gone mad?” asked Dhruv.



“We guys are standing here to solve this matter but you are making it more complicated,” spoke Arnav.



“See guys just by signing a contract me and Arnav can’t become husband and wife. As for all other people we already got married so that simply means that we are not bound to each other wither with nuptial knot or sacred vows. And this contract will give me a right to live in Arnav’s room for coming six months, otherwise you know I just can’t abide Sakshi’s conditions in any way,” she tell them her point of view.



At which they both first looked at her and then at each other silently conversing about her only. Both of them knew how traditional Khushi is by heart. She can never go against her traditions and morals. They also knew that taking this decision is also not easy for her, but she took this knowing that only this can give them much needed relief from Sakshi’s irrelevant demand and stubbornness. So they both enter in this six months contract marriage.





Khushi was so much lost in the past events which took place few hours back that she failed to notice Arnav’s presence in the room.


As soon as Arnav came out of bathroom wiping his face; he saw Khushi sitting on the bed lost in her own thoughts while tears were continuously trickling from her hazel eyes. Seeing her in such a state he felt a pang in his heart; but he too is helpless because of the situation. Slowly he move towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder making her jerk back in the real world and she immediately wipe her tears so as to hide it from him unaware that he had already seen her salty tears.


“Khushi I know it’s not easy for you and believe me if we had any other option then I too never opted such a plan; but we were helpless that time.”


“I know Arnav; and that’s the reason I too had relented for it.”


“Then why are you crying now?”


“Because our family is angry on us Arnav. Haven’t you seen how Aarav uncle slapped you, and dad- he is also way too much angry on me and that’s the reason he didn’t even try to talk me. I know their anger is justified but still it is hurting me Arnav. It’s hurting a big time.”


“I know Khushi that it hurts; but then how can you forget that they too are hurt because of our fake marriage as they had not expected it from both of us. Moreover they think that we had cheated Dhruv and Sakshi because no one knew about Sakshi’s condition of our marriage. So it’s but natural Khushi that they will behave like this. Give them some time and I am sure that everything will fall back in its place.”


“Hope so Arnav but then what will happen when they will come to know about this fake marriage?” she asked scared of their reactions.


“Let the time decide the same; and as of now get change and then sleep; as it’s quite late now.”


“But I don’t bring my dresses with me.”


“Not to worry; I had already texted Sakshi to brought your necessary items.”


At the same time someone knocked the door and when Arnav opened the door then he saw Sakshi standing there with a suitcase in her hand which probably had Khushi’s clothes.


“Ugh! Vo… Actually you asked me to bring di’s stuff. So here it is;” she said forwarding the suitcase to him which he readily took from her hand and then asked Khushi to took her clothes and freshen up. After she left for changing, Arnav look towards Sakshi who was still standing there with pained expression and moist eyes. But today it didn’t affect Arnav; may be because he is way too much angry on her silly demands.


“ASR vo…”


“Please Sakshi you have done whatever you could. Now it’s all depends upon us three. So now let us live the way we wanted to. And yaa if you have forget then let me remind you that it’s my first wedding night with my wife so please excuse us;” hearing him say that Sakshi ran out of there crying while Arnav closed the door and gulped his own emotions knowing well that he had hurt her but he just can’t help it, as he was too angry seeing her in front of him as it make him remember that he had to fake his marriage with Khushi and then gulping his own emotions he took out the quilt from the cupboard and placed it on recliner along with the pillow. He was just adjusting them on recliner when Khushi came out after changing in her tweety night suit.


“What are you doing Arnav?” she asked.


“Making myself comfortable on the recliner;” he said settling himself on the recliner.


“That I can see Arnav; but why?”


“Ugh! Because we can’t sleep together on the bed so I have decided that i will sleep on recliner and you will sleep on the bed.”


“No;” shrieked Khushi making Arnav startled.


“Now what happened to you Khushi?” he asked.


“Ugh! Arnav this recliner is too small to fit you. So you sleep on the bed and I will sleep here;” she said pointing towards recliner.


“What? Have you gone mad? No way- I will not let you sleep on recliner and hence it’s decided that you will sleep on bed and me on recliner.”


“No I will sleep on recliner Arnav.”
















“Yipeee… I win;” she said jumping in the air like a kid while he smiles at her antics and then said “Okay let us agreed on it that we both will sleep on recliner by turn.”


At this she thought for some time and then nodded her head like an obedient child and then finally they call it a night. Though sleep was miles away from their eyes but still they tried to sleep because they knew that next day they again have to face every one in the home with thousands of question in their eyes for which they don’t have any answers.



Sunrays were peeping inside the room making Khushi squirm in her sleep and a few minutes later she opened her eyes and look around her and upon seeing the unfamiliar surrounding sat upright on the bed only to realize that today she is not in her room instead she is in Arnav’s room in Raizada Mansion which coincidentally is her room too, though only for the coming six months. But by this no one can deny the fact that now this room belongs to her as much as to Arnav. And thus she looks around to see Arnav sleeping on the recliner in an uncomfortable position which immediately makes her guilty as to how can she forget that Arnav is too long to sleep on the recliner.



“Hey devimaiya! How can I forget such an important thing and let him sleep on the recliner. Here I was sleeping cozily while draping the blanket around me while Arnav must be struggling whole night to even get an ounce of sleep. Jhalli Khushi…” But then her eyes landed on his face and she giggled seeing him sleeping with partly open mouth.



Hearing the giggling sound Arnav too wakeup with his ruffled hairs and the first thing he uttered is “What the?” seeing two big hazel eyes staring at her which reminds him that now Khushi is his six months legally contracted wife.



“Khushi, why are you staring at me like this?” he asked in his husky voice while slightly rubbing his eyes.



Hearing him asking her makes her laugh aloud and then pulling his cheeks and pinching his nose she said “Actually today my Tuffan Mail Express is looking too cute while sleeping with slightly ruffled hairs and partly open mouth just like a kid. I never knew that you look so innocent while sleeping but when awake you are just like a real storm- my Tuffan Mail Express.”



(Guys if you forget than let me remind you that Khushi used to call Arnav as Tuffan Mail Express while Arnav called Khushi as Mirchi . It’s the nick name they have given to each other which only they used, that too only whenever they feel like it.)



“It is because you never slept with me earlier.”



His response was too spontaneous, that he didn’t realized till he let the words out from his mouth. If it was earlier then both of them must have make fun of it, but today the case is different and the dynamics of their relationship too has changed, which had led to an awkward silence in the room. Not able to bear this silence anymore Khushi left to washroom taking her dress while Arnav sighed with relief and sat on the bed thinking something deeply. But his stance broke when he heard khushi calling him from inside making him frown.



“Arnav… Arnav are you inside?” she asked.



“Yes Khushi, any prob…” But before he could complete his sentence he was shocked at what he heard next.


“Then go outside the room.”



 At which he could only say “What the?”



“Not What the Arnav. Get out of the room now,” said Khushi from inside.



“Why would I go outside from my own room,” frustrated at the way Khushi just ordered him to go outside the room.



“Because I have to change my dress which I can’t do in front of you. Moreover this room is mine too from now till the contract gets over. So you have to do what I will say, now go fast or I am coming outside,” she said first in attitude while later in threatening tone and soon heard the creaking voice of opening and closing of door. And soon come out of the room, immediately bolted the door from inside and got dress up in few minutes in a baby pink colour suit, applied kohl to her hazel eyes giving them a perfect look which can drown anyone inside it and then applied strawberry gloss to her plump pink lips. After which she took a pinch of vermilion  and applied it in her parting while few tears trickle down her cheeks which she soon wiped off and then after looking at herself for one last time she move to open the door.



As soon as she opens the door she saw Arnav took a deep sigh and immediately enters inside and said “Thank god you open the door. I was feeling really awkward standing like an idiot in front of my own room,” he must have continue with his blabbering if he didn’t heard her sweet voice laced with pain which make him stopped abruptly.



“You wouldn’t have to stand outside the room if it was Sakshi in my place,” she said



At this Arnav placed his index finger on her lips quieting her and make her sit on the bed while he himself sat beside her and then said “Shhh…. You don’t have to feel guilty Khushi. Nothing is happening due to you. It was Sakshi’s stubbornness which lead all four of us to this place. But today I want something from you Khushi, will you give it to me?” he asked her sincierely and she can see that there was a hope in his eyes. Hope that she will not deny him and thus she too nodded her head in yes telling him to go ahead and ask her whatever he want and she will give it to him if she can.



“What you want Arnav?”



“I just want my Mirchi back, not this sad, emotional and cry one but the tikhi (spicy) one,” he said innocently while few more tears trickled down Khushi’s cheeks hearing his demand.



“Arnav you…”



At this he wiped her tears and said “No Khushi, today Arnav is not asking anything form his Khushi. In fact today your Tuffan Mail Express is asking his Mirchi to be back to him. I don’t want this awkwardness between us, it suffocates me. I want to be with you like before. Will I not get my friend, my childhood buddy, my Mirchi, my Khushi back?”



At this Khushi nodded in affirmative and hugged him tightly, letting out all her pain which she was hiding from the time Shyam kidnapped her. Both were letting the other person to heal their wounds and sooth their pain.



After a few minutes both of them parted and smiled at each other while Arnav wiped the tears which were descending from her hazel eyes. This time there was no awkwardness in the air only understanding was there.



“Khushi, you go down I will join you soon after freshening up,” he said at which she nodded and left for downsatairs, while Arnav closed his eyes and took a deep sigh of relief and a smile automatically formed on his lips realizing that today finally he found his Mirchi back which he thought he lost in all this and soon went inside the bathroom to get fresh.



Unknown to him he was referring Khushi as his again and again. Neither of them notice this but above in the heavens devimaiya was smiling with satisfaction seeing this little exchange between the duo.



Here when Khushi come downstairs she saw Ratri preparing for puja which makes Khushi remembers how she used to help her mother too in all this and automatically she move towards the temple area but before she could enter there Ratri saw her but ignore her which makes Khushi sad. After sometime all of them sat for having breakfast, but there was only silence. To break the silence Subhadra intervene.



“I know Arvind , Ratri and Dhruv that you guys are disappointed due to this sudden marriage of Arnav and Khushi. But I guess it was their fate which at last bind them together. I know the way both eloped and get married is quite disappointing but now we can’t undo anything so I will wish everyone present here to accept it and move on without keeping any grudges for each other. I hope you guys will respect my words and will behave like earlier.”



Though both ratri and Arvind were disappointed with Arnav and Khushi’s decision but they also knew that now nothing can be changed and they have to accept it so they nodded thei head while Dhruv was staring at his daadi intently knowing well that somewhere his daadi is responsible for filling Sakshi’s mind with these negative thoughts. But he too nodded showing that he has also accepted her decision so that no one can get even a whiff of their plan.



After having his breakfast Dhruv excuses himself and went out straight to Singhania Mansion knowing well that there too the environment will be same. He greeted both Raj and Priya and then somehow convince them to forget and forgive Arnav and Khushi and accept them whole heartedly. Though in start they were reluctant but later they gave in when Sakshi too plead them for the same and left from there. Dhruv too turn to leave when Sakshi call him from behind.






At which Dhruv turn and nodded her to continue what she want to say.



“Dhruv I want to talk to Arnav once. Will you help me to meet him,” she pleaded but Dhruv didn’t give any heed to it.



“It’s your matter, so it will be better that you will sort it out on your own,” he said barely surpressing his anger.



“Dhruv please help me buddy. Already Arnav is not talking with me and now you too are behaving like this…”



But before she could complete her sentence Dhruv cut her and said “See Sakshi after whatever you had done in your stubbornness, I don’t wanna talk to you let alone consider you my friend,” saying this he left from there while tears started trickling down Sakshi’s cheeks. But not only her there was one more pair of eyes which were moist who later texted someone and went away from there.






After twenty minutes in a park



  “Khushi why had you called me here? Anything to worry for? Does anyone got to know about the truth behind this marriage? Tell me naa Khushi? Why are you standing so quiet?” asked an impatient Dhruv.



“Oho! Calm down Dhruv and I will say you anything only and only if you stop your blabbering and give me a chance to speak.”



“Oops… Sorry,” he said smiling sheepishly.



“Hmm… to first of all don’t panic unnecessarily because no one knew the truth, but your this dumbass behavior will not let it be hidden for a long time. So, Dhruv stop behaving like this, otherwise everyone will smell the cat. Okay,” she asked at which he nodded his head in affirmative like an obedient child which brings a small smile on her face, but soon she shrugged it off turning serious and then continued “And I have asked you to meet me here as I have to talk to you something important.”



“What?” he asked.



“Dhruv I want you to give me something. Will you?” she asked at which he nodded and then said “Anything for you Khushi.”



“Dhruv, Today I want a promise from you.”



“What promise dear?”



“A promise that you will be like a shadow for my Sakshi and protect and guide her till all this get over,” she said with moist eyes while Dhruv was stunned to hear her demand or the promise which will not give anything to her but to the girl who is responsible for today’s sorrowful condition of everybody including her too.


PART- 14

“A promise that you will be like a shadow for my Sakshi and protect and guide her till all this get over,” she said with moist eyes while Dhruv was stunned to hear her demand or the promise which will not give anything to her but to the girl who is responsible for today’s sorrowful condition of everybody including her too.



“Khushi after whatever Sakshi has done still you want me to be with her. You know just by seeing her I remember what insensitive decision she has took in her insecurity and still you want me to be on her side.



“Yes Dhruv, I want you to be by her side because I know that she needs us. Arnav is not ready to even listen about her let alone be with her and I too can’t be her side otherwise everyone will start doubting on us. So now it’s you who have to be on her side now.”






“I know that you are angry on her and to be honest I too am angry on her but that doesn’t mean that I will forget that she is my younger sister who is all alone and is in need of a shoulder to cry her heart out. Moreover I know that it’s her childishness and insecurities which have led her to this otherwise she wouldn’t have even think about this. Please Dhruv if not for her than for me,” she pleade.



“Okay Khushi, no need of pleading to me. But do remember that I am doing it all only for you and not for her,” said Dhruv at which Khushi nodded happily and they both hug each other.






Here Subhadra Raizada was sitting in armchair with closed eyes and was thinking deeply about all the recent happenings. Never had she thought that Arnav and Khushi will marry like this but they did shocking and upsetting all the family members. Though a part of her is happy but at the same time another part is not, reason because she had seen the hurt look on the face of Sakshi and the forlorn and wary look of Dhruv. She knew this marriage is not out of happiness and along with it she also knew that somewhere she is responsible for whatever is happening currently in the life of her children and that’s the reason when she saw Arvind and Priya trying to avoid both Arnav and Khushi she intervene and make them realize that been angry will not let them go anywhere and they too accepted it knowing well that it’s called fate. Now another task was to make Raj and Priya agreed on same and she was thinking how to put it in front of them especially Priya knowing well that Priya is way too angry on Khushi currently only to realize that everything has already been sorted out by none other than Dhruv and Sakshi. Sakshi she can understand, but Dhruv trying to help in mending their relation is what caught her attention. Isn’t he should be the one upset from both of them upon getting married because of Sakshi. As much as she knew it was him who was totally against this marriage and to stop this marriage he has gone to the extent of threatening Sakshi, but now suddenly what happened that he is behaving normal with all this. This is what nagging her from the time she had come back from Singhania Mansion. She don’t know what is going in his or anyone else mind and that is what scaring the hell out of her. Now seeing both of them married she only got that devimaiya too wants them to be together and this marriage has the blessing of devimaiya itself but still her fear regarding their future is not subsiding and thus she decided to meet the only person who can’t only give answers to all her questions but also whose blessings will be like a boon to both of her children.








As soon as Khushi enters in Arnav or say their room she saw him sitting on the recliner while his head leaning on the back and eyes closed. To make him aware of his presence she clear her throat at which Arnav open his eyes to see Khushi standing there unsure and looking at him. Seeing her unsure he gave her a small smile which meant that he is allright at which Khushi nodded her head and move forward towards him waiting for him to ask about her whereabouts earlier but nothing of that sort happened as he busied himself in his laptop. Sighing she sat beside him like always reminding herself the morning conversation they had about not changing themselves just due to change in their relationships. Her this gesture was not gone unnoticed by Arnav too and he gives her a small smile acknowledging it and appreciating the way she not only heard him but also trying to work on it because he knew this is much needed for them as they have to stay with each other for next six months and for that they have to be themselves with each other to avoid any more complications in their already complicated lives. But his chain of thoughts broke when Khushi speak to him.



“Arnav don’t you want to know Where was I till now?” asked Khushi.



“No Khushi, not at all because I knew that if it’s important than you will let me know. I trust you my Mirchi,” he said pinching her nose. And his statement instantly broke a wide smile on Khushi’s face and then she said “Arnav I was with Dhruv. You know we can’t meet here because if anybody see us talking then they will start doubting and too many questions will be raised for which we don’t have any answer.That’s why only….”



Before she could even complete her sentence Arnav placed his index finger on her warm lips to prevent her from further speaking and then stare in her eyes for few seconds at which Khushi lowered her lashes making him realize what he was doing. Embarrassed on himself he quickly remove his finger from her lips and then taking a deep breath said “Khushi you don’t have to explain me that why it was neede for you to meet him outside the boundaries of our mansion. I understand. Now you can explain the second part of your story a bit,” he said winking at her making her widen her eyes and hitting on his chest she said “Nothing as such you are thinking Arnav.”



“What I am thinking Khushi?” he said holding his laughter and making a sober face. At this Khushi looked at him and narrowed her eyes and said “Are you making fun of me?”



“Is it required?” he asked at which she huffed and puffed and starts hitting his chest while Arnav was laughing and trying to stop her from hitting him. And after few good minutes he was successful in it too and then holding his ear showing a puppy face mumbled a sorry which instantly melted her and she lightly slap him on his shoulder and then turning serious she said “Arnav I was with Dhruv to talk about Sakshi.”



Hearing him talk about Sakshi he looks towards her but didn’t utter a word as if asking her to continue and taking it as a cue she continued “Arnav I know that in her insecurities Sakshi has taken a wrong decision and I too am angry on her just like you and Dhruv. But at the same time I knew that she need our support in such a crucial time because I am afraid that once again she will took some wrong step which I don’t want. We can’t be with her otherwise someone will get suspicious about us. Hence I have asked Dhruv to be by her side.”



After saying it she look towards him to gauge his reaction but there was not even a single reaction which made her disappointed and before she could tell him anything more Hari prakash came there to inform that daadi had summoned both of them in her room which make them tensed and they immediately left towards her room forgetting about everything else.



As soon as they enter in daadi’s room they saw her waiting for them and upon seeing both of them she gestured them to sit and then said “As now bothbof you guys are married so I think that now both of you should get blessings from Guruji.”


“Guruji?” asked Khushi.



“Yes Guruji dear. Every bride of Raizada took the blessings from Guruji and his blessings are considered as a boon. So get ready because we will be leaving to meet him.”



At which both of them nodded and left from their towards their rom.






As soon as trio reached guruji daadi bend down a touch his feets on which he opened his eyes and give his blessings to her.



“Guruji he is my grandchild Arnav and she is his wife Khushi. Their marriage has happened in such a rush and circumstances that I couldn’t tell you earlier and that’s why I have brought them here because I am worried for their future. Guruji they are the same children about whom you have told earlier that they are bounded with each other. So now please give them your blessings;” she said while nudging the duo to take the blessings from Guruji which they readily did. While Guruji after giving blessings to them, kept looking at the duo making them uncomfortable in his gaze because to them it feels as if he is x-raying them. And then after a few good minutes he spoke something which none of them ever expected.



“How much you may try you can’t deny the fact that you two are bound with each other. The play you have started will only end with devimaiya’s wish. You can fool everyone but neither her and nor your destiny. Subhadra no need to worry for them as deviamiya’s blessing are already with both of them. Though there will be hard time but at the end everything will be fine and peaceful with love spreading its wings in your house,” he said with a small smile making Subhadra content but leaving two poor souls in extreme fear.



They have known and heard about his powers from daadi but never ever in their dream they have thought that he will see behind the facade of their happy married couple but the question was how? Other than the trio no one knew about their contract marriage. But his words were clear enough to let them know that he knew the truth, if not fully then he have at least an inclination about the same. But what feared them more was the way he spoke later about the future of their relation which not only shocked but confused them too.




They have known and heard about guruji’s powers from daadi but never ever in their dream they have thought that he will see behind the facade of their happy married couple but the question was how? Other than the trio no one knew about their contract marriage. But his words were clear enough to let them know that he knew the truth, if not fully then he have at least an inclination about the same. But what feared them more was the way he spoke later about the future of their relation which not only shocked but confused them too.



Seeing them so confused guruji smile and then said “We always think that we will live our life as per our wish but in reality it’s not so. Many a times circumstances make us do what we have never ever thought even in the wildest dream just because it’s not our but her wish,” he said pointing towards devimaiya’s idol.



“Always remember my child that if things are working out as per our wish then it’s good but if it’s not then it’s for the best because it means that things are working out as per devimaiya’s wish. Subhadra you go back and just relax because she will make everything right,” saying this he again closed his eyes while trio left from there back to home. While two were sitting there as totally confused soul the other one was sitting being contended by guruji’s words. After reaching home Arnav and Khushi both left towards their room while Subhadra left towards the temple area to thanks her devimaiya.






Here Dhruv enters in Singhania Mansion and move towards Priya, after greeting her he asked “Aunty you call me?”



“Oh! Dhruv dear you came. Yes son I have called you actually I need to talk to you something important or you can say that I am asking a favor from you.”



“Oh! Please aunty you need not to. Just command me and I will oblidged it anyhow,” he said smilingly.



“Dhruv after Arnav and Khushi’s marriage Shakshi is totally broken. Whole day she stays inside the room either staring out of window or their photos. I can’t see her like this. For you and Sakshi I have forgiven both of them but now I want my other daughter to come out of her grief because you too are suffering from same. So please be with her,” she said with expectant eyes.



While Dhruv’s blood was boiling hearing about the girl being sympathized who has been the reason of everyone’s hurt and pain. How ironical the person who is not at fault is getting hatred while the one who in reality is the reason of all the mess is getting sympathy from all. If it’s in his hand then till now he would have slapped her hard for her foolishness or would have told the truth but he can’t… he just can’t. And so he control himself for the sake of Khushi and the promise he has given her and after assuring aunty that he will deal with it he left towards her room.






“I don’t know what you have planned for my all children devimaiya. But I do know that it’s your wish that Arnav and Khushi are together. Though after hearing guruji’s words I have this nagging feeling that things are not what they seems to be but then his last sentence has filled a new energy and hope in her that their relation will stand the turbulent times. But this doesn’t mean that I will sit and watch the things happening on their own, No- never. In fact now I will make sure that you guys will see where your heart lies.”






Dhruv enters inside Sakshi’s room and saw her standing near window looking outside and having both Arnav and Khushi’s photos in her hand.



“Why shedding these tears when you are the one who is reson behind them?” he asked not able to hold himself anymore.



Hearing him Sakshi jerk out of her thoughts and after wiping her damp eyes look towards her and said “Yes, you are right but what to do Dhruv if still I am not able to hold myself back.”



“Oh! Is it? Or you just want to gain sympathy from all the family members,” he said holding her shoulders while jerking back and continued “My bro and Khushi got married without their will just for your stubbornness Sakshi. Everyone in the family thinks that they both become selfish and snatch our- especially yours happiness when in reality it is the other way round. And here to add more to their miseries you locked yourself in the four walls of your room making everyone out there believe that it’s all because of both of them. Why are you doing this Sakshi? Why now?”



“I don’t want them to sympathies me Dhruv I don’t because I know that it’s all due to me. But does it mean that I can’t even cry.”



“Cry for what Sakshi? Everything is happening as per your wish,” he said sarcastically.



“Yep, you are right. But do you think that I am happy for all this. You know Dhruv how much possessive I am about ASR. But still I opt for it Dhruv. It’s not easy to see the one you loved with someone else but still I go for it. I know you may think that I am stubborn or childish but I just want to be sure… sure about everything and at the same time I never wanted anyone to point out all this again. But I don’t think anyone will understand my perspective so let it be. Leave me alone on my own and go back Dhruv because for you I am just faking all this- Faking to be in love with him, faking to care for my sister, faking to have a heart and faking to be hurt with all the happenings. Right? So please go from here because I am sure you don’t want to stand with such a fake person even for a single second. Go… go away,” she jerked him back and then herself slumped down on the floor while crying her heart out for the first time after all these days.



And this was the time when Dhruv realized that she too is in pain just like the three of them. Though he still can’t forgive her for her irrational stubbornness but at the same time he can’t see her in such a vulnerable condition. So he immediately hugged her and patted her back to calm her down.



“Sakshi I still can’t forgive you for what you have done but then I can’t let you alone at a time when you too need us. After all I am your childhood friend so have to be with this stubborn princess,” he said the last line in such a way that it automatically brought a smile on Sakshi’s face who softly murmured a Thank You to him.






Both Arnav and Khushi were sitting in their room and discussing about Guruji’s words when Hari Prakash knock on their room door and let them know that Daadi have called Arnav in her room at which Arnav nodded his head in acknowledgement and Hari Prakash left back while both of them look towards each other with confusion etched all over their faces.



“Why have daadi called you Arnav?”



“Oh! Come on Khushi you are asking like I knew it. Let me first go and have a word with her only then I will know that what she is up to now?”



“Hmmm…. But I just pray that she didn’t have thought about Guruji’s words otherwise we are in a tight spot.”



“Yep, let’s see. You stay here I am coming,” saying this he left from there towards daadi’s room while leaving a worried Khushi behind him.






Its ben half an hour from the time Arnav left to talk with daadi and has still not return making Khushi all the more panic just thinking various conversations that will be taking place between them. She was sitting worriedly in the room thinking about all this when she saw Arnav entering inside with a tensed look on his face making her frown. Slowly she stands up from her place and asked him “Arnav what happened? Why are you looking so tensed?”


Hearing her say that Arnav look towards her and then before telling her anything he closed the door so that no one could hear him and then holding her hand he make her sit on the bed and started narrating the whole event as to how their family wants them to get married again in front of them.


“What?” was the only thing Khushi could mutter at that time.


“Yes Khushi”


“But this can’t be possible Arnav. You know that our marriage is just for the sake to show daadi that whatever she thought about us is not right.”


“I know Khushi and like you I too was stunned thinking the same.”


“Then what will we do now? We can’t marry…”


“I know Khushi and that’s why I straightly rejected their proposal telling that just to not get involve in all these rituals we got married like this and now you want us to do the same which is so not going to happen.”


“Thank God!!!” said Khushi taking a sigh of relief which was short lived hearing Arnav’s next words.




“But What Arnav?”


“Actually Khushi… woh…”


“Don’t Khushi me Arnav and just spit it out,” she said annoyingly.


“Khushi, daadi along with other elders got ready to not conduct another marriage for us but now they want to hold a reception party so that they can announce that the elder son of Raizada family is no more a bachelor.”


“What?” was the only thing she could utter after hearing him said that.

PART- 16


“Khushi, daadi along with other elders got ready to not conduct another marriage for us but now they want to hold a reception party so that they can announce that the elder son of Raizada family is no more a bachelor.”


“What?” was the only thing she could utter after hearing him said that.


“Yes Khushi”


“I can’t believe it how can they even think about it?”


“Khushi they must have some dreams for our marriage but as it doesn’t go according to their wishes so now they are throwing this reception.”


“But Arnav this way all will come to know about our marriage which meant nothing to us and when we will part our ways then,” choke Khushi not able to say anymore while tears brimmed in her eyes.


Arnav wiped her tears and said “I know Khushi… I know… and this is what making me worried. I don’t know how to convince them to stop all this. I am feeling helpless Khushi and I hate Sakshi for making me this helpless. I just hate her for putting all of us from this ordeal.”


Hearing him say that Khushi instantly jerk her head towards him and upon seeing him gritting his teeth she sighed knowing well that it’s not his hatred for her but the frustration, frustration of being helpless, frustration of not able to do anything. She smiled at this and patted his shoulder “Arnav I know you don’t hate her but yes at the same time you are angry on her for putting you in such a condition where you are feeling helpless.”




“No Arnav… don’t…. you needn’t say a word to me because your silence gives away everything. I know that more than her you are angry on yourself for not able to find a solution of it. You are feeling yourself guilty because it was you who came up with this idea of fake marriage.”


Hearing her say all what his heart is feeling at this moment tears slide down his cheek which she soon wiped off.


“No Arnav… don’t cry… You know that these tears don’t suit to my Tuffan Mail Express who is always ready to fight for right. It is looking like you are someone else,” she said pouting and making him look in her eyes and then cupping his face added “And yes don’t think yourself as guilty as you are not.”




“Shhh…,” she said placing her index finger on his lips and then looking in his honey orbs she said “I agree Arnav that it was you who thought about this fake marriage but don’t forget that both I and Dhruv agreed with you. Moreover it’s me who come up with this idea of six months of contract marriage. So, if you are at fault then I along with Dhruv are also at fault.”


“No, you guys are not Khushi.”


“And why so?”


“Because it was I who even think about such a stupid idea at first place.”


“Whatever Arnav? But you should not forget that a committing doing crime or the one helping him both are equally faulty. So, that means that we all are partner in crime and dare you think yourself guilty,” she said pointing her index finger at him and automatically a smile crept on his face.


“Okay baba… I agreed with you,” he said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and then said “But about all the mess? How we will we convince all? And if by any chance we couldn’t then…”


“Don’t panic Arnav because it will not give you anything rather than stress and headache. So, drink some water,” she said handing him a glass full of water which he immediately gulps down and then putting the empty glass on bedside he again look towards her as if indicating her to continue at which she gave him a small smile and said “Now leaving all tensions and with a cool and calm mind think about the ways to escape the situation as I am sure that we will definitely find a way out of it.”


At which he nodded at her and sat on the recliner and started thinking seriously while Khushi too started thinking of ways to get rid of all this marriage and reception fiasco.




Subhadra was sitting in her armchair and resting when someone knocks the door and she asked the person to come inside while she herself straighten up and she saw Ratri coming there.


“Arey Ratri bahu, You here?”


“Jee Maaji..”


“What happened bahu?”


“Maaji wohh…”


“Yes dear…”


“Maaji actually I was thinking to give these khandaani bangles to Khushi bahu. Afterall it is her right. And what will be the best occasion to gift her this then this reception party?”




“What happened maaji? What are you thinking?”


“Nothing bahu… You go and prepare for all this. My head is aching so I am going to take some rest.”


“Maaji why haven’t you tell me before. I will give you a head message.”


“Not required bahuriya…. Just some proper sleep will be sufficient for me. You go and prepare for the reception.”


“Jee…” saying this ratri left from there while Subhadra closed her eyes and whispers.


“Why I am not feeling peace? Though after hearing guruji’s words too I am not able to feel that happiness as if I something is lacking, something is missing. When all things are happening according to my wish, then also why there is this restlessness in me which is saying that it is not what it seems to be. Hey Devimaiya! Always keep your blessings with my family.”




Sakshi was sitting in her room when Dhruv barged in her room shouting her name.


“What? Why are you shouting like a mad person?” asked Sakshi looking at him.


“When I will tell you what I just heard then you too will react same.”


“Oh really, then I am eager to know what is it?” she asked crossing her arms across her chest.


“Well, I just heard Mom and Priya aunty talking.”


“So what’s a big deal in it?” she asked raising her eyebrow.


“Well Miss ‘I am the only intelligent’ would you please hear me out first.”


“Oh! Okay, continue.”


“Well they are discussing aboutBro and Khushi’s reception.”


“What? But how can it be Dhruv? This means that everyone would come to know about ASR and di’s marriage. Hell…” said Sakshi thoroughly annoyed with the way things are going on.


“I know Sakshi but there is no other option as none of the family member is relenting to their pleas. And now they have left with no other option but to go with it,” said Dhruv.


“But this will only complicate the situation all the more. Because when after few months they will get divorced and we all will marry the one we wants to be with at that time this news will be like a spice to all the paparazzi.”


“Hmmm… You are right Sakshi but what to do as no other option seems available as of now.”


At which Sakshi too nodded and after few minutes she shrieked with happiness.


“Dhruv I have an idea.”


“What?” asked Dhruv excitedly.


“As daadi said earlier they both should get married again,” she said while Dhruv look at her as if she has grown two horns on her head.


“Okay, don’t look at me like this, first hear me out. See both of them are already married and so it doesn’t matter whether they married once or twice because at the end of the day they will part away. And we can make this marriage ceremony as private where no one other than our family members are allowed. In this way our families too will be satisfied while we don’t have to worry about other people getting to know about this marriage issue. What say?” she concluded but only to earn a glare from Dhruv.


“What? Now why are you glaring at me like this?”


“So what do you think I should do? Oh! I guess you want me to do your puja,” he said sarcastically.


“Dhruv why are you being sarcastic now?”


“When you are acting like a foolish girl then what do you expect from me?” he asked annoyingly.


“Now what did I do?”


“Wrong question dear. You should ask me what you didn’t do.”


“Okay, what I didn’t do?” she asked innocently while Dhruv just roll his eyes.


“Argh! Where have you make me landed Khushi’s devimaiya?” he murmurs looking upward and then turn to Sakshi and said “Yaar I have a doubt that whether you even knew your sister or not?”


“What kind of question is it? Of course I know her” she asked.


“Well the question was very simple but I don’t think that you satisfy it.”


“What do you mean by it?” she asked feeling offended.


“Well Sakshi if you have known your sister than you must have known that how much she believes in traditions?”


“Yes, I do.”


“Then how can you say them to get married,” he asked a little angrily.


“Wait a minute Dhruv. You just said how can I ask them to get married but aren’t they already married or is it that you all are fooling me?” she asked looking straight in her eyes but  Dhruv’s breath hitched.


‘Oh no things are turning differently,’ he thought and then said “No Sakshi, no one is playing any game with you.”




“Well as Khushi believes in all rituals so bro and Khushi have not opt for traditional marriage but for the legal one,” he said closing his eyes.


“Oh! What?” she could only mutter this.


Initially she had thought that they will go for a simple marriage which will be very easy to break but now hearing from Dhruv that they have opt for the legal one broke her, but she still didn’t let tears escape from her eyes because somewhere deep down in her heart she knew that all this is happening because of her only. Though she is sad for the legal aspect for their marriage but then she is happy too. Happy for the fact that her sister hadn’t compromise with her morals. Happy that her sister will not be alone because she had got both gems with her- Dhruv and her ASR. But, then the problem remains same, neither they can go for marriage nor for reception.


“Now, what next?” she asked at which he shrugged his shoulder.


“No idea.”


“Have you talk with di or ASR?”




And they both sat on the bed trying to find a way to come out with this mess.




Khushi was pacing up and down in the room while Arnav was still sitting on the recliner thinking deeply for a solution but to no avail.


While pacing Khushi look towards Arnav and immediately a smile crept on her rose like petals when she find Arnav scrunching his brows while rubbing his temple. Well he looks cute- she thought and then smack her own head thinking that at this difficult condition he is busy in reading her buddy- her Tuffan mail Express. But it is not hard to guess what he is feeling or thinking. For she knew him in and out and can read his face like an open book. And why not? They have been best buddy all their life. Though they are in relationship with different person but at the same time no one can deny the fact that both of them hold a different place in each other hearts and life where no one can reach. It’s true that neither of them have feelings for each other because they are just like two different people who are pales apart. They are just like chalk and cheese always ready to fight with each other. It was their favourite time pass- to annoy each other but at the same time if anyone else try to bully any of them then the other one would not leave that person. Her thoughts got halted hearing Arnav’s voice who was looking at her amusedly.


“What are you thinking my Tikhi Mirchi that you are smiling?”


“Wohhh… Nothing Arnav…”


“Really?” he asked coming close to her while she cutely nodded.


“You know Mirchi that you can’t lie to me so care to tell?” he asked again with a glint in his eyes which tell that if you are not going to tell me now then I have my own ways.


“Okay, I was just remembering some old good days,” she said at which he hummed and then ask “have you got any idea till now?”


“No, and you?” she asked at which he too nodded in negative and then both sighed not knowing what to do anymore to stop this reception.

PART- 17


All the elders of both the families were sitting in the lounge and were discussing about the reception when Arvind saw Raj’s pale face and asked “What happened Raj? Are you not happy with this reception?”


Hearing Arvind saying that everyone stop talking and look towards Raj to know the same and upon seeing everyone looking towards Raj fumbled “Ugh! Nothing like that,” he managed to say.


“Oh come on Raj speak up. I know you from a long time and just by seeing your face I can say that you are upset about something, so speak up man,” said Arvind.


“Ugh! What to tell Arvind? I am just upset about this marriage only.”


“But Why Raj dear? I agree that the way they married was not right but now we are throwing this grand reception party regarding the same,” said Subhadra.


“This is why I am not liking it.”


“Please Raj not now,” said Priya trying to tell him that it’s not the right time. But this time he doesn’t stop and said “No Priya it is the only time. I have said earlier to you too and now I am saying it in front of all that I am not happy with this marriage.”


“Why son?” asked Subhadra not knowing where this conversation is heading to.


“Because this is not the future I have thought for my daughter.”


“So you want to say that you never wanted to get them married or you don’t see Arnav as your son-in-law? Or is it due to Sakshi?” she asked.


“Neither Sakshi nor Arnav has to do anything about all this. It’s just Khushi is still studying and all this…. I just don’t know how all these things will be going to affect her life.”


“Why are you worrying so much on this Raj? It is not like we are going to stop her studies and all,” said Subhadra feeling offended.


“No maaji, I never meant that.”




“Maaji, I understand that she will still continue her studies. But it’s just that studying and being handling her other duties is just not making sense to me.”


“Ofo! Raj dear you are just exaggerating it. No one is going to pressurise her. So there is nothing to worry,” said Subhadra trying to calm him when all of them heard a melodious voice making them turned towards the source of voice and saw Khushi standing there along with Arnav, Dhruv and Sakshi.


“No daadi, dad is absolutely correct about all this,’ she said making the elders sitting their worried.


“What are you saying Khushi?” asked Priya.


“Mom, I don’t want this reception to be held now.”


“But Why dear?” asked Ratri.




“KHUSHI… Now I am your mom so call me the same,” said Ratri a bit angrily, cutting her off in the middle at which she nodded like a kid.


“Ugh! Sorry mom,” she said cutely at which Ratri wasn’t able to resist her smile and nodded her head in yes while Khushi too give her a dazzling smile.


“So mom I was saying that I don’t want to keep any reception party. Not only me but Arnav too,” she said and then elbowed him who also nodded his head in affirmative.


“What is this Khushi? First you guys married in a haste, then when we asked you to marry again in front of all of us you straight away denied and now when we accepted your that wish and settled on your reception then now too you have problem with it,” snapped Subhadra making Khushi taken aback but soon she regains her composure and said “Daadi am not against you and neither I am saying to cancel the reception party.”


“I am not understanding what you want Khushi?”


“Its simple daadi I just want you to postpone it for some time,” she said.


“But what’s the need of it Khushi?” asked Ratri.


“It is mom. Mom I don’t want that anyone in my college get to know about us, at least not now.”


“But Why? You guys are married so what’s wrong in it?” asked Subhadra.


“Nothing is wrong in it daadi. It is just that after getting this information everyone will get something to gossip on. And this will start irritating all of us by their silly questions which will divert our attention and we will not be able to concentrate on our studies.”


“So whose fault in it? It was you guys who got married without letting anyone know and that too in such a hurry, and now when we elders are trying to undo the damage which you guys had done you are just being stubborn,” snapped Priya at her while seeing the angry and accusing glares of her mother tears filled in Khushi’s eyes.


“Priya it’s not the time to talk about all this,” said raj but was cut off by Priya who said “Why? What they think of themselves? They have done enough till now but now I am not going to listen to any of their demands. This reception will take place whether you want it or not.”


Seeing her mother getting stubborn and not ready to back-off Sakshi came forward and said “No mom, it is not.”


“What are you saying Sakshi?” asked Priya confusedly not understanding why she is siding them.


“You heard it right mom, this reception is not taking place as of now because I totally agree with di,” she said while all the elders looked at her in shock except one.


“I am also with you,” said Raj patting her shoulders.


“But it is not right son,” tried Subhadra but to no avail.


“No maaji…. This time you have to agree with us,” he said.


“But it is wrong Raj. They have already married and now the society must know that they belongs to each other. And if they have so many problems with each and every thing which declares them together then why have you guys married that too in such a hurry?” she asked a little angrily.


Hearing her angry voice every single soul present there got startled not knowing what to reply her when Arnav’s voice boomed in the hall.


“It’s because of you daadi. It’s all because of you,” he snapped angrily. He has been a silent spectator till now thinking that Khushi will be able to sort this out without him being indulging in the conversation, but now seeing where all this is turning up he had to intervene. Moreover today he wanted to give a reality check to his grandmother who has just stuck to a promise which has been take and given in the past and which kept no importance today in anyone’s life. Though he don’t want to be disrespectful towards his granny, but at the same time it is also truth that now he wants everyone to stop pointing their fingers at them when they are equally at fault, if not more. And today is the day when he not only can make them understand that it’s not them but situations which lead them to take such a drastic step in their life, so what if it will not be a full truth. And along with it he knew he will be able to postpone this reception which their families are eagerly looking forward for. Soon he broke out of his stance hearing the next words of his father.


“ARNAV!!!! Is this a way to talk to your own grandmother?”


At this Arnav looks down nodding a no and said “Sorry daadi, my intention was not to hurt you.”


“It doesn’t matter anymore Arnav that what your intention was? The thing which matter is that first time ever in our house someone has speak so rudely to their elder. And what makes me regret it is the fact that it’s you Arnav- the one whom I thought can never do any mistake is doing one after one so many mistakes that I am falling short off my patience now,” said Arvind with hurt clearly visible not only on his face but also in his tone and this made Arnav terrible. He has never wanted to hurt his family even in his dreams but time and again he is the reason they are hurting though unintentionally yet it can’t reduce the pain they have been inflicted due to the mess their life has become due to someone’s stubbornness and someone’s stupid belief- he thought but was soon brought back to reality by his grandmother’s next set of words.


“No Arvind let him speak his heart out today, because keeping things with oneself only makes relationships worsen and I don’t want it,” she said and then turning towards Arnav continued “Tell what is in your heart without any fear.”


“Daadi I don’t want to hurt you or anyone else from the family. You know I respect all of you, but I am really sorry if still my words hurt you. And about the reason that why I blamed you then it’s because all this is happening is somewhere due to you. It was you daadi who wants that I and Khushi got married. In spite of us denying it and telling you that we don’t want it you were behind us telling about the promise which was given and taken in the past. You just wanted to see our marriage so that the promise will be fulfilled and that’s why we took such a rash decision which I know has hurts all of you. I am not saying that whatever we did is correct but then at that time nothing was making sense to us and we did what we felt was right as we have seen mom-dad being helpless as neither they can go against you and nor they wanted us to tie in a relation which we never want for ourselves. I understand that you guys want to let the whole world know about our marriage but we are not ready for it. You all know that this is not a love marriage so we need some time and I think that this will be the best for us. In 4-5 months both of us will graduate and then we ourselves will announce the same and till then we will try to find that love and understanding in our relations. Daadi we did what you have wanted us to do, now please don’t pressurise us anymore and for once agree to our wish,” he said and look around the hall to see everyone has tears in their eyes while silence was prevailing in the room which was broken by Raj.


“I agree with you both my child. Maaji please let them do what they wanted to do. Your wish to get Khushi as the elder bride of Raizada’s is already fulfilled, so now please agree to them.”


And every person present in the hall agree to Raj’s words, and after thinking for a while Subhadra too nodded her head making everyone smile but then she put forward a condition making all the four youngsters of the house scared.


“I agree to both of you and I assure you that neither marriage nor reception will take place now, but…”


“But what daadi?” asked an anxious Dhruv.


“But after both of them graduated I want a lavish wedding of them and this time no more excuses,” she said at which both Arnav and Khushi shared a worried glance but knowing that there is no escape this time they nodded and after once again asking sorry for the hurtful words they left from their happily.




As soon as they enter inside the room Arnav gives a small smile to Khushi while she reciprocated it with a huge smile on her rosy lips and said “I still can’t believe that we are successful in postponing this reception and this all because of you Arnav.”


“Because of me? How?”


“Well It was you who convinced all of them you silly,” she exclaimed in excitement.


“Hmmm… You are right but part of it goes to you too dear. Moreover if we have to thank someone then it must be Dhruv because he was the mastermind behind this idea,” said Arnav at which Khushi nodded grinning happily when they saw Dhruv entering the room with a small smile on his lips.


As soon as Khushi saw him entering she hugs him in her sheer excitement and said “Thank you! Thank you so much Dhruv. You know you are the best.”


After a few minute when they parted from the hug Dhruv look in her eyes and said “Anything for your happiness. But as of now I want to tell you something.”


“What?” she asked.


“Ummm…. It was not my idea.”




“Well, It was Sakshi’s idea,” he said this time looking towards Arnav who was till now just reeling the fact that this marriage or reception has been postponed. But as soon as he heard him said that it was all Sakshi’s plan his head snap up while Khushi’s eyes widen and they both look towards the door from where Sakshi was entering inside hesitatingly.


  1. Its proved I am INTELLIGENT 😀 😂
    whatever I guessed was right 😉
    Dhruv and Khushi to get married – this was the actual plan 😊
    N ArShi are Not married at all- change in plan. 😜
    Sakshi is a psycho kya – Jo kuch bhi kqr Sakti hai. N selfish bhi 😒
    This Guruji is something Han… Get to know everything by just looking at them 😲
    N this Dadi is not some emotional Fool… She is so rational.. Listen each word with full concentration n ponder over that later. 🙅

    Always remember my child that if things are working out as per our wish then it’s good but if it’s not then it’s for the best because it means that things are working out as per devimaiya’s wish.– I loved it 🙆

    I just hate sakshi PERIOD… I don't even want to give the reason 😠

    Even I was thinking what will they do to stop the reception
    N my mind blowing idea was the will say WE HAVE ALREADY PLANNED OUR HONEYMOON 😂
    My plan was more roma😍
    Uh Hu sakshi has come kabaab me hadhi 😔
    Plz plz start ArShi's Love Story soonwa

  2. Hehehe…… Don't worry her love story will start but usse phle Tin ka tadka bhi to lagega naa yaar…. 😉
    Abhi to bahut saare aise moments aayenge jaha vo hoga jo tumne socha nahi hoga…
    U want Arshi… And u will get them but not before drama….
    Every Arshi moment will have a drama with it 😉 🙂

  3. Uff!! How many twists!! Daadi is smart…she is suspecting some fishy business. Hope all this chaos is sorted and a different kind of chaos starts…involving ArShi ofcourse!! 😉
    Much love,

  4. I am so glad Dhruv-Khushi did not marry. Phew 🤗
    Daadu is very smart and guruji is super smart. Please start some Arshi romance soon.
    And I have nothing against Dhruv and Sakshi too. Please let them get their share of happiness too with each other.
    I thought Daadi wanted both couples to be together. So, why isn't anybody talking about Dhruv & Sakshi after Arshi got married?

  5. i always dont like sakshi for her selfish reason…
    and insecure feeling…

    that is why she is going to lose arnav..

    Great little flash back with the story…



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