PART- 32


Dhruv came in the park and sat on the bench which looked more like that the boys had lifted it from a downtown bus-stop but still it was imposing as if it’s a throne rather the casual seat of the park.

Lost in his own thoughts he look ahead not knowing where life is leading him.


‘Currently my life has become a just like blizzard where there is no way to know which direction to go. Everything seems like a mess which I am not able to gather together and that is what is scaring me. Because I’m scared… scared to face the very truth which I’d forgotten… down the lane. No, it doesn’t means that I don’t trust my brother, Khushi or Sakshi. No… Never…. But then the fear of losing my love isn’t something which I can ignore just like that, that too when I don’t know that the girl in question have such strong feelings for him or not. Yes, he Dhruv Raizada still doesn’t know whether his girlfriend Khushi Singhania loves him or not,’ sighing he closed his eyes remembering the day when he had proposed her.


  It was Valentine day when Khushi came in college in her red anarkali suit with her hair left open with a simple diamond pendent adoring her neck, everyone gaped at her as she was really looking like an angel descended from the heaven. Oh! How everyone wish to ask her out but then they knew better than to do that stupidity which will cost them a black sullen bumpy eye.
  Khushi happily went ahead and looked here and there to locate her sister only to find him standing with Arnav, his hand holding her waist while she leaning on his shoulder.
  “Perfect!” she murmurs and look around to locate the other Raizada brother, but upon not able to find him even after a few good minutes she move towards Trisha, one of her buddy. But even before she could reach her a spotlight fall on her and her eyes widen seeing Dhruv kneeling in front of her with a red rose in his hand making her gasp in astonishment.
“Khushi! I don’t know what you feel for me. But all I know is that you’re always on my mind and all the time I keep thinking about you. I want to spend my life with you, to walk beside you, to be with you all my life. Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked now extending the red flower towards her waiting with bated breath for her response while on the other hand saying that Khushi was shocked would be an understatement. Hell! Not even in her wildest dream she’d thought that someone will propose her and that person being Dhruv is an add-on on it.
  “Dhruv! I… I think you should stand up first. It’s not looking nice that you’re kneeling in front of me. See everyone is looking towards us,” she said a bit embarrassed at the turn of unexpected events.
  “Not until you answer me Khushi,” he said with a wink leaving her mortified.
  “Dhruv! Please buddy! It’s embarrassing,” looking at the people whom sole focus has turned towards them.
  “What? Getting proposed is embarrassing? Are you kidding me?” he asked looking at her amusedly.
  “Dhruv!” she whined.
  “Don’t you love me?” he asked at which she looks down not knowing what to say. She likes him, yes she does as her friend, as her buddy but love? Does she love him? She doesn’t know and seeing him proposing her in front of all is just not helping her.
  At the same time Arnav and Sakshi too came up-to them and Arnav looking towards his brother said “Khushi! That’s not fair you see. You can’t make a Raizada sits on his knee for so long. Tell him what you feel for him.”
  Not knowing what to say Khushi look towards where Dhruv was sitting on his knees. Not wanting to make him embarrassed she hesitantly accepted his flowers with a small smile but didn’t utter a word making him suspicious.
  “Wow! I can’t believe di. Now you’re also not single. Just like me and ASR now you both are official couple,” clapping her hands in excitement Sakshi said hugging her sister.
  Standing up Dhruv looked towards a fidgety Khushi and said “Ugh! Guys I think me and Khushi should go out. Umm! I mean…”
  “It’s okay! It’s okay! No need to elaborate. We know it all. Go and enjoy,” he said winking at his brother and left from there with Sakshi.
  “Umm! Khushi Let’s go,” he said looking towards Khushi who was shifting on her legs at which she nodded and they both came out of the college.
  As soon as they came out Dhruv took her towards a secluded corner and asked “You don’t love me Khushi. Do you?”
  “Ugh! I… Dhruv… I…”
  “Truth Khushi,” he asked.
  “I don’t know,” she said with her lowered eyes. Taking a pregnant pause she further added “I don’t know if I love you or not. I do like you Dhruv as a friend I do. But love? I don’t know about it. Never thought like that for you. You understand. Don’t you?” she asked not wanting to hurt him.
  “Shh! It’s okay. Calm down,” he said hugging her lightly.
  Parting from the hug he cupped her face and said “It’s okay Khushi, if you don’t love me then we would just go and let everybody know about the same. Don’t worry. And it’s not your but my fault to propose you in front of everyone like that. But don’t worry I’ll make everything fine,” saying this with a heavy-heart he was about to move away when Khushi hold his hand stopping him making him look towards her.
  “I… I don’t know what I feel for you Dhruv and it’s the truth and I’m really sorry for not having the same feelings what you’ve for me but… but I want to give it a chance for you Dhruv. Make me fall in love with you. Would you?’ she asked at which he happily nodded.
  “But are you sure? I don’t want to compel you,” he said.
  “For my friend, yes I’m. And you’re not forcing me Dhruv, it is my decision,” she said with a small smile while he immediately hugged her.





Dhruv came out of his thoughts with moist eyes and murmurs “That day you’ve given my love a new lease of life Khushi. Even after not having the same feelings for me you’ve accepted me and had given our relationship a chance, but now the fear of losing you is once again creeping inside my heart. It’s not like our relationship has made no advancement, it did we have been closed than what we’d earlier. Giving a peck to each other is also normal now, but then still there is something amiss. Maybe because she had never said those three precious words to me or maybe because even after covering this small distance sometimes he feels that she isn’t able to connect her heart with me. Maybe it’s just my fear or maybe not,” sighing he looked at his clasped hands and felt the sadness creeping inside him once again. He do believe her but then looking at the recent turn of events, he isn’t able to say anything. He don’t want to lose his love but at the same time he wants her happiness and he just wished her happiness lies in him and only him.







The flight landed in Mumbai and both of them came out of it. Khushi was so excited that she wasn’t able to wait to grab the suitcases and zoom out in the film city. Gradually people started to steer their trolleys, laden with cases, back out through the crowd and that’s when Arnav catch the sight of conveyor belt. Upon finding their cases Arnav took them out and put them in the trolley and started moving back through the crowd.


As they move forward they saw a person with thick brown hair standing there holding a board reading ‘Mr.  & Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada’ probably from the hotel which Arnav’s granny had booked for them. Sharing a knowing look among themselves they move towards that person.


Reaching near him they let him know that they’re the same person he is waiting for and then they move towards the sparkling-clean white car. Opening the boot he first placed the case in it and then after closing it he ushers both Arnav and Khushi on to the wrinkly beige leather seats.


As the engine starts and the car turns on road traffic wound down its way like a great angry snake. Khushi gazed out of the car window, past the hurdles of numerous car and over the horizon to find the flock of tiny birds flying towards their destination. Looking towards Arnav she said “It feels so lovely to be out of that mess even if for short. Isn’t it?”


“Hmm!” he hummed leaning his head on the headrest and closing his eyes taking a deep breath feeling really relaxed after so long.


‘Maybe Khushi wasn’t entirely wrong. Maybe they really needed this short break to break free from all the chaos they’ve been from long,’ he thought while Khushi smiles out of satisfaction to find him relaxed.


After a drive of almost twenty minutes their care stretched in front of the five-star hotel while the chauffer opened the gate for them. Taking their luggage they entered inside the magnificent and classy hotel lobby through the twin pristine doors with golden handles engraved with elegant swirls and designs. The floor was tiled in fine marble, which made their every step to echo. The chandelier hanging in the middle of the domed ceiling was giving an exotic view to the lobby. Exquisite paintings hung from the rich, red walls.


Reaching near the reception Arnav gives his sexy smile making the receptionist blush. Battling her eyelashes she said “How may I help you sir?”


“A room had been booked on the name of Mr.  & Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada,” he enquired at which the receptionist looked at his side to find Khushi standing there in all her glory. Though she knew that his lady is too beautiful to be ignored but still she feels envious that she couldn’t get a hand on such a handsome and sexy Richie-Rich.


Sighing she looked in her computer to check the records and after a minute she looks up with a small smile and said “Yes sir! The presidential suite has been booked under your name,” saying this she handed them the key while they left from there towards their room.


Entering inside the room both of them stood gaping at the decorations.


“What the? Who did this all?” he asked confused.


“Sir it’s for you and mam,” the room service man said smilingly.


“Huh! Okay! Okay! You keep these luggage here and leave,” saying this he gives a two-thousand-rupee note to him while he left from there happily.


“Gosh! Can’t believe granny will do all this,” saying this he bolted the door not wanting anyone else to see this decorated room.


“Hmm! You know I think that receptionist must be feeling so jealous that’s why she said presidential suite instead of presidential honeymoon suite,” saying this Khushi started giggling while Arnav frown.


“Oh hello! Here I’m worried about the mess granny is creating even staying in Delhi and here you’re behaving as if nothing has happened.”


“And what has really happened?” she asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.


“Khushi! I don’t think it’s the time for joke,” he said rubbing his finger on his forehead.


“And Arnav I also don’t think it’s the time to sulk around for all this.”


“What do you mean by all this?” he asked not understanding how she can take all this so lightly.


“Oho! Dumbo! One should be worried for things which he hadn’t expected but not for the things which he had expected and so here I’m- cool and chirpy,” she said with a wink.


“You mean to say?”


“Of-course! I exactly mean to say the thing which you’re thinking now. But then what can I expect from you? Okay, tell me one thing what’d you expected from granny? That she’ll just sit down after sending us here thinking that everything is fine or will be fine? If so then you’re highly mistaken my Tuffan Mail. Hell! We both knew the real reason of her sending us here and now that we’re here she’ll keep on doing something or the other to keep us together or better say bring us together.”


“Oh! So now what?” he asked confused.


“Nothing much. Let her do what she want and we’ll do what we want to, means exploring this filmistaan. And regarding granny’s ploy, then we’ll see to it once we reached back. But yeas, there is one thing we have to do now,” she said with a wink.


“What” he asked.


“Clean this decorated mess,” she said giggling while Arnav too joined her saying “Well! I’m not a fan of cleaning the things myself you know so…” he trailed off while Khushi pinched his cheeks and said “Oley mela buddy! Don’t worry! Even if you’re not a fan I’ll make you one for today,” saying this she laughed aloud while Arnav pouted his face.


!!!Happy Dhanteras friends!!!


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    • Thanks dearie…. Yepp…. They’re going to play along but what this playing will lead to…. Time will only tell this 😉

  2. Lovely update.. dadi is not leaving ArShi on their own.. good.. so Dhruv is worried while I feel Khushi is still not in deep relation with him.. no worries for that now.. enjoy ArShi have good time.. loved the update.

  3. Awesome update..
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    • That’s how the reality comes… sometimes what we mistake as true love is just friendship while the one we think as friendship is in reality our true love 🙂

    • Yupp… you’re correct and now time has come for them to realize their true emotions… let’s see how will they realize the same 🙂


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