PART- 31

  “Shit!” Arnav cursed himself for that stupid plan of his due to which they’ve landed in a more-bigger problem than before. Khushi was right, granny is not the one to get convinced so easily. But then, he too can’t step back. He had to foil her plans anyhow.
  “Granny! What’s the need of it? I mean see, no one knows about our relation and due to this if anyone could get to know then it’ll be a big problem. Moreover, we’ve our studies too,” Arnav said desperately trying to change her decision. But, he forget that he is talking to none other than Subhadra Raizada who’ll do as she has decided.
  “Arnav! First of all you’ll not be in Delhi but Mumbai, second thing you’ve to do as I’ve decided. No changes in it.”
  “Daadi I agree that bro and Khushi will be in Mumbai but there’ll be clients and all so…” Dhuv tried to say but was cut in the mid by his grand-mother who said “It’s you guys who want to hide it so it’s upto you how’ll you manage it. But it’s final that Arnav and Khushi are going Mumbai for a week and nothing is going to change it,” saying this in a stern voice she left from there leaving four shocked and baffled people behind her.
  Not understanding what to do Khushi look towards her and Arnav’s parents who give them a ‘We-can’t-do-anything’ look and left from there.
  “Hell! What’ll we do now?” Arnav asked raking his fingers from his already gelled hairs.
  “Nothing! We’ll have to do as granny had said,” Khushi said disappointed at the turn of events.
  “I can’t believe granny had forced you guys,” Sakshi said not understanding what to do next.
  “Well! If you can force us to do something which we don’t want to do then why not granny?” Arnav asked sarcastically.
  “Arnav!” Khushi said, placing her hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.
  But he jerk away her hand saying “Don’t Arnav me now!” and saying this he left from there while Sakshi’s eyes got moist.
  Not liking the teary eyes of her younger sister Khushi move towards her to console her but before that Sakshi left from there.
Sighing she look towards Dhruv and said “I know Dhruv that time is testing all of us. And thus we need to become each other’s pillar of strength,” saying this she gestured him to be with Sakshi which he obliged but not before saying “Take care of yourself and bro!”
  As soon as Dhruv left, Khushi move towards their room, only to find him sitting on the bed with his head in his hand. Knowing well that he is disturbed after granny’s sudden decision she said placing her hand on his shoulder.
  “Arnav! I know it’s difficult for us, but it’s difficult for them too.”
  At this Arnav look towards her confusedly not understanding what she is saying.
  Like understanding his confusion Khushi said “Arnav as much as it is difficult for us to cope, similarly it is difficult for Dhruv and Sakshi to cope up with all this.”
  “I know! I know! I know Arnav that you’re angry on Sakshi to put us all in such a situation. But let bygones be bygones Arnav, because there is no use to cry on the spilt milk.”
  “But I can’t Khushi. It’s all because of her. We were so happy but now see for yourself what she had done in her insecurities.”
  “We can’t change our past Arnav, what was to happen had already happened so why to think over it?” Khushi asked cupping his face.
  “Then what should I do?” he asked confused not understanding where all this is leading to.
  “As of now we’d to go with the flow,” she said combing his hairs backward with her slender fingers which were falling on his forehead.
 “Means?” he asked putting his hand over hers.
    At this she smiled and said “Well! My Tuffan Mail Express as you’ve heard what granny had said so you must know that we’ve no other choice, so we should start packing otherwise god knows she’ll put another condition this time making us land in a bigger mess.”
  “Hmm! I think you’re right my Tikhi Mirchi. But dear why’d not you tried to oppose her strongly?” he asked thinking that maybe if Khushi did it then things wouldn’t have gone so far.
  “Well! You did tried but what’s the outcome? Moreover, Arnav you know granny, she never listen to other and will do what she think is right.”
  “Hmm! Right Mirchi! That’s why today we’re in this mess.”
  “Leave it now and start packing,” saying this she stood up for doing the packing for their stay in Mumbai while Arnav too joined her.
  After completing their packing both came down with their suitcases to go to airport only to find their parents and granny already in the main hall waiting for them.
  “Woah! What you all doing here?” Arnav asked.
  “Of course waiting for you guys to come down so that we can drop you to airport,” said Arvind.
  “What? No way dad! We’re no more kids that you guys will drop us till airport.”
  “Well! I know that. But still…”
  “Oh! Come on dad! It’s not like we’re going for like forever. It’s just a week and we’ll be back,” Arnav said shrugging his shoulders while elders nodded at this and then taking their blessings duo moved out towards where their car was standing while their servant loaded their bags in the back-side and after soon the car zoomed out of the Raizada Mansion.
  As soon as the car move out of the mansion Arnav took a deep breath and took out his phone and started scrolling something in it that was when Khushi saw him.
  “Arnav! What’re you doing?” she asked.
  “Well! Trying to get through Dhruv to let him know about our whereabouts.”
  “And what he’ll do after he gets to know it?” Khushi asking making him shrug his shoulder.
  “Ah! Well! Maybe they can come to see us at Airport.”
  “Not possible!”
  “You know that they’re in college which is just opposite so even if they try to reach, they’ll not meet us because by that time we’ll be off to Mumbai.”
  “Ugh! Yes! I think you’re right. So what to do now?”
 “Nothing as of now. When we’ll be ready to take off just text him,” she said at which he nodded.
  “Dhruv! What happened? Why’ve you dragged me here?” Sakshi asked confused as to why Dhruv has brought her in Canteen as soon as their lecture finished.
  “Well! It’s urgent.”
  “And what’s that?”
  “Umm! Bro and Khushi have left to Mumbai for a week.”
  “What? Come again?” Sakshi asked shocked at what she’d just heard.
  “Well! You heard me right. They’re off to Mumbai.”
  “Oh god! Means granny managed it all. Gosh! Dhruv! We should reach airport soon,” she said trying to drag him but was stopped short when she realised Dhruv wasn’t moving, making her look towards him with a frown on her face.
  “Actually it’s not required.”
  “What do you mean by it?” Sakshi asked looking confusedly towards him.
  “Ugh! Umm! I think you didn’t heard me correctly Sakshi. They’re already off to Mumbai. Bro texted me, just a few minute before their flight took off.”
  “But why would ASR do so? I mean, why would he left without meeting us?” Sakshi asked frowning.
  “Well! That only bro can tell. Umm! Sakshi you go and attend the classes,” Dhruv said and was going to turn when he felt Sakshi’s hand holding his, making him look towards her, but before he could say or ask anything to her he find a soft warm body touching his only to realize that it was Sakshi.
  “Shh! I know Dhruv it’s been tough for you, but then it’s tough for all, especially for ASR and di. But if even after all this they can pull themselves together and brace themselves for all this then why can’t we? You’ve to be strong Dhruv. You’ve to be,” she said pulling away from him hoping to make him feel better than before. She knew that he has been feeling like losing her di just because of her one decision. But now nothing can be done. So, she just thought to try and keep away from away from all these nagging thoughts.
  “Dhruv! Should we go out, if you’re not feeling like to be here?”
  “Ugh! No Sakshi! It’s just that I want to be alone for a while to sort out myself. I hope you won’t mind it.”
  “Of course not!” she assured while he just passed her a small smile and left from there.
  Sakshi looked at his retreating figure and sighed “I hope Dhruv that all this mess which I’ve created knowingly or unknowingly could sort out soon and then everyone will get their desired happiness back,” whispering this she left from there to attend her next lecture with a heavy heart.
  It’s been an hour that there plane has taken off and now they both sat in their seats comfortably. While Khushi was busy looking outside the window, Arnav was resting his head on the seat.
  After a while Khushi looked towards Arnav only to find him resting with his eyes closed, so she slowly poke on his shoulder with her index finger to see if he was really sleeping or not. And as if on a cue Arnav opened his eyes and looked towards Khushi with a raised eye-brow.
  “What happened? Why you just poked me?” he asked.
  “Well! Just like that. Wanted to see if you were really sleeping or not,” saying this she shrugged her shoulders.
  “Oh! So, I hope by now you must have realised that I wasn’t.”
  At this Khushi nodded sheepishly, but then getting serious she put her right hand on his left hand and said “Arnav! I want you to leave each and every disturbing thought of yours back in Delhi.”
  “Arnav! I know that our lives have been really messed up and this trip too is a part of it. But now I want us to forget it all and enjoy this little adventure which fortunately or unfortunately granny has thrown towards us.”
  “I’m not understanding Khushi what you want to say. Please be clear.”
  “Well! I know neither you nor I wanted this trip, but it happened. Call it our granny’s absurd demand or our unfortunate fate, but it did. And now we can’t run away from it. So why to sulk over it? I mean, we both know why granny had sent us for this Mumbai trip. And for a fact we both also knew that nothing like that will ever be going to happen, then why to sour our mood for it?”
  “So basically what you want?” Arnav asked understanding her point.
  “Well! What I want is that- rather than sulking around for things for something that’s not in our hand, why not we enjoy?”
  “I understand Khushi. But, isn’t it what she wanted from us?”
  “Oh! Come on Arnav! It’s not like she’s going to see what we guys are doing here. So chill!”
  “Ugh! Oh! Yeh! You’re right,” Arnav said scratching his head while smiling sheepishly.
  “So, it’s decided then?”
  “Yep! It’s decided,” he said winking at her making her giggle.
Precap: Okay! I wouldn’t really tell what’s coming up in next update. But I think you could guess a bit… *Wink* But then it’s not all… *Wink….Wink*
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  1. Awesome update!!! Loved it!!! I really hope this trip brings on some changes in the dynamics between arshi – in a good way of course 😀

    Thanks for the pm and please update soon!


  2. Wow loved the update and khushi is sweety not that stubborn And the most important thing….THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING Can't wait for next update

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    she change their life … and this also must start from her
    she is the key…
    Arshi going to have fun…
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