PART- 30

“What happened? Where were you lost Khushi?” asked Arnav.
  “Huh! Oh That! Actually Arnav I was just wondering that whether daadi agreed to us so easily or not? Because as far as I know her, she isn’t someone who will come under the talks of someone so easily.”
  “Hmm! That’s true. But what’s so big in it dear? I mean if not today then tomorrow she’ll have to come under our talks. And there is no choice for granny too Khushi. As her wish of seeing us together is not going to be true at least in this birth because we’re never going to fall for each other,” saying this he winked.
  “Not this but any birth Arnav because we’re just not meant for each-other.”
  “Absolutely correct! We’re not meant for each other. But now we should sleep, otherwise tomorrow Dhruv too will say the same thing when he’ll see your black-puffy, lack of sleep eyes. So sleep!” he said winking at her while he, himself move towards the recliner after taking pillow and duvet when Khushi stops him.
  “What? Why’d you stopped me?” asked Arnav.
  “You don’t need to sleep on the recliner Arnav?”
  “Then where would I? Oh no! Don’t tell me that I would’ve to sleep on the floor in my own room like those T.V. Serials. You see I’m not that humble,” he said dramatically.
  “Hello Mister! First thing I’m not telling you to sleep on the floor and second thing it’s not the male lead who sleeps on the floor but the poor female lead. Huh! At least give examples which can really justify your words,” saying this Khushi rolled her eyes.
  “Okay! But at least tell me if not on recliner or floor then where’ll I sleep? You aren’t planning to send me out of the room to show the family that we’re not able to adjust with each other?” he asked afraid of her intentions now.
  “Oye! It’s a really good idea. But as of now I’m not in a mood to execute it as it’ll be too much for our family to handle and our detective daadi will understand that it’s all a ploy so no… we’re not on with it.”
  “Then what?”
  “Arey yaar! You can sleep on the bed. So there is no need for you to sleep on that recliner.”
  “What? On the bed? With you? Are you for real?” he asked amusingly.
  “What’s so amusing in it that you’re reacting this way?” Khushi asked rolling her eyes, crossing her across her chest.
  “As a matter of fact everything! Khushi- the girl who always thinks traditionally wants to sleep with me? He asked raising his eyebrow.
  “Oye! Don’t become so dramatic. I’m telling you to sleep on the same bed with me nothing else. And yes, you’re my contracted husband so this can be done.”
  “Awe! So generous of you. But care to explain that why did you become so generous towards me?”
  “Well! Actually! I saw that your neck was paining after sleeping on recliner and if this continues then you’ll suffer more which I definitely don’t want. Moreover, both of us are long enough to be fit in this small recliner so it is better we sleep on this bed with pillows between us.”
  “Well! First time in life you’d said something right. So let’s sleep.”
  And then finally both of them were off to sleep after making a wall of pillow in between them for a sound sleep.
  While on the other hand the elder lady of the Raizada House was not at all sleepy, instead she was on call giving someone instructions about something.
  “Yes! Everything must happen as said. I don’t want any loophole in it”
  “Yes mam! Everything happened as per your wish. All the arrangements are finalised.”
  “Good!” saying this she disconnects the call with a triumphant smile.
  ‘My children! Do whatever you want but I’ll not leave you so easily believing in what you guys are trying to show us. Never forget that I’m your grand-mother. From where you guys stop thinking, from there I start thinking. So have a good night sleep because tomorrow you’ll be in for a shock,’ thinking this with a sly smile on her face Subhadra Raizada lie down on the bed and let the sleep took over her.
  It was next morning, after doing the puja everyone move towards the dine area to have their morning breakfast which was already set on the table by their servant.
  Morning breakfast was a silent affair unlike usually that too when two storms namely Arnav and Khushi are present in a single place. But on the other hand Ratri was happy as both of them have not fought like yesterday, while Subhadra Raiazada was planning waiting for the right time to execute her plan.
  After having their breakfast, they get up from their seats took the blessings of their elder and was ready to move towards the door to reach their college on time when Subhadra Raizada stopped them.
  “Arnav! Khushi! Wait my children. There is something I need to talk to both of you.”
  “Yes granny!” Arnav asked stopping in his track while Khushi and Dhruv frowned wondering why they’ve been stopped now.
  “Dhruv! My child! You can go otherwise you’ll be late for your college,” Subhadra Raizada said looking towards Dhruv.
  “No daadi! I can wait. Moreover all of us will be going together so there is no harm in it.”
  “No dear! Today Arnav and Khushi aren’t going to college.”
  “What? But why? And when did it happened?” Arnav asked confused.
  “Well! You need to go to Mumbai urgently.”
  “Mumbai! Really? Who is going to Mumbai?” asked Sakshi coming inside.
  “Sakshi you here?” Dhruv asked.
  “Have to come Dhruv when none of you came out. By the way who is going to Muumbai granny?”
  “Arnav and Khushi”
  “Me and Khushi? Ugh! Granny I’m not able to understanding anything. At first point why should I go there and then as if this was not enough that Khushi will be also accompanying me,” Arnav asked frowning.
  “Arnav! You remember that Desai Project?”
  “Yes! I do.”
  “Well! There is some problem with it so you’ve to go there.”
  “But granny dad is handling that project. Right dad?” Arnav asked his dad.
  “Ugh! Yes! It’s me who is handling that project.”
  “See!” Arnav said looking towards his granny.
  “I knows it Arnav so you don’t need to clarify it to me.”
  With a frown marring his face he asked confusedly “If it is so then why’re you sending me instead of dad?”
  “It’s because your dad is busy with some other work which is also urgent. And apart from him only you know each and every bit of this project. Moreover it’s a matter of a week only.”
  “Okay granny! I understand it. But why Khushi?”
  “She is your wife Arnav. If she’ll not accompany you then who will?”
  “I understand it. But you should also not forget that being my wife, she is also a student and she can’t just neglect it. Moreover what’ll she do there? Just get bored.”
  “What do you mean by what’ll she do there? Like you’re taking care of our business, the same way she’ll take care of you. And you’re talking as if whole year’s study will happen in this one week. Come on Arnav! It’s only a week. Moreover I thought it’ll be good for both of you as all of us had seen that this sudden marriage is taking a toll over you guys. So think it as a break from the life or a mini honeymoon as you wish and spend as much as time with each other as you can so that when you came back we’ll get to see our old Arnav-Khushi not the one we saw yesterday.”
  “Shit!” Arnav cursed himself for that stupid plan of his due to which they’ve landed in a more-bigger problem than before. Khushi was right, daadi is not the one to get convinced so easily. But then, he too can’t step back. He had to foil her plans anyhow.
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  2. Wonderful update loved it
    Dadi is too ahead from Arnav and Khushi
    Let's see what her new plan will do to them how will Arnav stop her or he had to go with Khuhsi
    Waiting for next update eagerly

  3. Nice one
    So neither arnav nor khushi have fallen yet
    They r sharing a bed but with pillows in between
    But dadi ain't giving up
    She's sending them away alone for a week
    Can't wait to see what happens
    Will arnav like khushi taking care of him something khushis sister might not do ??
    Will he be the one to slowly start changing his feelings
    I hope so fingers crossed
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  4. Dadi is doing criminal work…
    she do anything for arshi together…
    arshi friendship taking another step higher



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