PART- 29

  “By the way! I really need to change colour of these walls.”
  “Don’t ever think on these lines.”
  “Because it’s my room.”
  “Mr. Let me remind you that for next six months unfortunately it’s mine too.”
  “So what? I don’t care. But you’re not going to change the colours.”
  “Oh! I will”
  “You’ll not.”
  “I will.”
  “You’ll not.”
  “I will.”
  “You’ll not.”
  “What has happened now?” came a feminine voice and when both of them turned to see who it is they find Ratri standing at the threshold of the room with furrowed brows.
  “Mom! You here?” Arnav asked.
  “Shouldn’t I be? Countered Ratri entering inside the room.


  “No aunty…”
  At this she look towards Khushi with a stern face making her retreat giving a sheepish smile.
  “Oops! Sorry! I mean mom.”
  “Nice! But it would be good that I wouldn’t have to remind you next time,” she said with a serious tone and upon getting a positive reply she added “Now! Care to tell me that why were you both fighting like Tom and Jerry at this time. Wasn’t whatever happened earlier was enough that you guys started again?”
  “Mom! Not my fault. It’s all her fault.”
  “Oye! Don’t you dare put it all on me now.”
  Furrowing his brows he said “Why not? Humph! You think that you’ll put all blame on me Khushi and I’ll take it. No way.”
  Turning towards his mother he said “Mom see her! She has been irritating me.”
  “Oh! Hello! I’m irritating you?” she asked putting her hands on her waist.
  “Okay! Okay! Now stop it both of you. Don’t know what had entered in both of you that from morning you guys have been fighting with each-other,” Ratri said in a frustrated voice.
  “But mom!” Arnav tried to say something but Ratri didn’t let him speak.
  “Enough now. I don’t know for what both of you’ve been fighting. But all I know is that now you’ll not argue over anything. And I’m serious about it,” saying this she left from there not wanting to get a headache from their irrelevant banter.
  As soon as she left Arnav closed the door and turning towards Khushi he exclaimed in excitement “Kudos! We did it again.”
  “Yes! And this time unintentionally,” saying this she winked with a smile playing on her lips.
  “Oh yes! But that doesn’t mean that I’ll let you have an upper hand.”
  At this she raised her eye-brow and said “What do you mean by it?”
  “Well! This room will remain as it is. No changes at all,” Arnav said authoritively.
  “Gosh! Such a monotonous person you are Arnav. I really feel pity for my sister to have fallen in love with you. Like really! You are all black and white my lovely sis is like a colourful butterfly,” Khushi said twisting her lips and frowning her face.
  “Well! It’s called ASR’s charm, you see. And everyone out there falls for it,” saying this he winked.
  At this Khushi came in front of him and patting her back said “Not everyone, you idiot.”
  “Well! Mad exceptions are apart. Because they need a mad person to form a pair,” saying this he winked at her and sat on the bed.
  Pouting her face after a minute she said moving towards him “Haww! You call me and Dhruv a mad couple?”
  “Tubelight! You lit up?”
  “ARNAV!” she said a bit loud than usual. Miffed with his teasing she took the pillow from the bed and started hitting him while he ran around the room for his dear life.
  Here, Dhruv and Sakshi were sitting in Sakshi’s room doing their project work together when Sakshi saw Dhruv lost in thoughts. She tried calling him but when he didn’t responded to her she patted his shoulder bringing him out of his stupor.
  “Huh! Were you saying anything?” he asked.
  “Yes, I was. But first tell me what was you thinking?”
  “Oh! That! Nothing Sakshi.”
  “Dhruv! We’re friend right? So share it,” she asked.
  “I don’t know what to say Sakshi. I really don’t know. I know whatever bro and Khushi are doing is the need of time. But what to do Sakshi this nagging feeling isn’t letting me live in peace. I am confused Sakshi. I don’t know what to think, what to feel, how to behave. I… I just don’t know,” he said in a despair while few tears trickled down from the corner of her eyes.
  Sakshi too can feel his turmoil, after all she too is going through the same, but she can’t show her pain to anyone else because she knew it was all started because of her.
  Taking his hand in hers she said “I know its difficult Dhruv, but you also know that as of now we can’t do anything. And who knows the future Dhruv. May be everything will go as our plan. And not to forget elders always says to think positive as it will give you positive result.”
  Wiping his wet eyes he hugs her and said “Yes! You’re right Sakshi. I shouldn’t think about all these, but then what to do? All these thoughts keeps popping in my mind.”
  Parting from the hug she said “Not to worry Dhruv, just like di and ASR are supporting each other in all this. We too will do this.”
  “Promise?” Dhruv asked.
  “Promise! During this tough phase of life we both will be together just like them,” assured Sakshi and then they sealed it with a handshake and promising hug.
  When Arnav came back in his room after talking to his PA about some meeting he saw Khushi sitting on the bed with a book in her lap, chewing her pen, lost in her own thoughts.
  Wondering where she is lost he called her, but upon getting no response from her he move towards her and shook her lightly bringing her out of her stupor.
  “What happened? Where were you lost Khushi?” asked Arnav.
  “Huh! Oh That! Actually Arnav I was just wondering that whether daadi agreed to us so easily or not? Because as far as I know her, she isn’t someone who will come under the talks of someone so easily.”
  “Hmm! That’s true. But what’s so big in it dear? I mean if not today then tomorrow she’ll have to come under our talks. And there is no choice for granny too Khushi. As her wish of seeing us together is not going to be true at least in this birth because we’re never going to fall for each other,” saying this he winked.
  “Not this but any birth Arnav because we’re just not meant for each-other.”
Precap: Daadi’s plan
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  1. Loved druv sakshi scene which I was waiting for a long time. Good to see them joining hands together. Arshi think that they can never fal for each other. Not even in the any birth. Oh . waiting for them to realize that they are made for each other.


  2. Awesome update
    Four of them are believing that their wish will come true. And their wish is so much strong too. In such a case how the opposite will happen. I think dadi has idea for everything and hope her plan will succeed.

  3. Awesome update
    Still no sign of arnav n khushi falling for each other
    Although they do fight like an old married couple lol
    Dhruv worrying about what's going to happen in future n sakshi comforting him
    Looks like these two comin closer as friends
    Maybe they will end up falling first b4 arnav n khushi
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  4. Loved the update. The argument between Arnav and Khushi at the start was interesting. Khushi and her concern about Daadi is valid. Arnav just doesn't know it yet.

    Looking forward to seeing Dhruv and Sakshi growing closer. Arnav and Khushi too.

  5. Wonderful update loved it
    Arnav and ND Khushi's not joking was cute
    Khushi's concern about Dadi is valid as after all She is Dadi of all them
    Dhurv and Shakshi are supporting each other and this care and support will make them fall for each pther
    Let's what's Dadi's plan now
    Waiting for next update eagerly

  6. they are so easily around each other..
    dhrvu heavy thoughts…
    went to the feelings lick in…

    cant wait for dadi plan..



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