PART- 28




  Upon entering inside the room Subhadra closed the door and turning towards everyone she said “I know you all must be wondering what had happened to me and what I wanted to talk about?”


  “Yes maaji! You’re right,” said Ratri.



  “Hmm! I know that all of you are disheartened with whatever happened today because this had never happened before.”


  “Yes Maa! And the way Arnav behaved with Khushi just stunned me,” said Arvind.



  “Not only you but all of us and that too after a few days of their wedding,” added Raj.



  “Hmm! That’s why I had thought that we had to set things between them,” said Subhadra.




  “But Maaji!” Priya tried to say something but was stopped by Subhadra who shows her hand and said “I know that you’re thinking it’s normal and they’ll solve it themselves and I too know it but I want them to be like the one they used to be before their marriage.”



  “But how Maa?” asked Arvind.



  “Well! I think we should give them time with each other alone, especially apart from Dhruv and Sakshi.”




  “Maa you still think that…”



  “Arvind I’m not saying all this. What I’m saying is that earlier they used to think about each other differently and now that Arnav has got married to Khushi, I don’t want their past to hinder their future.”



  “But Maaji our children are big enough to know what’s wrong or right,” said Priya.



  “I know Priya dear and I’m not saying that they’ll do something wrong. All I’m saying is that the newly wedded couple should be given some time alone. Normally, after marriage, new couple goes on their honeymoon to spend some time alone and to understand each other better.”



  “But maa…”



  “Yes Raj! I know what you want to say- that our children will not agree for it. Right?” Subhadra asked.



  “Right maa!”



  “That’s why I too am not thinking in that direction but that doesn’t means that we’ll not do anything.”



  “But what maaji?” Priya asked.



  “See! Two days later it’s Holi and like always there’ll be lots of work.”



  “Yes but so what?” Arvind asked.



  “Oho! It is holi my children. And if you guys haven’t forgotten then let me remind you that Holi brings colour of love and happiness with it.”



  “Maa that’s true but what we have to do?” asked Ratri.



  “Nothing much just make sure that these two days both of them will be with each other for most of the time in one way or the other.”



  “But will it help?” Priya asked worried.



  “It’ll make sure that they resolve their difference,” she said and then muttered to herself “if they have any.”



  “Okay Maa! Done!” Raj said.



  “Good! Now go and start preparing for Holi,” Subhadra said at which all of them nodded happily and left from there.



  After all of them went out of the room Subhadra sat on the bed and murmurs “I don’t know why but I have this gut feeling that both of you’re just playing with our minds but now that you have tied yourself in this sacred relationship, I promise myself that come what may I’ll not let you both apart in any situation and will live up to this promise I made to myself.”




  Here after having their much needed talks both brothers comes back and straight away went to Arnav’s room where they knew both the girls were sitting and talking about god knows what.



  As soon as both enters the room they saw the girls sitting on the bed and talking and giggling. But upon realising their presence they look towards the door and finding them on the threshold smiles widely.



  “Why are you guys standing over there? Think it as your room guys.  Come inside and join us,” said Khushi happily.



  At this Arnav rolled his eyes and said “Oh hello drama-queen! You’re inviting me as if this is only your room. Don’t forget that this is my room too.”


  “Oh yes! How can I forget that this room is yours?” she said sarcastically pointing towards the whole room with her finger.



  “What do you mean by it?” Arnav asked moving in her direction.



“I mean what you heard dumbo. This black-white-grey colour room can only be yours,” she said making a face.



  “Don’t make that face, okay! It’s lot better than your girly pinkish colour. Ewe!”



  “What Ewe? How can you like this old film’s black and white room and hate my lovely princess room?” Khushi asked standing up and putting her hands on her petite waist.



  “The same way you bad-mouthed about my room.”



  “What? When? I only told you that the colours are too dull,” she said pointing her finger.



  “Same pinch! I also told you that your room’s colour is too girly.”



  “So what? I am a girl and that’s why it’s girly.”



  “And I’m a boy. So that’s why it’s…”



  “It’s black and white? But I never knew that black and white is boyish colour though I’ve heard that blue is boyish colour.”



  “You heard it right. And that’s why I have not kept the same colour as I’m not a boy.”



  “WHAT?” trio said aloud.



  “OMG! You’re not a boy? Oh god! I never knew that the person whom I’m befriending doesn’t thinks himself as a boy, and now I even married him too. Now what’ll happen to me?” Khushi said dramatically and thumped down on the bed while Arnav just rolled his eyes upon seeing the drama of his drama queen and said “Yes! I agree that I said I’m not a boy anymore because I think… actually no… that’s the truth that I’ve become a man instead of being a boy,” saying this he grinned proudly as if he has achieved a milestone while Khushi looked at him in disbelief.



  “Oh yes! You’ve become a man since you were sixteen or seventeen I believe because that was the time you painted the wall of this room with these dull colours,” Khushi taunted him.



  “That’s so mean of you,” Arnav said and even before Khushi could retort to it Sakshi jumped in between their conversation.



  “You both! Seriously you guys don’t need to act when both of you are fire crackers in itself.”



  “Gosh! You’re so true Sakshi. Can’t believe that you guys are fighting over the colours of the wall and this time you can’t tell that it’s a fake one because we know that it’s not,” Dhruv said.



  “And to add to it they’ve decided to fight over this issue after so many years of this colour of this room and so many days they’ve being staying over here together. Would you believe it?” Sakshi said laughing.



  “Yes! I know!” said Dhruv sighing.



  “Oh hello! Mr. Laughing Joker we’re just practicing on how to fight,” Khushi said a bit embarrassed.



  “Yes! Right! As if you’ll say and we’ll agree.”



  “But Dhruv she is saying the truth,” said Arnav.



  “Oh! Shut up! Liars!” said Sakshi and then looking towards Dhruv said “Let’s go otherwise these idiots will make us like them.”



  “Yes! You’re right,” Dhruv said and both walk out of the room while Khushi and Arnav glared at each other and then burst out laughing.



  “We both are too much Khushi,” Arnav said laughing.



  “Yes, you’re right,” Khushi too admitted having a good laugh at the same, but after a few minutes she added “By the way! I really need to change colour of these walls.”



  “Don’t ever think on these lines.”






  “Because it’s my room.”



  “Mr. Let me remind you that for next six months unfortunately it’s mine too.”



  “So what? I don’t care. But you’re not going to change the colours.”



  “Oh! I will”



  “You’ll not.”



  “I will.”



  “You’ll not.”



  “I will.”



  “You’ll not.”



  “What has happened now?” came a feminine voice and when both of them turned to see who it is they find Ratri standing at the threshold of the room with furrowed brows.



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