PART- 27


  “Awe! Sorry dear. But what to do I’d no idea that you’ll be doing this with me. Otherwise I’d have told you earlier only. I am extremely sorry for bringing tears in your eyes Khushi. But it’s all for our betterment.”



  “I understand ASR! And I’m really blessed to have gotten a wonderful friend like you,” saying this she hugged him tightly.



  Both remained in each other’s embrace for few minutes, after which she parted only to find Dhruv and Sakshi standing on the threshold of the door.



  Upon seeing them both of them stood up from bed and smiled.



  “Dhruv! Sakshi! Come inside! Why’re you standing there?” Khushi asked while both of them entered inside feeling awkward.



  “Oh! Actually! It’s just that we’re too much shocked after whatever happened downstairs so thought to come and talk to you bro and also see whether Khushi is doing alright or not,” said Dhruv looking towards Khushi who was now looking towards Arnav as if saying ‘Now-Explain-Them-All’



  “Ugh! Dhruv all I would say is that everything is alright and there is nothing to worry. We’ll talk about this tomorrow in campus. As for now you both should go and behave as if nothing has sorted between us,” Arnav replied.




  “No!” shrieked Khushi making all three of them to look towards her stupefied.



  “What?” Arnav asked raising his brow.



  “Umm! I mean Sakshi will stay with me while you go outside and yes Dhruv too will follow you making it look like he is trying to placate you. Understood?” she asked after taking a sigh of relief.



  “But what is the need of it?”Dhruv asked confused with the happenings of last few minutes.



  “Well! That you’ll know from Arnav, once you’re out of mansion. And now, both of you go away from here so that I can have my time with Sakshi,” replied Khushi gesturing them towards the door.



  Making a grumpy face Arnav left from there with Dhruv in tow while Sakshi turned towards Khushi crossing both her hands below her chest with raised eyebrow as if asking her the explanation.



  At this Khushi shook her head, move towards the door, peak outside and then sighing in relief bolted the door and came back near Sakshi with a sheepish look.



  “What?” asked Sakshi rolling her eyes upon seeing her elder sister behaving like a thief that too in her own house.



  “Oho! First sit,” Khushi said making her sit on the bed and herself too sat beside her and then taking Sakshi’s hands in hers she further said “I know that you’re confused as to what is happening. But don’t worry I’ll answer you everything,” saying this she starts narrating about Arnav’s plan and the reason behind his behaviour sometime back downstairs.



  “OMG! So all this whatever was happening downstairs was just a step towards our main goal to set back things as it was earlier,” asked a shocked Sakshi after a hiatus at which Khushi hummed in affirmative.



  “Unbelievable! Well! Have to admit di that ASR is a good actor. I mean for once I along with Dhruv too believed that he was really angry on you. That’s why we both came upstairs to see why he had behaved like that. But see here we ourselves got another shock or to say a surprise that too pleasant one,” said Sakshi winking at Khushi making her giggle.



  “Not only you all dear but I too was in for a shock because Arnav hadn’t even let me had a whip of all this and that’s why I was upset too. But now I’m really happy,” said Khushi hugging her younger sister who too reciprocated it with the same warmth.




  Here Arnav too had told everything to Dhruv who was just looking at his elder brother as if he had gone mad.



  “What?” asked Arnav.



  “You asking me that? Bro I understood everything but then, what was the need to make Khushi cry? You know that how sensitive she is towards her near and dear ones?” Dhruv asked remembering the crying face of the girl he loves.



  “I understand your point Dhruv and honestly I too can’t stand her tears,” as soon as the words came out of his mouths Dhruv lift his face to look up towards his brother who was looking ahead.



  He don’t know why but he is not liking all this. It’s not like he doesn’t trust his brother or the girl he loves. No! A big no. It’s just that he doesn’t want his granny’s words to come true. He doesn’t know why but an uncertain feeling is continuously making place in his heart even after all his attempt to ward off it making him feel helpless.



  “No Dhruv! You can’t think negative. Be positive! He is your brother who already loves someone else while the girl in question is your lady. Both of them can never even think this let alone do this,” he murmurs to himself and then give an assured smile to his brother.




  While these four were thinking of ways to untangle the already tangled relations, Subhadra Raizada was pacing in her room to and fro, trying to find ways for making the couple come close to each other.



  “I don’t know whether whatever happened downstairs is genuine or a ploy. But I’ll not let Arnav and Khushi be apart from each other. As now I know that it is god’s wish to bring them together, whatever be the medium. You may not go for a proper wedding or reception giving all those excuses but it doesn’t ends here. Because from tomorrow mission ‘Happy Forever’ starts,” whispered Subhadra to herself and then doing face-palm murmurs “Don’t waste time in thinking Subhadra, because it’s time for action.”



  With that said she walk out of the room towards the main hall where both Raizada and Singhania’s elder couple is present still musing about the change in Arnav’s behaviour.



  Upon finding them unaware about her presence Subhadra cleared her throat making all of them turn towards her and when she found everyone’s attention towards her she said “I’ve to talk to all of you something important about Arnav and Khushi, so come to my room,” saying this she left back to her room followed by all four elder members of both the families.


!!!! Guys I know it’s small but that’s what I can manage as of now…. Next update will be of GTHH (S2) depending upon the mood I’ll be having after seeing your response…. Let’s hope for the best *Winking Mischievously*



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  1. Nice update
    Khushi explaining to her sis about Arnavs plan which she was happy about
    Whilst arnav explains to his bro who wasn't happy
    Looks like shrub is seeing a change in arnav but not one he wants to see
    Oh boy dadi ain't giving up wonder what she's got planned n how it will effect our 4 especially arshi
    Looking forward to next update

  2. Now what is dadi planning to do? her mission's name is Happy Forever.. well interesting.. dadi is not giving up on these couples and their ploys… well lets see what Dadi told the parents and what will be next step of Arnav?? loved the amazing update.. 🙂

  3. As much as Subhadhra thinks it's gods wish, looks like its more of her mission…and it's success seems too far…but if and when it does, going to leave sever heartbreaks it's way. Moreover how can Arnav and Khushi let themselves to feel for the other when it will be betrayal towards the others siblings and friends.

  4. True… It's due to her that Arshi are together and it's not easy for her too make it work and at the same time it will leave the other two heartbroken….
    But that's what its all about…
    Regarding how can they feel for each other making their siblings suffer then u have to wait to know about it 😊


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