PART- 26




Khushi entered her room with her soggy eyes and thumped down on the bed remembering the argument which took place sometime before downstairs.



  How can Arnav be so harsh and rude? She had just played a small prank on him, that too for what he did with her earlier. It was just a tit-for-tat, nothing much. But the way today Arnav reacted to all this, it feels like he was taking out his angst on her for something else, which she didn’t knew.



  Moreover, it’s not the first time she is playing prank on him. Everyone here knows that this is the way she behaves, this is what she is, and Arnav too never had any problem with it. In fact, it’s he who mostly will be her target in home and still instead of getting angry he will laugh it off saying ‘That’s like my Tikhi Mirchi’



  Then what had happened today? Why had he behaved so harshly with her? What was the need to shout at her so badly that too in front of all the family members?



  It wasn’t like that he was just not prepared for any kind of prank by her. It can never happen. As far as he knew her, she is sure that he must have guessed somewhere that even after telling not to do any kind of naughtiness, she can do things to irritate him.



  Then why? Why had he reproached her?



  Never ever before he’d done something like this, then why today? She wasn’t able to understand the reason behind his such behaviour.




  Here, downstairs also everyone are standing shocked at the sudden outburst of Anav. None of them had thought that he would behave as such, because for them what Khushi did today is normal.



  They knew Khushi and her ways to get back to people. But yes, today the umbrage they’ve seen in Arnav is something new for all of them, which had made them numb.





Subhadra Raizada was the first one to recover from this shock thrown on her by her own grand-son and said “Arnav! Was that a way to behave with Khushi? Don’t forget that now she is not your friend but wife too.”



  “Exactly daadi! She too should remember the same. Just tell me who plays these kind off pranks with her husband?” Arnav asked.



  His this statement rendered everyone speechless.



  “I agree Arnav dear that this isn’t something common between every couple but at the same time I would say that these are the small-small things which makes relationship more strong and life worth living,” Priya said.



  “Maybe! Maybe you’re right at your place. But then isn’t all this should be in between only a husband and wife rather than in front of whole family,” he asked raising his brow.



  “Right bro! You’re absolutely right. But then don’t forget that it all started because of you,” Dhruv chided this time twisting his face in sheer disappointment at the way his brother just reacted with Khushi.



  He’d never seen her crying before, but today he’d seen tears in her eyes before she left from here and he knew that it’s because of the way his brother had behaved with her, which had never ever happen before this day.



  “Oh please! I’d just given her a name not like what she did with me,” replied Arnav.



  Sakshi who was silent till now trying to grasp all what had happened today too couldn’t stand it anymore and said “ASR! Sorry to intrude but what you’d done now is no less than what you’d been accusing Khushi of. If she’d played prank on you in front of others then you too had scolded her, that too very badly.”



  “Whatever?” saying this he left from there upstairs, towards his room while everyone else looks on.



  “I’m sorry for Arnav’s behaviour,” Ratri said joining both her hands together.



  “Please! Don’t be! If Arnav is at fault then Khushi too is not innocent,” said Priya hugging her.



  What’s all this? Till now everything was going well and suddenly? Khushi and Arnav are support pillars of each other than how can they fight like this? Are they trying to fool us? Or is it real. Well! It’s true that Khushi shouldn’t have did all this now that too in the presence of all but then…



  These’re the questions which’re gyrating in Subhadra Raizada’s mind and she knows very well that she needs to find the answers to these soon.




  Here as soon as Arnav entered in his room, he saw Khushi sitting on the bed lost in her own thoughts while tears sprung in her eyes.



  Sighing! He sat beside her, but still when she didn’t feels his presence he clears his throat to gain his attention, in which he succeeded too.



  Coming out of her revere, Khushi looked towards him with her damp eyes which clearly shows the hurt she’s been going through due to his behaviour.



  “Khushi!” he said placing his hands on her shoulder which she jerked back and then looked away from her but didn’t say any word.



  “Khushi are you angry on me?” he asked apprehensive.



  While hearing him say that she looked at him angrily and said “No! I should do your aarti for the reckless way you’d behaved with me downstairs,” saying this she twisted her face in annoyance and wiped her wet eyes with the back of her palm.



  “I am sorry,” Arnav said ever so sweetly showing his puppy face.



  “Oh! If you’ve to be sorry now then why’d you behave like that downstairs?” she asked still looking away.



  At this Arnav taking her face in his palms, makes her looks at him, wiping the moisture from corner of his eyes using his thumb pad, he cupped her face and said “For our better future.”



  Hearing him say that Khushi looked at him with confusion etched on her beautiful face and said “What do you mean?”



  “Oho! My Tikhi Mirchi! I’d done all that to make everyone believe that we’re not compatible with each other,” he said smirking.



  “How?” she asked still confused.



  “Ofo! Idiot! Today by this tiff between us we’d shown them only a glimpse that what they thought about us as a couple is not true,” he said.



  “But hadn’t you said that we’ll not create situation that can lead them to doubt us. Then this? I mean they know us and with that they knew that these are common between us. So, don’t you think that it’ll raise their suspicion?”



  “Well! Not others but maybe daadi as she has become James Bond from the time of our marriage. But don’t worry. We’ll handle her too. Now smile.”



  At this Khushi pouted and said “Huh! Smile? Couldn’t you tell me all this before. You don’t know how sick I was feeling after all that drama you created downstairs.”



  “Awe! Sorry dear. But what to do I’d no idea that you’ll be doing this with me. Otherwise I’d have told you earlier only. I am extremely sorry for bringing tears in your eyes Khushi. But it’s all for our betterment.”



  “I understand ASR! And I’m really blessed to have gotten a wonderful friend like you,” saying this she hugged him tightly.



  Both remained in each other’s embrace for few minutes, after which she parted only to find Dhruv and Sakshi standing on the threshold of the door.




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  1. They are both made for each other😍 …this kinda fight just doesn't suit them and daadi is the smart 🤓 one who had figured out that something is not right. Nice update dear!

  2. Thanks for the update. . It was wonderful . But i am sad that arnav was only trying to fool other family members. I thought he started to behave like a husband.
    Waiting for the next update…

  3. hi
    nice update. I had doubt that Arnav was just acting to show in front of their family. But dadi is James Bond she will soon find their drama. Druv n Sakhshi saw them hugging each other. Now what?? Waiting

  4. Loved it
    So arnav did this to show they weren't made for each other like elders thought
    I really bought into him being angry on her shows how good actor he is
    Looking forward to seeing how things change between the two couples
    N seeing who starts to fall first
    I'm hoping it's arnav would like to see him realizing his feelings n then trying to woo khushi whilst pretending to still be acting on their plan
    Can't wait for next update
    This story is def one of my favs
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  5. Hey Bhagwan! This was what was Arnav's plan and I was all ready to kill Arnav for being so to Khushi

    Silly me! Thamk God! They cleared the MU. Arnav-Khushi can never be separated! Try how much ever you want to, they are inseparable!

    Update soon!

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