PART- 25



  Khushi was praying to her deity to make him eat it anyhow. And her wish was soon granted as she saw him having the first bite of it.



  As soon as he have it, his face colour changes and he instantly look towards Khushi who at the same moment looks away from him, trying to stifle her laugh.



  Seeing her innocently eating her food, he frowns and then look towards other members who were also having their food with a smile while praising Khushi for the delicious halva.



  Delicious! My foot… It’s too salty to eat, he thought and once again rolled his eyes not understanding whether it’s him who felt like the salty taste rather than the sugary sweet halva. He kicked himself mentally, how can he? But then looking at everyone’s face he knew that the halva must really be good. Moreover he couldn’t think of Khushi doing all this because she has promised him that she will not do any mischief.



  Thinking the same he thought to try it once more to confirm his doubt. But as soon as he took a spoon-full of the same, his brows furrowed, eyes closed while mouth twisted with the salty taste of it. Immediately opening his eyes he gulps a glass of water to remove the taste but still when it didn’t work much, he snatched Dhruv’s halva from his hand making him and other members sitting there astounded at his weird behaviour, but he cares less and soon gulps down two-three spoon-full of it, and only when he feels the sweetness of halva sweeping inside and the salty-bitter taste disappearing he took a sigh of relief and placed the bowl back in Dhruv’s plate as if nothing happened.



  All this while Khushi who was looking at him from the corner of her eye, stifling her laugh couldn’t hold it anymore and burst out laughing aloud making the attention of family members shift from Arnav towards her thinking both the husband-wife had gone mad, while the other person in question was literally fuming realising that whose deed it was and why.



  “You? You did it deliberately?” he asked fuming.



  “What did I do?” she asked innocently battling her eyelashes while Arnav just rolled his eyes seeing her gimmicking and said raising his eyebrow “Oh really!”



  At this Khushi nodded her head in affirmative while her eyes shone in mirth.



  “Don’t lie! I know it’s you only. It’s not fair, you know. You had promised me that you will not play any kind of prank then what’s this?” he asked looking accusingly towards her.



  “What happened Arnav? Why are you scolding Khushi bitiya?” asked Subhadra sternly from her grand-son.



  “Scolding? Me? That too to this Tikhi Mirchi? Have I gone mad that I will do something like this and then will again have to face something like this?” he mumbles to himself then looking towards his granny said “No daadi! I am not scolding her, just asking her that too very sweetly.”



  “Hmm! But why?”



  At this Arnav gives a honey-sweet smile towards Khushi and then slide his bowl filled with halva towards his granny and said “Have a bite and you will know.”



  Now Khushi was literally sweating, gesturing him to not do it, but he just shrugged it off giving a ‘Now-What-Will-You-Do-Look’.



  Before Subhadra can take the bowl, Khushi took it and said with a smile plastered on her lips “Arnav, daadi had already tasted the halva. So what’s with it now?”



  “If it is so then let her have some. What’s the big deal in it?” asked an amused Arnav.






  “Khushi! Give it back to me,” said Subhadra now getting suspicious at the way Khushi behaved.



  Gulping her saliva, Khushi gave it to her while Arnav hust smirked knowing well that’s there is no chance to escape for her now.



    At this Dhruv and Sakshi shared a knowing look as both of them knew that Khushi must have done something with Arnav’s halva resulting in the current situation and then look back towards them.



  Subhadra looked at her and then have a spoonful of halva. But as soon as she have it, her face constricted with the salty taste of it and spitting it out in the tissue paper she gulps a glass full of water and then look towards Khushi who has her eyes closed knowing well what’s coming next.



  “Khushi! What’s this?”



  “Actually daadi… Umm!”



  “I am waiting for an answer,” said Subhadra.



  “It’s just my tit-for-tat,” she said.



  “Tit-for-tat? For what?”



  “For making fun of me.”



  At this everyone just shook their head knowing well about her, but it was Ratri who said in a displeased tone “Khushi! Earlier it was different, but now he is your husband. So you should behave properly.”



  “That’s too much to ask from her mom. Isn’t it’ll be a miracle if she stop playing her pranks,” remarked Arnav sarcastically making Khushi frown while Dhruv-Sakshi look towards him with their eyes wide open.



  “Arnav! What was that?” asked Subhadra.



  “The truth,” he said unfazed.



  At this Subhadra asked “Arnav, I agree that Khushi shouldn’t have done this. But before this you have never reacted this way. Then why today?”



  “Because that time she wasn’t my wife but my friend, and now…” he trailed off while Khushi, Dhruv and Sakshi look towards him with a confused expression adoring their faces whereas elders were too shocked to say something.



  But Khushi couldn’t sit down losing, so she looked at him challenging and said “So what? Just because we are married I am not going to change myself. Understood!”



  “Well! Let me remind you that everyone has to change and adjust a bit after marriage. Then why not you?” asked Khushi mockingly.



  “Because this is what I am? And why only girl has to adjust?”



  “When I said this?” he asked amused.



  “Just now,” she said irritated.



  “Oh hello! Crack-mind, I told everyone has to adjust and not only girl. But yes one had to leave this childishness for sure.”’



  At this Khushi twist her face annoyed with him and said “as if you will say and I will oblige. Hell no! I am not going to change for anybody let alone you temper balloon.”



  “What the? You called me temper balloon?” he asked angrily.



  “Yes! If you can call me crack-mind then why not me?” she asked sarcastically.



  “That’s too much Khushi. You can’t just insult your husband in front of others.”



  “Not others but family members.”



  “So what? Remember just sometime before you only said that husband is like a god. And that’s how you treat your god?” he asked.



  “To be like god and being god are two different things Mr. dumb-head.”



  “What the? You are giving me names after name. Stop now.”



  “I will. But first apologise for your fault because it was you who started all this,” she said.



  “Apology? And me? No ways.”



  “Yes way!”















   “Hell! I can’t believe I married you… you crazy girl,” said Arnav annoyed with her behaviour making everyone standing their stunned.



  While tears brimmed in Khushi’s eyes, but not backing down she said “Well! Then it’s your fault not mine,” saying this with angry tears she left from their stomping her feets.




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  1. Love the update, brilliant. The argument after Khushi's prank was it part of the plan or was it the real thing? Eager for the next part, the revealing whether plan in front of family or it just escalated into real. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. hi
    oh it was so.cute when.they started their argument but then it turns out to be serious. Khushi is hurt I'm sure Arnav Will woo his wife.

  3. Khushi's prank and Arnav's reaction from fun when it changed into tension nobody got to understand.. ARSHI are behaving so sweet couple and their behaviour is confusing their siblings.. Loved the update..

  4. Nice one
    Khushis prank backfiring on her she got scolded by elders
    If the arguement was planned sakshi n dhruv weren't in the loop
    Their shock when Arnav said about her being his wife
    Must say if this was planned both arnav n khushi r good actors
    Don't think khushi getting hurt n having tears in her eyes would be part of plan though
    Has arnav really started to accept khushi as his wife n forget his past with sakshi
    If so can't wait to see how he pacifies khushi n wins her heart
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin
    Looking forward to next update

  5. Awww their argument was so cute lol… Now Khushi is upset… I guess Arnav has to manoafy her – I guess it's probably not gonna be mushy-mushy cos they're not in love, par kuch toh karna padega na arnav ko? Can't wait! Awesome update!

  6. IF name: saack

    Looks like Arnav has started to feel for Khushi as a wife. Their banter was adorable.
    Was this banter to prove to the family that they are not compatible? That's what Arnav seems to be doing showing that they can't be the same after marriage.

    This is all a bit weird that Khushi and Arnav are still in love with Dhruv and Sakshi respectively but are falling for each other too.


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