PART- 24


  Arnav and Khushi enters inside the room and Khushi move towards the bed stomping her foot but not before giving him angry glares.


  And Arnav knew that now he is in trouble. But trying to do some damage control he went towards her and sitting beside her said “Khushi I was just joking yaar… So don’t plan some prank upon me… Please…”


  At this Khushi look towards him and said with narrowed eyes “So you think I will play prank on you?”


  “Ugh! Yes… I mean No… I mean…”


  “Oh! You idiot Raizada. It’s true that I never leave anyone who plays prank on me but you are family and now you are also my hubby dear and don’t you heard that ‘Pati parmeshwar hota hai’ (Husband is God). So my ill fate and your good luck that I can’t even say you anything,” she said sadly pouting at which Arnav smirks and said “Wow! That means I can say you whatever I want and I will still be unharmed from your devilish revenges. That’s a new. Thanks for telling me this my sweet tikhi mirchi,” saying this he stands up smirking and then started singing.


Aaj mei upar…


Aasmaan neeche…


Aaj mei aage…


Khushi reh gayi peeche…



(Today i’m on top…


And the sky is below…


Today i’m ahead…


And Khushi is behind me…)


  “Oh hello Mr.! Don’t be so happy because I will not abide by it if you again do something like this. So don’t test my patience,” she said annoyingly.


  “Oops… Oh! Okay will keep that in my mind,” he said and then thought to himself “Moreover who wants to be a victim of your pranks. Its better be silent then to taste Khushi’s spicy tadka.”


  “Well you better be otherwise you know me,” saying this she gets up and move towards washroom to freshen up leaving a worried Arnav behind knowing well that she is always ready for tit for tat.




  “Hello Mr., Why is your face pale? Anything happened?” asked Sakshi slumping down on the bed beside Dhruv.


  Dhruv who was looking lost jerks back and looked towards her with a confused look and asked “When did you come?”


  “OMG! Here I am sitting beside you and asking you something while you are lost in yourself. Now care to tell me what has transpired that is making you lost?”


  “Nothing Sakshi,” he said trying to ignore it but he forgets that it is Sakshi sitting in front of him who would never back down until she gets to know what she wanted. This is the quality both sister had in them.


  “So you are not going to tell me. Okay, your wish. I thought at least I had got my friend back but alas! After doing something like this how can I even wish to get back my friend,” she said in a sad voice.


  At this Dhruv looked at her, taking her hands in his he said “It is not like that Sakshi. Yes, it’s the truth that I am angry on you because of your childish and reckless attitude towards all of our relationships. But at the same time I can’t neglect you because above all you are my friend too. Moreover what will I get being angry on you? Nothing so it’s better to forget and forgive. Right?”


  “But ASR   doesn’t think the same. That’s why he isn’t even ready to see my face let alone talk.”


  “It’s not like that. Sakshi don’t forget that we get angry on those to whom we are close and consider ours. And you are love of his life.”


At this Sakshi looks at him and smiling hesitantly said “You know how to set my mood, Right?”


  “Of Course! Why not? After all I am your buddy,” he said winking at her while both starts laughing.


  “Okay, so tell me what was bothering you when I enter here?” asked Sakshi after they stopped laughing.


  “Ugh! Nothing,” said Dhruv looking everywhere, but at Sakshi.


  “Dhruv,” she said highly irritated.


  Knowing well that now if he doesn’t tell her now then she will get really pissed he decided to tell her. Moreover he too needs someone with whom he can share his feelings, so taking a deep sigh he opened his heart in front of her.


  “Sakshi, I know bro and Khushi are just faking it all but still seeing them together doesn’t settle well with me. A fear always gripped my heart whenever I saw everyone adoring them, that I will lose my love. It’s not like I am jealous of them or didn’t trust them. I do. It’s just that with every passing day, every passing moment the fear that what if? What if things didn’t go as per our plan makes me shudder to the core of my heart,” saying this he look towards Sakshi with his damp eyes.


 While Sakshi’s eyes too were moist depicting the same, but she controlled them knowing well it’s she who had chosen this. She move towards the window pane and looks at the vast horizon for few minutes then said “Dhruv, I know it’s all happening because of me and I will not give you any clarification for the same. But would just say what I have heard many times- if things are going as per our wish then it’s good but if it’s not then its better.”


  She turn towards him and cupping his face, looked straight in his moist eyes with her damp ones said “Dhruv! Take it as a test of ourselves and let the love find its way. Haven’t you heard that if love is true and you are destined then, it’ll find its own way. I know it’s hard and painful but that’s what life is all about.”


  At this Dhruv nodded and hugged her which she too reciprocated.


  In this hug they both poured out their pain, sufferings, fears and dilemma about the uncertain future.


 After a few minutes they parted from the hug and Sakshi said “Let’s go downstairs everyone must be waiting for us for the dinner. Today we all are also joining you guys.”


  “Wow! That’s good. Let’s go,” he said and both of them left downstairs only to find everyone already seated on the chair except Khushi who was coming with a tray full of bowls containing moong daal ka halwa.


  Taking the seat beside her mother, Sakshi look towards Khushi and said “Di! Wow! You made my favorite. That’s awesome. By the way something special?”


  “Nothing Sakshi. Just that was feeling like to have it. So thought to make for all.”


  “That’s good dear,” said Subhadra.


  And she too took her seat along with her mother like mother-in-law and they all started having their dinner and praised Khushi’s hand made halwa which brings a smile on her face. But all the time her eyes were on Arnav who had still not taken even a single bite of it.


  Khushi was praying to her deity to make him eat it anyhow. And her wish was soon granted as she saw him having the first bite of it.


  As soon as he have it, his face color changes and he instantly look towards Khushi who at the same moment looks away from him, trying to stifle her laugh.


Precap: Mauka par Chauka 😉 –Think who will take advantage of the situation…


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Loved Arshi nok jhok. Sakshi consoling Dhruv on his fears. Khushi has done something to Arnav's halwa, prank.Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Arnav's halwa is different rest.. that's why he was trying to avoid eating knowing Khushi well and she did it.. finally the revenge.. loved the update 🙂

  3. Nice one
    Arnav cautious knowing khushi will pay him back for his prank
    Liked sakshi n dhruvs wee talk
    As for khushi looks like she got her chance for payback
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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