PART- 23



All the four came back from the college the same way they have gone while chatting though Arnav still ignored Sakshi and it hurts her but she tried to not took it to her hurt knowing well how Arnav has not forgiven her. Moreover she is happy that now at least Dhruv is behaving with her like he used to do.



They all came out and trio starts moving towards Raizada Mansion after bidding bye to Sakshi who move towards Singhania Mansion.



Arnav and Dhruv were talking while moving forward when they heard a yelp. Both of them turn to look at the reason of the same only to find Khushi sitting over there with a pain etched face holding her ankle while tears started descending down from her hazels.



Both Arnav and Dhruv move towards her and bending up to her level Arnav ask her “What happened? Why are you crying? And why are you holding your ankle?”



“Arnav… My… I think my ankle got twisted. It’s paining like hell,” said Khushi sobbing lightly.



“Okay, let me see.”



“No,” she shrieked.



“What?” asked both in unison.



“It will pain,” she said innocently.



“Well, I think that it is already paining,” said an amused Arnav while Khushi innocently pouted.



“She will do like that bro. Don’t you know,” said Dhruv shaking his head and then lifting her in his arms suddenly making Khushi astonished while he starts moving towards the entrance.



But before he could even move few steps he found Arnav blocking his way making him raised his eyebrow as if asking why you are blocking my way. In response to which he glared at him and said “You are holding my wife and your sister-in-law in your arms and you wish that I will let you do it?”



“What?” asked Dhruv in astonishment. Okay he knew that as of now Khushi is his sister-in-law but that’s only in front of their families but they both are aware of the reality of this relationship. While Khushi too looked at both of them blankly not knowing what to say.



“Bro, but that’s for others,” Dhruv tried reasoning him seeing his brother’s serious face.



“Well, I know it Dhruv and that’s why I am saying you this.”



“I am not understanding what you are trying to convey bro.”



“Ofo! Dumbo we are going inside the mansion and there she is my wife not yours. So what will you answer when they will ask you the same?”



“Oops! I didn’t think of this. So what to do?”



“Nothing much. Just I have to pick this rhino in my arms so that I have a back pain at night.”



“What? You tell me a rhino? Me? Khushi Singhani?”









“Khushi raizada madam. You were a Singhania but now you are a Raizada.”



“So what? You can’t say me a Rhino. Dhruv put me down,” she said a bit angrily and when Dhruv put her down she tries to walk but stumble, only to be held by Arnav who was smirking all the while.



Khushi jerks his hand away and tries to walk while Arnav seeing her stubborn nature without saying much he lift her in his arms and starts moving forward.



“Oyee… put me down otherwise you will complained of back pain,” she said annoyingly.



“So you agree that you are Rhino?” he asked raising his eyebrow while Khushi just pout and looks away making faces while he stifle his laugh.



All this while none of them noticed a gloomy Dhruv following them and looking at their bickering sadly.



As soon as they enter inside the mansion Ratri and Subhadra who were talking with each other sitting in the hall area look towards them with widen eyes.



“What happened Arnav? Why are you holding her in your arms?” asked a worried Ratri coming nearing them.



“Mom your sweet Khushi has twisted her ankle,” said Arnav placing her on the sofa.



“Oh my! How does it happen?”



“Well she was walking and then yelp in pain and then….”



“Let it be. First twist her leg back to ease her pain.”



“Yes,” saying this he bend down only to heard her shrieked.



“No- It will pain more.”



“Dumbo that small pain will ease this long time pain and now don’t throw your tantrums otherwise I will just put a tape on your mouth,” said Arnav rolling his eyes while everyone else just stifle their laugh upon seeing Khushi pouting making faces and soon she shrieked in pain as Arnav just twisted her ankle.



“Now try to move it,” said Arnav standing up while Khushi angrily looked at him and murmurs to herself.



“You will have to pay for it Raizada. I am Khushi Singhania turn Raizada and I will not let you pass so easily. Hmph!”



Murmuring this she moved her leg only to squeal in laughter as it was no more paining.



“Wow! There is no pain now,” she said smilingly.



“Well… It has to be. After all I am the one who help you out.”



“Huh! It was your duty. You idiot,” she said still annoyed.



“What? Idiot? And me?”



“Okay guys, stop your silly fight we have other works too,” saying this Ratri left from there followed by Arnav and Khushi.



Now only Dhruv and daadi were left in the hall. Both stared at each other. One with a satisfied smile while other tried to pass smile which she knew is fake. But without uttering anything she left from there while Dhruv gazed toward his brother’s room with sad eyes.



He knew that it is all a ploy to make everyone believe that bro and Khushi are not meant to be. But still it hurts… hurts like hell to see your love in someone else arms. Though he knew that there is nothing between them but what to do with his heart which pained everytime someone refers Khushi as bro’s wife.



He sighed knowing he has no other option then to bear this pain for some more time before everything turns normal and at that precise moment Sakshi’s face came in front of his eyes. He knew she too is suffering, in fact all four of us are suffering due to some silly guruji. But he just wish everything to be settled soon and life to turns normal and thinking this he too left towards his room.



Precap: Khushi’s revenge and….



* I know its kinda filler. But what to do… Need some tie to come in track. Its around two months I have updated this. So… But don’t worry next update will have much more…*



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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Poor Dhruv, suffering due to Sakshi decision, can't even help his love. Loved Arnav Khushi nok jhok. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. exams finished?? Poor dhruv!! he is going to face d major heartbreak because khushi.will be Arnavs. how he will face that.? Waiting for khushis revenge!!!

  3. Yay awesome
    Have missed this story so much
    Arnav getting serious when dhruv lifted khushi
    But was it really because they were going inside n it would cause a stir or is our Arnav starting to become a possessive husband
    Loved how both him n khushi kept bickering just like a married couple
    Feel upset for dhruv seeing him sad looking at khushi n arnav together
    Looking forward to next update

  4. A long waited update. It was so good to see some reac from Druv. I think Arnav is possessive about Khushi. When time comes to reveal the truth or accept the truth he will want Khushi to be his wife.

  5. So the best friends turned husband and wife are quite cute to see. The way they understand each other, help each other in lifting up the other one's mood and their cute bickering is fun to read.

    But then also I feel sad that they don't love each other. And also Sakshi and Dhruv are in pain seeing their partners with someone else. It's bound to hurt.
    But somehow, for me, imagining that Arnav and Khushi are not in love with each other, rather they love someone else is a bit strange for me. And though I know that this is the concept of your story but it feels strange to not see the love between Arnav and Khushi.

    What came as a surprise for me was that Sakshi somewhere down the line knows that there is a connect between Arnav and Khushi which is not visible to them. But what confuses me is that if she loves Arnav then what was the need for her to push him towards Khushi.
    Also bechara Dhruv!!!

    Now lets see what you have in store for in the coming updates.

    Lots Of Love.. 🙂 🙂

  6. Sometimes we think of infatuation as love and love as friendship. It's the reality when our mind leads above our heart.
    Regarding Sakshi she loves Arnav and feels arshi connection is a truth but at the same time she is not confirmed about it.
    She wants to give it a chance so that later no one will regret as relationships based on figment of illusion r bound to collapsed.
    Rest will be cleared as the story proceed…
    vaise maine kaafi kuch bata diya… 😀 😉


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