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PART- 22


“Arnav we should start fighting in front of our families and then they will realize that we are the one for each other,” Khushi said with a thousand watt smile which wiped off with Arnav’s next set of words.  

“Not done Khushi. Everyone in the family knows us from childhood and thus they know the fact that though we can fight like Tom and Jerry but not in any way we can ever hurt the other or fought like that where the other will be really hurt.”  

“Then what?” asked Khushi.    

“Well normal fight will not do any good because everyone knows how we are with each other but at the same time they also know how different we are from each other. So why not try on the same?”

“You mean trying to take benefit of our opposite nature. But how?”

“Ofo! You are such a dumbo. See though we are best friends and understand each other so well but then no one can forget that we are poles apart. And this will help us create a bad image of our married life in front of everyone. We will be warm towards each other as we have been but at the same time we will be pissed off with this married life,” he said winking bringing a smile on her face while she clap her hands in glee just like a small child.

“Wow… You are too good. From where do you get all these ideas?” she asked.

“What to do? These kind of ideas pops in my mind knowing well what kind of a circus I live with,” he said winking while Khushi’s mouth formed a big ‘O’.

“Close your mouth and let’s meet Dhruv and tell him the same.”

“Oh! Hello Mr. I-AM-THE-BEST, we have bunked our classes but not them,” she said reminding him while he just shrugged and took out his phone and texted to someone.

“What?” she asked.

“Well I have texted him and you don’t worry he will be coming here shortly,” said Arnav while Khushi just shook her head.


Sakshi was making patterns in her notebook from the time she has come back from canteen, not paying attention to what the professor was saying. Dhruv was observing her from a long time and not able to see her depressed for so long he keep his hand on hers, stopping her from making any more pattern and then started writing in her notebook with his hand still on her, all the while Sakshi was looking at him with widen eyes. After a few minutes he took his hand back and gestured her from his eyes to look in her notebook and when she look in her notebook she saw what he has written in it.

Don’t feel sad for Arnav’s behavior. You know him, don’t you? Let the hotshot guy turn into an iceman and then you just have to go Infront of him and he will melt down, after all you are a pataka (cracker). And then everything will be like before.

After reading it Sakshi’s eyes widen and she looked at him in shocked, but it has no effect on Dhruv who just shrugged off his shoulders and looked at her with a sly smile and before anyone of them could say anything further Dhruv’s phone vibrate showing an incoming message and as soon as he read it his smile widen and he wink at Sakshi saying “Bro is calling. Maybe he realised and wanna talk to you.”

“Let’s go then,” she said winking looking mischievously first at him and then towards the professor.


“I don’t think they will come,” said Khushi.

“Oh Please! Not everyone is like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”


“Guys please, keep your energy saved for later on and tell me what is the reason that you guys have called us?”

“Not us but you,” murmured Arnav which was only audible to Khushi who just rolled her eyes seeing his stubbornness and then said “Arnav are you going to say now or not?”

“Oh yeah,” saying this he started explaining them what they have thought.

“But bro will it work?” asked Dhruv doubtfully.

“Of course, Why not? Don’t you believe me?”

“No, there is no question of believing you and I am sure that mom-dad and uncle-aunty will start believing us, but the real problem is daadi. I don’t believe that it will be so easy to make her believe on all this. Moreover she already doubts on us.”

“What? Have she said something?” asked Khushi worriedly.

“Not really. But I have seen her throwing suspicious looks towards us, so…” he trailed off.

“Well don’t worry Dhruv. We will handle her too and she may have her own suspicions. But we will never let her suspicions to get a solid base.”

“So when are you guys starting with it,” asked Sakshi expecting a reply from Arnav but to her dismay he didn’t even look towards her, let alone replying to her. It was Khushi who sensing the situation press Sakshi’s hands and said “Don’t worry, the plan will kick start as soon as we reach home.”

At this all of them sigh in relief thinking that soon all will be over and their life will be back in track not knowing what is stored in the future for them.

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  1. Noooooo!!! I was hoping for Arshi's romance in this chapter. Please we need to see Arnav and Khushi moments full of love and romance.

  2. It will start soon dear… Actually I need to give base to what they are planning and along with it I am giving short updates making it look like that it is going one after other update… But don't worry soon u will get Arshi moments 🙂

  3. Loved the update, brilliant. Plan all set in motion for the love story, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  4. Lovely update.. well looking forward to them working on their new idea.. Arnav is not at all ready to pardon sakshi.. well loved ARSHI cute fights and unknown to them they are creating wonderful moments of theirs.. loved the update.. 🙂

  5. Loved it
    even though arnav n khushu r miles apart like they claim they still manage to blend so neatly
    n they do say opposites attract
    arnav still not talking to sakshi but then dhruvs been there to cheer her up
    looking forward to their sharade starting
    n seeing who falls first
    Heatsha 8176

  6. Awesum update dear…
    I am extremely sry dear 4 late commenting… Actually got bsy vid some personal issues dear
    Hope u undrstand.. Thnks so much dear 4 d pm…

    Cuming 2 update it ws so suprb…arshi plannin ws so awesum..dekhthe he bhagavn use yeh success hone dega ya nhi… Almighty toh pakka inhe miladenge…hahahaha..😊
    Arshi kb samjega yeh donon ek dusre klye perfect he…

    Lvd d way dhruv consoled sakshi.. Finally plan is on…
    Action only left.. Dekhthe he kya drama hone wala he…
    Really suprb update dear…
    Do continue


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