Arnav enters in the classroom and sat beside Khushi ignoring his other friends who were giving him looks due to the the way he behaved in canteen. But did he care? No and everyone else too knew this that Arnav will do what he felt right and will never bother about others way of thinking.

As soon as Arnav sat beside Khushi while she looked at him and then said “Arnav”.

But before she could mutter anything else Arnav said “Please Khushi… now again don’t start on that I should forgive Sakshi and all as I need time for the same. And as my good friend I hope you will understand it.”

“Well… If you would just let me speak and stop presuming then only you will know that what I wanted to say you in reality,” said Khushi irritatedly.

“Oops…” said Arnav smiling sheepishly.

“Hmm…. I was just asking whether your mood is okay or not. But you as always start with your ranting,” huffed Khushi.

“Oh hello! I ranted? For your kind information madam it is only you who always keep ranting and see now pointing at me,” said Arnav twisting his face while Khushi opened her mouth in perfect O-shape and then said “You ugly-dugly-bugly, go I am not going to talk to you.”

At this Arnav just shook his head smiling and then keeping all her books back in her purse he hold her wrist and make his way towards the door of classroom while Khushi could only muttered “Arnav what are you doing? We have our class. Professor Rastogi will be going to come anytime.”

But Arnav paid no heed to her and keep on dragging her with him until he reach at his favorite spot- the garden area of their college and sat on the bench making Khushi too sit alongside him.

“What the hell was that Arnav?” asked Khushi angrily as soon as she sat on the bench and got her hand free from Arnav’s grip.

“What? You don’t know? It is called bunking,” said Arnav with a lopsided smile knowing well what’s coming next.

“What? Bunking? Have you gone mad? You have brought me here just to bunk the lecture? I can’t believe it. You know Arnav that I don’t like all these then why?”

“Ofo Mirchi! Why are you turning red with anger while pumping your face with air like a balloon? We just bunk one lecture and you are behaving like I had murder someone.”

“Just one lecture? Have you think that this lecture can be quite important too and here you brought me out that too forcefully,” mocked Khushi.

“Oh! Now don’t be a spoilsport Khushi because you are my Mirchi- who is a total jumping jack along with a teekha pataka just like when someone starts jumping after eating Mirchi (Chillies),” he said winking at her while she pouted her face looking away showing fake anger. But in her heart she was thankful that somehow he is not grumpy like before. But soon she was brought back from her reverie when she felt him pulling her cheeks.

“Awee….. My Mirchi is showing puppy anger to me,” said Arnav pulling her cheeks while she opens her mouth in a big-O.

“Arnav my anger is not puppy anger,” she huffed pulling away his hands from her cheeks.

“Okay, So what is it? Elephant’s anger?” he asked faking a serious expression while Khushi started hitting him on his chest saying profanities to him.

Arnav had a hard time controlling her and when he did both stares in each other eyes for few minutes and then burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe that you utter all those nonsense here in mid of college,” said Arnav trying to control his laughter but couldn’t when he saw Khushi shaking with laughter.


After what seemed like eternity their laughter subsided and that’s when Khushi spoke “It seems like eternity that we laugh like this.”

“Hmm… so true Khushi. All the things happening in our life had just snatched away our happiness now-a-days.”

“Don’t worry Arnav I am sure this happiness will soon come back to us.”

“Oh! That I am sure it will because happiness too can’t be snuffy with you,” he said winking while Khushi whacked him playfully and then both of them giggle aloud.


“But on a serious note tell me Arnav why had you brought me here? And dare you tell me that you just want to bunk the lecture,” said Khushi.

“Well what is wrong in bunking?” he asked raising his eyebrow.

“Everything. Now tell?” she demanded.

“Huh! You are speaking as if I can’t bring you here just like that? I mean see that we have got back our laugh just by coming here,” he said raising his collar while Khushi just rolled her eyes and said “Stop gimmicking Arnav and come to the point.”

At this the smile from his face wiped off and holding her hand in his he said “Khushi, I brought you here so that we can discuss on what’s next?”

“I didn’t get you Arnav,” said a confused Khushi.

“Well, See Khushi you and I, we both knows that why had we enter into this contract marriage.”

At this Khushi hummed in agreement while Arnav continued “So I was just wondering that what will be our next step?”

“Next step for?” Khushi asked.

“Ofo Khushi! Our next step to make family members believe that we are not compatible with each other,” said Arnav.

“Oops… Sorry, so what had you decide?” she asked.

“Nothing, you suggest?”

“Arnav we should start fighting in front of our families and then they will realize that we are the one for each other,” Khushi said with a thousand watt smile which wiped off with Arnav’s next set of words.

“Not done Khushi. Everyone in the family knows us from childhood and thus they know the fact that though we can fight like Tom and Jerry but not in any way we can ever hurt the other or fought like that where the other will be really hurt.”

“Then what?” asked Khushi.


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