PART- 20

After the argument all four of them left for their college. Though Arnav didn’t wanted to go in the same car with Sakshi, but he have no choice as he doesn’t wants to show the tiff between them to their families so he didn’t create any fuss and left towards their college. The atmosphere in the car was awkward. It was not that they have not been together. In fact it was their daily routine to go together towards their college where Arnav and Sakshi will be in front seats while Khushi and Dhruv will be in back seats. But things have changed now. What an irony? The people who till yesterday were mere friends are a couple now, while the couple of yesterday are no less than strangers today. The awkwardness in the car was increasing and no one knows what they had to do. But Khushi couldn’t keep quiet and see her best friend and her sister going through all this. So, she tried her best to make Arnav talk with Sakshi and sort out everything, but Arnav didn’t give any heed to her. He was just typing on his mobile as such if he stop typing then he will lose a million dollar deal. But all of them knew that it is not the case and he is just pretending to be so to avoid even looking at Sakshi, let alone talk to her which disheartened trio while tears brimmed in Sakshi’s eyes.

‘She has never thought that a day will come when Arnav will avoid her like this. It hurts her so much, but can she blame him? No… She knew that he is angry on her and above all she knew that it will not be easy for her to get his forgiveness as she knew well about Arnav’s temper. She knew that he is a man who doesn’t tolerate injustice towards anyone and here I have played with everyone’s emotions. But can’t he for once tried to think from her perspective. Somewhere she knew that though her intentions were not wrong but her way to sort it out was wrong. But then why can’t he understands it? She is ready to bear his anger as her punishment, but his ignorance is hurting her big time,’ her chain of thoughts broke when she realized that they have reach their college and thus she steps out of the car and move towards Arnav like always but soon halted seeing him hurrying inside without sparing even a single glance towards her.

Khushi too got depressed seeing this but felt helpless in front of Arnav’s stubbornness. Moreover she knew that it is neither the right place and nor the right time to pick this topic. So, she too left from there but not before giving a glance towards Sakshi and assuring her that everything will be right with the time.


Subhadra Raizada is pacing in her room to and fro, trying to understand where the relationships between her children is going. On one side she is happy that Khushi is fulfilling all the rituals, but on the other hand she is getting some serious doubts regarding their relationship.

“This marriage is not out of love that I know very well. But now the question is what are these four musketeers planning to split apart this bond of marriage? First they deny to take vows again and now for reception too giving the lame excuses. No, there is more to it. I have to know what is cooking in between them, so that I can make sure that Arnav-Khushi will always remain with each other. Devimaiya, I know your blessings are with them that’s the only reason you got them married. But… But that’s a different thing that sometimes I even have a doubt on their marriage seeing their behavior on some instances. But, I just hope devimaiya that whatever you have thought will be in good faith of all of my children,” murmurs Subhadra to herself.


Arnav and Khushi were sitting in the canteen with their gang and having light hearted talks when Dhruv and Sakshi joins them. Once again seeing Sakshi in front of his eyes Arnav’s mood turn off but he plastered a fake smile on his face to not let anyone know the same. But Khushi who was observing Arnav from the second Sakshi enters the canteen area have seen the various expression passing on his face understands that he is back to his grumpy mood and felt sad.

Sakshi on the other hand as usual move towards Arnav to sit beside him. But before she could sit there Arnav asked Khushi to sit beside him making Sakshi disheartened, while Dhruv and Khushi too felt bad.

“It is the first time Arnav-Sakshi and Dhruv-Khushi are not sitting with each other,” commented Rupali one of their common friend at which all other present nodded their head in affirmative while the people in concern were speechless, not knowing what to say. But the silence was broken by Arnav’s words only to give rise to silence again.

“Change is the law of nature. It is not necessary that the things which were happening till now will also happened in future too.”

“What? What do you mean by it ASR?” asked Rohan, another friend not understanding why their buddy is behaving so weird today.


“If it is so then why are you talking as such?” asked Pihu this time.

“Ugh!” Arnav scratch his head to get an apt answer but was saved in Nick of time by Khushi who said “Nothing Pihu, you knew both these attitude dumbo. Have a small fight and now no one is ready to bend before other as always.”

“Oh! Nothing new,” said Rupali while all others nodded at her smiling.

Not able to take it anymore Arnav left from there excusing himself making trio worried while rest of them frowned.

“Now what happened to him?” asked Rohan.

“Attitude master is back,” said Dhruv with a sheepish smile and gestured Khushi to go behind him knowing well only Khushi can calm him down and see through it. At this she too nodded and left behind him excusing herself.


Khushi sat beside him on the bench and held his hand at which he look towards her at first and then look back in front at nothing in particular.

“Let it go Arnav. Please let it go,” said Khushi stroking his hand with her fingers while he kept mum.

“Arnav I know you are hurt by Sakshi’s behavior and that’s the reason you are trying to hurt her the same. It has been always your way. The one who will bring smile on you or your near ones, you will do anything and everything for their happiness. But the one who will be the reason of their sadness, then you will make sure to hurt them the same way. And currently you are doing the same with Sakshi. But till when Arnav? Hurting her you are hurting everyone related to her. Why can’t u let it go Arnav? You said there that change is the law of nature? You are right Arnav, change is the law of nature but you forget that change happens in each and everything from summer to winter, from spring to fall, from the light of the full moon to the darkness of the new moon. Neither pain nor pleasure last forever. Pleasure comes after pain, and pain is followed again by pleasure. Arnav, reflecting like this, one must learn to tolerate the blows of time with patience and learn not only to endure, but also to expect, welcome, and enjoy both the joys as well as the sorrows of life. Sow the seed of hope in the soil of sorrow. See past the mistakes of people. Forget and forgive them, then only you will be able to live in peace.”

“I don’t have a big heart like you Khushi. I don’t. Whenever I see her, her betrayal swam in front of my eyes making me suffocate.”

At this Khushi pressed his hands in her some more and said “I know Arnav that it is not easy for you. But please try to do it. Otherwise everything will broke apart. Your relationship with her is in jeopardy, sort it out before it’s too late.”

But upon getting no response from her she patted his shoulder and left from there. While Arnav has just one thought running in his mind while looking at her retreating figure.

‘Why do you understand me with such an ease and why can’t she?’

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  1. superb update cant wait for more !!!
    sorry was busy just read ur story now..
    btw i actually dont understand what does sakshi n dhruv think about arshi relationship and do they still want their respective partners back !!!
    IF NAME : ritzsubu1204

  2. Thanks dear….
    See for them this marriage is just like a drama they are doing to make elders believe that they both are not compatible so that later on they can move on with their respective partners. 🙂

  3. Loved part 20. I can understand Arnav's anger as what Sakshi did was wrong. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  4. That's why I'm asking Them to get married.. woh busy ho gey tou phir hamare Arshi will get busy…
    Hahaha.. yaar I was just trying my luck here.. I trust your writing. Will wait.

  5. Both Arnav and Sakshi are one of a kind! After Knowing everything about Arnav, Sakshi made a mistake and is expecting him to understand her perspective while Arnav is in no mood to entertain any such things! He isn't interested in trying to understand Sakshi!

    In dono ki chakkar mein Khushi pagal ho jayegi!

    Good one!

  6. Well if u have red then u might know that she has tried to talk to him regarding the same but he is not even willing to listen her…
    Not only her but even when Khushi tried to talk him regarding it at that time too he has dismissed it 🙂

  7. They both understand each other so well and I think that's what will make fall for each other..

    Continue soon
    If name: shalbi

  8. Don't u feel v r bad readers coz u take month together to write stories but v just take 3-4day to read n pressure u to give updt if u delay to write n think u r not given head to this story but now I saw yaar this was updt on August now waiting eagerly for further updt can it b as a daily dose I know I'm asking 2much as this is so superb ff

  9. I totally understand… But then u guys too have to understand that I have my real life too which also needs my attention…. And I am not that worst… I am giving 4-5 updates a month… That means one week every update which is not that bad 😉
    Will try to update this one in few days 🙂


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