PART- 19

Arnav sat on the bed wondering about Sakshi’s words. He is not able decipher the hidden meaning behind her words. He can feel that there is more to what she said but is not able to understand the same.




“What do you mean by those words Sakshi? Argh!!! Nowadays all your talks are more like riddles which I am unable to understand. God only knows that what is going inside that idiotic mind of yours. But I swear Sakshi that if this time you took any rash decision which will once again put the life of anyone in the mess then I will even forget that I know you. You have already done enough damage in everyone life but not anymore. It was your last madness because from now Arnav Singh Raizada will not bend in front of you or for you. You have already taken enough advantage from all of us in name of relations but not anymore,” saying this to himself he closed his eyes and lens himself on the bedpost when he heard a click sound and thus opening his eyes he look towards the door only to find Khushi entering the room with worried look. And it took no time for him to guess that she wants to talk to him about Sakshi. But is he ready for the same? No, he isn’t and thus even before she could tell him something he said “Khushi if you are here to talk regarding Sakshi then please don’t.”



“But Arnav…”



“See Khushi, I respect and care for u a lot but please as of now I am in no mood to talk about her, and I would appreciate if you understand my point and will not say a word concerning her. Moreover I know you will just say in her favor forgiving all her faults which I can’t just bare. For me she is wrong and she have to bear the burnt of her wrong doing now,” saying this he left from there not wanting to argue on this anymore while Khushi just sighed and sat on the bad.



“Why Arnav? Why are you not able to forgive her? I know whatever Sakshi did was wrong but that doesn’t mean that we too did the same with her. Arnav why don’t you understand that this behavior of yours will jeopardize your own relation with Sakshi which you are not able to see but I can. And as your friend and Sakshi’s sister I will never want this to happen. Hey devimaiya, what should I do to make him understand that relations are not meant to broken but cherish. Why don’t he understand that if one person so any mistake then the other one had to be patient and sort out the matter rather than avoiding the same? I can’t believe that my mad sister has to get this Tuffan Mail Express only for herself,” she whispered to herself trying to think a way for making everything right like before which she knows is not so easy.






It was next morning and Khushi was standing in front of the dressing table taking vermillion and nuptial thread in her hand and looking at her reflection in the mirror confusedly.



That’s how Arnav finds her when he came out of the bathroom after taking bath.



“Khushi… What happened? Why are you standing like that?”



“Ugh! Arnav… actually I am confused…”



“Confused… about what Khushi?” he asked not understanding the reason behind her confusion.



“Arnav… see today we have to leave for college, Right?”



“Yes, but what has college to do with your confusion?” he asked wiggling his eyebrow.



“Ofo! You are duffer Arnav. God knows how you topped all your exams,” said Khushi facepalming.



“Oyee madam rather than analyzing on how I became a topper it will be good if you tell me what is bothering you,” he asked rolling his eyes.



“Oh Yes! Arnav as you know this marriage is just a contract marriage and we do not wish anyone to know about us being married so I am little confused as to what will they think seeing me wearing the nuptial thread and vermillion.”



“Have you gone mad? You are not going to wear any of them.”



“But Arnav…”



“No means no Khushi and if you are thinking about the family then I assure you that I will handle them.”






All of them were sitting on the dining table waiting for Arnav and Khushi so that they can have their breakfast together.



“Where are both of them? Why are they taking so long?” said Ratri looking towards their room to see if they are coming down or not.



“They are newly married dear and definitely need some time with each other,” said Subhadra looking towards Dhruv from the corner of her eyes.



While Dhruv just choked the water he was drinking upon hearing what his granny has said for Arnav and Khushi.



“Aree Dhruv slowly,” said Ratri messaging his back while he gives a small smile nodding his head in affirmative, but before he could speak anything he heard his dad voice making him look towards the direction he was looking in only to see Arnav and Khushi descending down the stairs. But what catch his eyes like others is the fact that though Khushi was wearing her normal suits but was devoid of any marital symbol. Today by seeing her no one can say that she is even married, but he was brought back from his reverie by his daadi’s voice.



“What is this Khushi?” asked Subhadra Raizada standing from his seat and looking angrily towards Khushi.



“Daadi voh…”



“Khushi I never expect this from you. Already you guys had did a blunder which have make a chaos in all of our life and now this. I used to think that you respect our traditions and know the value of marriage symbols for a girl. But today by not wearing the nuptial thread and not applying vermillion in your partition you have once again proved me wrong. I can’t believe a girl like you can behave so immaturely,” said Ratri.



Hearing all those harsh words from her mouth tears brimmed in her eyes and she look down when a thundered voice boom in the air making her jerk back and look towards the owner of the voice.



“ENOUGH!!!” said Arnav while clasping Khushi’s hand in his as if telling her that no matter what I am with you and then looking ahead he said “Enough mom, just because she is not saying anything doesn’t mean that she is at fault. Stop reaching at conclusions before knowing the whole truth. whats your problem haa?” he asked a bit angrily seeing his own mom accusing Khushi.



“Arnav behave yourself, don’t forget that you are talking to your mother,” said Arvind angrily who till now was a silent spectator.



“Sorry dad,” said Arnav guiltly and then looking towards her mom he held his ears and said “Sorry mom, never meant to talk to you like this. But I got angry when you said all those words to her which she surely doesn’t deserve. You are angry on her because you think that she does not wear her marriage symbols which are un auspicious and can bring bad omen to me,” he asked at which Ratri nodded in yes.



“If so then don’t worry mom because nothing like that will happen with me as Khushi has wear all of her marriage symbols,” he said and then gesture Khushi to show the same which she did first by removing her dupatta below which her nuptial thread was hidden and then lift her hairs a bit to reveal the vermillion which was filled in her partition but is hidden by her hairs.



“I… I am sorry Khushi for shouting on you,” said Priya in regret while cupping her face.



“No aunty…”









“Khushi, I have told you earlier too to call me your mom,” said Priya.



“Oops! Sorry mom,” she said smilingly hugging Priya while looking at Arnav who was already staring at her and remembering the talk or better say argument they both had on this.






“No means no Khushi and if you are thinking about the family then I assure you that I will handle them.”



“What will the family is the second priority at this time for me Arnav.”



“Then?” he asked.



“Arnav all these marriage symbols are really important for a married girl and not wearing them results in bad omen.”



“What crap Khushi? Do you really believe in all these? I can’t believe. Khushi all these things meant nothing other than showing the world that the girl is already taken so stop eyeing her and this time we definitely didn’t want anyone to know the same.”



“It’s your thinking Arnav, but just because you don’t believe in all this doesn’t mean that everyone else too will follow it.”



“So what is the harm in it? You guys too are believing some old saying in the name of belief.”



“It is our faith Arnav and I will not tolerate you disregarding it. It is okay if you don’t believe in all this but that doesn’t mean that you will make a mockery out of it,” she said a bit sternly at which Arnav nodded his head in yes while rolling his eyes and then said “But Khushi how does this all matter? I mean ours is not a real but a contractual marriage that too without any rituals.”



“So what? Mr. Dumb head Raizada let me tell you that whether we didn’t married ritually or have been in a contract marriage but no one can change the fact that as of now I am your wife. And so it is my responsibility to fulfill all the wifely duties towards you.”



At this Arnav gives a lopsided smile to her raising his eyebrow making her bit on her lower lip embarrassedly realizing what she just uttered and then rectifying it said “Umm! I mean all the duties which meant for your well-being.”



As soon as she said this Arnav shook his head while a small smile forms on his lips and then said “Okay do it, but hurry up.”



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  1. Loved part 19, brilliant. So Khushi respecting the traditions, glad Arnav stood up for Khushi. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Arnav is right he should be angry with sakshi.. Khushi can forgive her sister but Arnav should not… Awesome update..
    IF: Katj

  3. loved it
    khushi there to convince Arnav to forgive her sister but I agree with Arnav on this one sakshi doesn't deserve it yet
    just because khushi is so quick to forgive don't mean Arnav needs to be afterall she was SUPPOSED to be his GF
    like how khushi managed to keep both sides happy by just hiding her symbols of marriage
    loved how Arnav defended khushi against his mum
    can see their bond growing
    dadi watching Dhruvs reaction is she sus again???
    looking forward to next update

  4. Ahha! Here I am as promised didu

    First of all I am really very sorry for this late comment but having some issues with health so can't compromise

    Coming to the update… WOW!

    That's the only word that could come up my mind when I read this update. It is so wonderful and beautiful. The way u showed Khushi's belief in the marriage was superb. I loved the way Arnav understood her.

    Kya sab log conclusions pe itni jaldi utar jaate hai? Hey Devi Maiyaa! Why don't they think twice before drawing any conclusion?

    Yet the best part of the update was the climax. Aur usme bhi Arnav's lop sided smirk was the best 😉

    I just can't wait anymore for the next part. Pls pls pls update soon didu. I am waiting


  5. First take care of ur health Shreyu and then only focus on other things. Okay
    Well coming to the update I am glad u like it dear…
    Hehehe…. kya kare Arnav ko chodkar baaki saare buddhu hai naa 😉
    That lopsided smirk said it all… Isn't it? 😉 🙂

  6. Arnav has no patience 2 listen 2 sakshi n keeps blaming her.Khushi is trying 2 make him 4give her.loved khushi saying that relationships r 2 b cherished not 2 b broken.Arnav did'nt want khushi 2 wear marr symbols 2 college n khushi values them even tho its only contract marr.Khushi saying that she is his wife n will do wifely duties without thinking twice n arnav's smile was very nice.When others blmed khushi 4 not wearing marr symbols Arnav stood up 4 Khushi going against them.loved it

  7. Well Arnav is always an inpatient soul…. But from his pov he is right too as no one can bear what Sakshi has done whether its with a good or bad intention….
    And don't worry Arnav will be always their for Khushi 🙂

  8. I love it 🙂 <3

    There are many layers now.
    I like the way ,you are keeping the characters in their skin.
    Khsuhi , bubbly and forgiven
    Arnav stern and up to the mark

    He is right, sakhi is not forgiven.The way He stood up for Khushi again his mother.U reminded me of Daadi scene.

    Good one.

    Now the unseen connection is growing in Arshi…I am enjoying that.


  9. I just wanted to showcase different emotions they must have felt.
    For Khushi it's easy to forgive Sakshi as she is her sister.
    But on the other hand fir Arnav it is not coz for him she is just the one who ditched him and not only that landed her own sister in problems.
    Hehehe…. I am glad that I am able to remind you that…
    And don't worry this connection will keep on growing till eternity 🙂

  10. loved chapter 20
    Arnav still not able to forgive sakshi
    their daadi still sus
    even their friends at college r noticing the change
    whilst Arnav starting to realize khushi knows him better than sakshi does
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    what is wrong with this people..



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