PART- 18

“Well, It was Sakshi’s idea,” he said this time looking towards Arnav who was till now just reeling in the fact that this marriage or reception has been postponed. But as soon as he heard him said that- it was all Sakshi’s plan, his head snap up while Khushi’s eyes widen and they both look towards the door from where Sakshi was entering inside hesitatingly not knowing whether she is still invited inside by the two most important persons of her life who loves her to core and to whom she too loves limitless.
Gathering some courage she looks up only to see a smiling Dhruv and beside him, her Khushi di who too has a small smile curved on her lips making her elated. But soon that happiness flew out of her face when she look towards Arnav who stood there with an impassive face. With his looks no one can decipher that what’s going in his mind.


Though she was hesitant but at the same time she knew that it is the only chance she has when she could try to remove this awkwardness which is surrounding them. So she move forward towards her sister looking down, not knowing what to say when she felt herself being pulled and crushed in a soft and petite body. And it was not hard for her to understand that her sister has hugged her tightly in the embrace providing the same warmth, which makes her overwhelm with happiness and tears rolled down her cheeks seeing the selfless love of her sister.


“Di…. I am… sob… sorry…sob…. Di vo….”


“shh…..” sushed Khushi parting from the hug, placing her index finger on Sakshi’s lips and continued “Sakshi whatever happened is past- that too a bad one, and I don’t want to bring back all those memories again. So, just forget them and live in the present. But yes don’t epeat the same mistake in your future.”


“I promosid di, I will not,” said Sakshi.


“Hmm…. I know,” said khushi smilingly and then with her eye gestured her to pacify Arnav while she herself left from there along with Dhruv not wanting to be playing gooseberry between the duo.


As soon as Sakshi realize that she is alone with Arnav, she move towards him with thudding heart while he was still not ready to even glance at her let alone have a talk with her. He so wants to talk with her, hug her, kiss her and assure himself and her that everything is fine and just like before, but her betrayal, her insecurity, her foolish decision due to which not only the four of them but both the families too are suffering are just not letting him to forgive her. His reverie broke down when he heard her saying something to him.


“ASR, I know you are angry on me for taking such a decision which has changed the life of all of us. But, believe me that I just wants the best for us.”


Now her this statement just added fuel to the fire. Arnav turn towards her and holding her shoulders shook her asking “Still you are stuck on the same thing Sakshi. Why? Why dammit? Can’t you see how each and every person of both families are suffering just due to your foolishness and your stubbornness? If it was me alone who was suffering then I would have forgiven you Sakshi, but it’s my whole family who is suffering just because of you. And specially Dhruv and Khushi. My own younger brother and my Khushi. Have you ever thought that how he would have felt whenever he see Khushi with me?”


“The same way I felt seeing you with di,” she said with pained voice while he just shrugged his shoulder at her statement and said in an emotionless voice “You deserved it, In fact you deserved much more for making our family suffer, for making Dhruv cry, for making my Khushi sad,” he said remembering the turmoil they face when they took the decision of this contract marriage. But all this while the thing which got unnoticed from him is the fact that time and again he is referring Khushi as his Khushi, but it has not gone unnoticed by Sakshi whose eyes widen at first but later she look sideways and said “I know it is not easy for you to forgive me Arnav and may be you are right at your place, but at the same time you can’t tell me that I am wrong.”


“Oh! Really. I can’t believe it Sakshi that you are still not understanding that whatever you did was wrong. And then you want me to forgive you?”




“No Sakshi…. I can’t believe that you still care that what this society says about me and Khushi, knowing us from childhood and moreover after whatever we share that day,” he said reminiscing her the events of the day when they got little intimate with each other.



It was the day when they had completed one year of their relationship and Sakshi was sure that Arnav will not remember it. So she herself made preparations to surprise him and called him at their Lonavala farmhouse. And as expected he was shocked to see all the preparations done by her and upon asking the reason for same, she told him, only to earn a laugh that she has gone mad to celebrate these small- small things making her disappointed, but then she always knew that he does not believe in all this. For him till they both are happy and contended, everything is fine. Nevertheless, they celebrate their one year togetherness by having a candle light dinner and a sensuous dance which ultimately leads them to a passionate kiss. It was not that they have never kissed but that things have got far from just a kiss.  Though none of them have any such intention and whatever happened was unintentionally. Maybe it was there teenage hormones or the sensual environment or that sensuous dance of their. Whatever was the reason but yes things had gone a little far and they both got carried away in it. She still remembers that day’s events clearly.



He was wildly kissing her and she open her mouth to let him explore her in every way he wants. They both were drown in their own web of passion, forgetting their surrounding and everything else because this is the first time they were kissing each other like that. After few minutes they parted from each other due to lack of breath and then Arnav leaving her swollen lips, one by one started kissing her eyes, nose, cheeks and at last he once again capture her lips and they again started kissing each other. His hand on his own went to open the button of her front. Her chest bulged up and down to even her heavy breathing. She wriggle against him and dug her nails into his nape, holding him tightly. He get hold hold of her hand behind her back and deepen his kiss while she still try to wriggle out of his hold. His fingers started to go lower from her face down her neck and then at her heavy bulge. He started cupping her mounds while she moans his name in sheer pleasure.



But soon their moment was broken by the ring of Arnav’s phone making both of them jerk back to reality and look at each other widely. Realizing their position they immediately parted making a decent gap between them.  Arnav turned his back towards her giving her enough time and space to correct her dress cutting his call and cursing profanities at himself for losing his control and going off limits knowing well that it was not what he has wanted.  While Sakshi was blushing while correcting her dress. It was not that she was not shocked, yes she too was shocked like Arnav but then at the same time she was happy knowing the fact that she was desied by her boyfriend so strongly. But all her hopes dashed out hearing his next set of words.



“I think we should leave now, I will be waiting for you outside. Ugh! Sakshi I am sorry for whatever happened, I promise that it will never happened again,” saying this she left from there hurriedly leaving a confused soul behind who was trying to find what he was sorry for- for kissing her or for kissing her without her permission.



He too has not forgot the kiss it makes her slightly happy, but then she just thanked god for not letting them cross their limits, otherwise she would not have been able to meet her own eyes today. But, soon her trance broke down by Arnav’s jerk.



“What happened Sakshi? I have asked you something. Don’t you trust me?”




“It’s not about trusting you ASR. It’s that…”



“Oh! Please Sakshi I am fed up of hearing the same thing. But let me tell you one thing that what you have done is absolutely wrong because relations are not meant to be test but to be loved and cared. You have disappointed me Sakshi. You have disappointed me a lot.”



“Maybe or maybe not ASR.”



“What do you mean by it Sakshi?”



“Something are not meant to said but are just meant to feel and understand. You will not be understand it now Arnav, but maybe in future a day will come when you will realize that what I did? Why I did? But still somewhere in the bottom of my heart I wish that day to never come,” saying this and wiping her tears she left from there while Arnav ponder on her words not understanding what she just said.







Khushi and Dhruv saw Sakshi leaving the room with tears in her eyes and they both sighed in disappointment. They were wishing them to sort out everything between them but looks like this meeting did not turn out to be positive.



“He hadn’t forgiven her.”



“It’s not so easy Khushi.”



“I know, but what will he get from staying angry on her. I think I have to talk to him.”



“But Khushi bro will not agree.”



“I know, but I can try and yes also emotional blackmail him,” she winked saying it while Dhruv just nodded knowing well that his brother too is not less stubborn than Sakshi if he decides something.






Sakshi enters her room and laid down on her bad reminiscing her talks with Arnav while tears continue to roll down her eyes which she never try to wipe.




“I know that I am the culprit in your eyes ASR. In fact not only in tour eyes but di and Dhruv’s eyes too, though they have forgiven me but still somewhere in their hearts they hold me responsible for all this mess. And yes, I know that it’s because of me that all this is happening. But what I can do ASR? I can see what none of you have noticed. Though I never wanted things to turn out like this, but alas nothing is in my hands now. You all think that it’s because of daadi I took this decision. For you all I have acted insane after hearing what daadi was saying. But it’s me and me alone who knows that it is not so. I have not asked for this marriage on daadi’s insistence, but for my own sanity. I have always heard people saying ‘Sometimes it took a second to realize with whom you wants to be, but sometimes it took eternity to realize the same.’ It fits on both of you. People usually tends to mistake his/her infatuation as love and love as friendship and later regret during their lifetime for not understanding their true feelings. And, I don’t want you and di to be one among them. No one would be happiest then me if you guys prove my decision and thinking as wrong but still I took this chance, otherwise not now but for sure later all four of our lives will get entangled, and it’s better to sort it out now. So what if for this purpose I will become bad in everyone’s eyes. I am ready for it,” murmuring this to herself she hide her face in the pillow and cry her heart out.




  1. I want arnav to be Angry on Sakshi Forever 😏😎😅
    Sakshi n Arnav intimacy 😒😵🙍✖

    Something are not meant to said but are just meant to feel and understand. You will not be understand it now Arnav, but maybe in future a day will come when you will realize that what I did? Why I did? But still somewhere in the bottom of my heart I wish that day to never come,” – even I didn't understand a percent of it 😞😥
    N she wished That DAY TO NEVER COME.. Which day ❔❓ when he will understand this 😝
    Why I m feeling from her last monologue that Even she thinks that she is not perfect for Arnav n want ArShi together 😣

  2. Tried again
    Sometimes it took a second to realize with whom you wants to be, but sometimes it took eternity to realize the same.’— and these lines again confirmed my “shakk” that she thinks nah nah she knew that She is not the one for Arnav.
    But still will wait for the next 😀


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