Hello Folks! I am Prashansa (Pen Name- Crystal Flames) or as you all know me better as Crystal aka Varu aka Vartika from India Forums (IF). Oh! Don’t get so confuse guys. It’s all my names or u better say these are the names through which I’m known on IF and Fb.
Well! What I’m? Hmm… It’s not so hard to guess guys. I’m just a crazy girl who loves to read and write as it makes me happy and helps me share my views and inner conflicts with people out there.

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. 

~ Danny Kaye


This blog would exclusively used for stories on Maaneet by me [The Admin i.e. PM (initials of my name)] or my Pen Name which I am using to publish my stories (Crystal Flames).
I owe the work posted and written on this blog.
My stories are available only on my blog.
This blog contains os/ss/ff/poems (written and posted by me) on the lovely couple Maaneet (Maan & Geet).


Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is a famous Daily Soap which depicted a Star Crossed Love Story between the Lead Couple, which made a permanent place in the hearts of millions of viewers. The Serial definitely ended but the viewers / followers of this Unique Love story would never forget the Characters involved in it.